Appearance is commonly used term

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Appearance is commonly used term (1) measurement point (nod) in point to testing system or controlling a system, nod with what craft medium contacts directly. If the extraction in pressure testing system controls an aspect, the thermocouple in temperature testing system, thermal resistance installs a dot to wait. The dot can be on craft conduit, also can go up in technological equipment. (2) component (component extraction a cause) point to installation to nod the appearance that go up to machine in normally, if the extraction in pressure testing system controls the pipe nipple, thermometric protruding station in surveying lukewarm system,wait. (3) valve (take approach valve) the valve that points to installation to go up in component, be like with the valve that takes the pressure testing system that controls pipe nipple to be linked together, with orifice plate, negative pressure room is derivative the valve that the canal is linked together. (One dimension of 4) (sensor) show installation is in the spot and connect with craft medium touched element, wait like thermocouple, thermal resistance. (Appearance behaves 5) a kind of an appearance, show installation is in the spot and connect with craft medium directly touched appearance, if bedspring provides pressure,thermometer of watch, bimetallic, difference pressing changes send implement etc. (6) is moved school (monomer air officer) the desired result before showing appearance is installed, by " construction of engineering of industrial automation appearance and check and accept a standard " (GBJ-86) requirement, every appearance should pass in principle air officer. The indication error that moving the focal point of school is check meter watch, become poor, adjust the scale of appearance is spent, deviation of the error of integral time, differential time, reference point, balance is spent etc. Only air officer accords with a design or the appearance ability of product manual requirement is installed, in order to assure the quality of word school 2 times. (2 times appearance points to 7) appearance indication signal is not direct as of all kinds as what come from craft medium contact appearance group say. 2 times the input signal of appearance sends to change normally implement the standard signal of commutation. Acceptance standard signal has 3 kinds commonly: Pneumatic signal, 0.

02 ~ 0.

LMPa; Ⅱ electric unit constitutes appearance signal, Ⅲ of O ~ LOmADC; electric unit constitutes appearance signal, 4 ~ 20mADC or 1 ~ 5V. (8) spot appearance points to the floorboard that installs the meter in the spot, include all appearance, also include to install 2 meter in the spot. (9) is moved 2 times school (2 couplet school, systematic air officer) after showing appearance field assembly ends, layout of control room tubing is finished and after passing desired result, right whole detect of loop or automation system examine, also be overall desired result before appearance consign is used formally. Method of its desired result is to detecting normally link adds one signal, whether does every appearance that watchs compositive system carefully next work inside error limit. If exceed error limit, do not search to give a reason again, be about to be debugged afresh to comprising overall appearance of the system. (10) appearance adds workpiece to point to the metal that expresses installation with Yu Yi entirely, plastic machining floorboard, special place is had in appearance installation. (11) takes reference point flow chart to point to the blueprint that detect with the process and controls a system to design a symbol to describe content of manufacturing process automation. The installation position of its in detail line out appearance, it is the important blueprint that nods certainly, be reflect in the round from what control plan and automation standard, also be the basis that accuses a design oneself, be installed for construction and produce the reference when the operation. CNC Milling