If why Chinese enterprise changes foreign technology with home market

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In cooperating with the competition of foreign enterprise, chinese enterprise is in inferior position, must sacrifice temporarily the market in order to exchange foreign technology. New latitudinarian economist thinks: Below the trend of high globalization, the technology that a country needs can pass the investment of transnational corporation to obtain. They think, transnational corporation for occupational China market, nature can bring an advanced technique. Alleged " change a technology with the market " the strategy, build namely on such logistic foundation. Beyond question, chinese enterprise needs a technology extremely. "Change a technology with the market " one of way that just recommend a technology to be able to offer an alternative, but from the point of the current situation, it is a of industry transfer of technology main strategy all the time. So far, the result of this one strategy how? Chinese enterprise vacated the market, changed the technology that comes from personal need? The happening of a few phenomena, caused all circles to be opposite " change a technology with the market " strategic doubt: Information Industry scope of China is vast, but in the collaboration with foreign capital, it is acting labor commerce more, technology and profit still stay in foreign; Chinese enterprise vacated the market, but did not get core technology, especially the basiccest technical innovation ability, did not rise essentially; In car joint ventures of China, shanghai masses, Beijing Qienuoji and Guangzhou are beautiful in all be being fastened, just accuse, ever also just hoped to pass truly in joint-stock the capacity of research and development that increases oneself, but go up in the administrative division of labor of joint ventures interior, foreign control a the most crucial technology and sale, and foreign technical manager rejects to deploy in square assistant (masses of as above sea) , medium the item such as an a human affairs of be assigned personal responsibility for, law, the kernel of technology of the essential bring into contact with that do not have a predestined relationship... look so, after Chinese enterprise was paying the price of sacrificial market, did not achieve what one wishes the ground acquires a technology. What did Chinese enterprise obtain? In the exchange of this imparity, chinese enterprise is in weak force: Acquisition technology is dated. In collaboration, chinese enterprise often is cast off hard from beginning to end on the technology by foreign pilot position, and acquisition technology is not newest for the most part, the most advanced technology. Because Chinese market begins development on low starting point, the administrative levels of market demand is relatively inferior, foreign often need not throw the most advanced technology directly China. Automobile industry is very typical case, western nation market experienced the development of a century to the requirement of car technology, had arrived autumn, arrived namely a demand is sufficient the phase of diversification, and Chinese dweller wants apparently to the requirement of the car primitive much. Accordingly, car tycoon invests to China, the model that takes, it is those most be sure of occupational China market, and not be the most advanced certainly. Actual strength of enterprise oneself technology does not have qualitative promotion. Although introduced a few technologies and device, but because the technology digests ability,ability of insufficient, research and development does not have independent character, chinese enterprise did not become independent actual strength to send in the market, just often regard the production of transnational corporation as base, also do not have too much those who have actual strength start a brand oneself. Form technical dependence. Huge market share was acquired in foreign capital enterprise, even forestall China certain property while, chinese company is right their technology, also formed stronger and stronger dependence. A lot of industries had not formed the technical system that has own intellectual property at present, core technology and equipment depend on abroad basically, software of component of the Information Industry, core, system counts an import in great quantities. This kind of relation also weakened China to swim up and down the business development in some technology domain ability, the form that is forced to be bought through high price will acquire wants part. Gain level is relatively inferior. Profit of high specified number by foreign make over with the technology wait for means to be divided, chinese enterprise just takes the income that expends a part to treatment, this also was restricted greatly medium an investment in own research and development. Be immersed in passive situation likely. Transnational corporation is in after acquiring the market, abandon domestic partner solo flight, this kind of case is not rarely seen also. In joint-stock process, both sides because the reason such as conflict of opinion conflict with each other, idea, produce equity structure to change thereby, even the circumstance of solo flight often also happens. Because a lot of joint ventureses just own the plant of a product line, a be the enterprise that cross a state nevertheless abroad factory just, lack the research and development of oneself and market action capacity, after foreign company solo flight, be immersed in passive situation very easily. The market whether change a technology? "Change a technology with the market " the strategy, have the sense of two levels: It is national policy oriented a strategy that go up. Because effect of the strategy on whole is not ideal, should think over somewhat to the feasibility of this strategy, or it is to make certain adjustment, this also is the focus that academia argues at present. 2 be the enterprise seeks collaboration to develop the level to go up, this is the level that the article basically discusses. The enterprise realises should morely, the target of this strategy not can nature of ground of success will come when conditions are ripe comes true, this strategy train of thought was to offer a kind of possibility merely, and rather than realizes the inevitability of the target. As a result of market position different, it is too much and OK that Chinese enterprise is done not have the leeway that follows foreign company argy-bargy, can obtain the capital that cooperates with foreign company, it is the market greatly, the market changes a technology to also can say is but with inevitable choice. Chinese enterprise needs a technology, and the technology that foreign company cost a large number of capital and energy innovation, anyhow impossible also easily submissively lets a person, won't vacate because of Chinese enterprise the market and change. Course of study of the state-owend enterprise in calculating is taken other as cost, the technology cannot be acquired easily like. However, must see a bit, chinese market is having so tremendous appeal to foreign company. Accordingly, the possibility that Chinese enterprise changes a technology is very large still. Strategic goal whether come true, the key takes a fancy to state-owend enterprise course of study how to answer play chess of this kind of rich to concern, acquire more interests. Current passive situation, still follow the property right structure of Chinese company to concern. In the course that seeks cooperation in state-owned company, total meeting exists such in that way, not enterprise of with a view to is long-term the element of the strategy and development. The element of these gray brings the blind impulse of a kind of crave for greatness and success in joint-stock, collaboration. And on the other hand, china is more now the ground is imported equipment only, to understanding simplification of the technology, those who ignore technical innovation is successional. We should see, the main reason that at present strategic goal fares badly, depend on the inadequacy that Chinese enterprise oneself exists, accordingly cannot give up eating for fear of choking-refrain from doing sth necessary for fear of a slight risk, negative market changes a technology this one main train of thought, and should overcome these weakness from each angle. The government can be entered in foreign capital when, with higher technology the requirement regards taxation, finance as favourable precondition. And the enterprise that regards the market as main body, also should negotiate from what each respects go enhancing oneself and control capacity, strengthen the assimilation to introducing a technology and innovation, achieve technical level finally rise. The position of cooperative both sides has fundamental influence economics to tell us, the commutative value on the market, decide by supply demand relations greatly, namely the market position of buyers and sellers, and depend on not just commodity itself of exchange. Cooperative position, to Chinese enterprise whether it is very important to master a skill effectively. Actually the strategy cooperates whether change a technology, the cooperative position of course of study of the state-owend enterprise in depending on greatly, and cooperative means. Seek the foreign company of Chinese market, very the technology that notices him protection, going up somehow formed tacit agreement; And competing to strive for cooperative opportunity each other however between Chinese enterprise, make foreign negotiating and advantage position often is in in collaboration, be able to the control that more ground retains pair of technologies. In addition, chinese enterprise is in joint-stock hind, business core often is the product line of the joint ventures, the parent company became not to have independent research and development and the empty case that invest a function greatly. Just be opposite in the effective control force of joint-stock collaboration enterprise is weaker, core technique is main by foreign and responsible government. This is Chinese enterprise the main and adverse element on the market and system. Conversely, have the company of particular actual strength, won't manage like Xiaogong in that way, just draw lessons from some achievement of foreign company, become latter overseas production base. Resemble TCL such enterprise, had had proper place on market of international color television, with the collaboration of Thomson the parallel collaboration that is type of similar powerful powerful combination concerns. This is amalgamative, should say TCL holds dominant position, although cooperate to be forecasted very hard still as a result, but will look from equity configuration, market allocation, cooperate this or can value. The collaboration of type of this kind of group, the resource of both sides of more with a view to is integrated, is not with microcosmic particular market and some technology is exchanged, because this also has the interest of strategic value and long-term cooperation more, this kind of cooperation produces a kind more possibly pair of winning results. Strengthen information to collect increase negotiation capacity each collaboration, want to have the interest that cooperative both sides sees above all of course. Foreign enterprise values Chinese market, and it is technology, higher profit, OK also that Chinese enterprise may get this develops book the international market, these are the power that enterprise of China and foreign countries seeks cooperation. Cooperate even if with all possible means the process that rich weichis, participate in a person to have Chinese enterprise and its competitor, foreign enterprise reachs its competitor. To Chinese enterprise, development and the main train of thought that transnational corporation cooperates and direction do not have a fault, the problem is: Chinese enterprise cannot ground of assume sth as a matter of course thinks, we took out the market, others gives us should actively the technology. Just can work the analysis only in do more finely, more interest is striven for for oneself in the negotiation. To Chinese enterprise, know the technical cards in one's hand in co-worker hand very hard, and the thing that the technology is a ceaseless development, need looks with dynamic eye. Accordingly, it is very important to strengthen information to collect the job. The technology digests and innovating is basic outlet a crucial question that changes a technology with the market is: The change understands to technical simplification, strengthen the assimilation to introducing a technology and conformity to use. As a result of mechanism and issue of itself management ability, chinese enterprise disentombs the ability that introduces technical potential is weaker, oneself technology level did not rise apparently. In process of transfer of technology, square will main fund is mixed in the entrance that energy uses at hardware equipment and product line, negligence technology patent is introduced with what have a technology only; Lack again at the same time compositive to introducing technical system with integrated innovation. The following 3 scale are very convincing: It is large and medium-sized the enterprise introduces a technology charge and digest those who admit charge to compare, 1997 ~ were respectively 1999 17.

44:1, 14.

67:1With 11.

45:1, the proportion that its China has a company is higher. Taking one with another, although digest the proportion that admits charge to increase somewhat, but as more insufficient than still be being disrelished as photograph of charge of transfer of technology. 2 it is large and medium-sized the proportion that industrial business technology develops charge to take product sales revenue, was respectively to 1999 1997 1.

21% , 1.

28% with 1.

35% , and this one proportion is in foreign enterprise about 3% the left and right sides. 3 it is contract of countrywide transfer of technology clinchs a deal of amount and funds of countrywide research and development than, arrive from 1997 1999 although maintain downtrend, but it is double above all the time. China is large and medium-sized enterprise, in last few years project of development of every average technology still is less than 4, new product develops a project only 2, the orgnaization of business research and development of 40% does not have steady funds source. Visible, if Chinese enterprise can be digested well,introduce a technology, technical potential is very great still. In addition, as a result of the relation of rate of market itself growth, foreign company does not need to use the most advanced technology to come to occupational China certainly the market. Chinese company is natural also cannot the technique that support of total calculate on recommends foreign company, must enhance ability of oneself research and development, this ability is basic outlet. CNC Milling