Milling solution gains profit

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Company of Netalkar transmission system offers more than 600 crankshaft to native and thriving automobile industry everyday, and seek from beginning to end can supply more methods. Since 2004, indian market is maintaining steady growth all the time to the demand of machine treatment crankshaft. The client of Natalkar group also be in constant growth, their client already included place of a few India's biggest company nowadays, be like Mahindra&Mahindra, TataMotors, John Deere India. Zun Qi: A of engineer of tall application of Sadanand Valishetti of engineer of company of CEO Satish Netalkar of company of Rupeesh B Naidu of engineer of hill tall sale, Netalkar, Netalkar, hill.


Nade and Bharat Patwa of selling manager of mountain high district. After the milling cutter outside the crankshaft with tall hill forgings again the crankshaft of 3 crocks of engine of machine treatment. Persistent demand growth brings a supplier greater pressure, they should be supplied not only than before more crankshaft, compare even faster before. Because place of this kind of trend needs, company of Natalkar transmission system is manufacturing technology by the tradition it is important that outward milling craft changed a respect to be stridden one pace, in order to improve productivity. What since of crankshaft of treatment of the milling cutter outside using can predict also is operate easily. Hill tall cutting tool is invited to evaluate why to plant cutting tool will have productivity most. The group with high hill did a comprehensive and careful research, subsequently the proposal is the cutting tool of 700 millimeter with the diameter that designs in group, its productivity produces those who accord with Natalkar the plan. When the client in group after the result of milling cutter and its existing cutting tool and those come from the product of other competitor to undertake comparative, the solution that they discover hill is tall has the following advantage: Modular design, can accommodate more in group. The design of bit, appropriate hard alloy increases bear capacity greatly. Best bit amount makes the purify rate of material reachs maximum, also raise feed rate at the same time. The design of the chamfer that hold bit cooperates very ideally to make the appearance that cuts bits. This assured to cut bits can effectively from treatment area eduction. Every have 14 bit in group, use 12 to comprise a complete cutting tool in group, the cutting speed that experiments on 3 crocks of crankshaft is rate of 155m/min, feed to be 240mm/min. According to these parameter, the treatment metre of individual journal is 90 seconds, the material purify quantity of every journal is close to 750 grams. As a result of in group the material of the position of design, razor blade and hard alloy is qualitative grade, whole cutting does not have vibration again without noise already circularly. The CEOSatish Netalkar of company of complete system of trustful Netalkar transmission says: "I am very glad that with hill company of tall cutting tool cooperates, and the plan of cutting tool of a complete set of that I thank them to be offerred to us very. When the cutting tool of crankshaft neck milling that decides when us choice hill is tall, the risk that we assume can predict. We trust completely hill is tall, because they machine this one domain in crankshaft,have special skill or knowledge. The concept that they machine traditional journal successfully and union of advanced cutting tool technology are together, this one union makes the work efficiency of our workshop got rising. This one union makes the work efficiency of our workshop got rising.. CNC Milling