Be based on PLC pilot to record model machine special manipulator

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Current, special manipulator controls the popular machine noting model on the market is the system of the smallest control that use appropriative microprocessor adds interface to comprise the system. In mechanical and tectonic respect, the compasses when should be being used when demand of fixed position precision is not high belt-conveyor, walk to configure slip slideway partly, by frequency control implement timing control. The article puts forward a kind to be based on PLC pilot to record model machine special manipulator, make full use of characteristic of PLC agile pilot, walk to configure slip slideway partly, using drive of helical gear rack and; of frequency control control is the Electromechanical unifinication equipment that price of a kind of tall sex compares. The article constructs from machinery respectively and electric control two levels were made to this machine relatively complete discuss. 1 foreword is in plastic products, with the treatment of goods the method differs will classify, basically can divide it is 4 kinds big. It is; of Injection Molding product 2 shape to blow model product; 3 go out to squeeze shape product; 4 delay to press shape product. Use the widest, variety among them most, precision is highest, when number the finished product that note model produces class, small toy of the small cup of bowl of boiler gourd ladle in daily articles for daily use, children, the component that goes up to accurate industry equipment greatly, as all sorts of high polymer the ceaseless emerge in large numbers of new material, a lot of metal component also have the tendency that is replaced stage by stage by these new material ceaselessly. Produce a demand to cooperate automation of Injection Molding product, to assure goods high quality efficient, must reduce artificial intervention as far as possible, be based on afore-mentioned thoughts, manufacturer of a lot of production of the engine that note model will record model machine the device of special manipulator included a client to assist choose limits. However, to original inject machine, great majority does not have this device, accordingly, development suits to note the special and auxiliary manipulator that model machine uses, a kind of when became the competition ability that promotes manufacturer the product important step and inevitable choice. 2 trades situation all sorts of type manipulator are the indispensable important equipment in automation production. Be in especially dangerous situation, below safety of serious minatory people and healthy environment, use manipulator to displace a person, have very important sense. Area of Pearl River delta is plastic industry is very develop, bibcock position is occupied in home, in the world bead trigonometry also has world plant say. Current, the inject machine that this industry uses is special manipulator is in the majority with what Taiwan produces, if Taiwan is strong,the manipulator of powerful force card that power company produces, Taiwan power gets guest international Inc. to produce " power get a settle or live in a strange place " machine of W255 series inject is special manipulator, etc. Analyse the structure of this kind of manipulator, its are electric control system all uses a microcomputer commonly the smallest system or sheet piece engine system, manipulator drive part introduces pneumatic drive, frequency control drive and servo drive. In mechanical construction the respect adopts the plan when slip slideway structure matchs belt-conveyor, or match slip slideway with structure of ball gear rack. Overall design thought, it is to use mature control to technology and mechanical spare parts and orgnaization match and be become as far as possible. 3 be based on PLC pilot to record model machine special manipulator afore-mentioned machine that note model are special manipulator, with respect to manipulator production manufacturer character, because be special and auxiliary equipment price is consequently higher, use at be opposite especially original the equipment of the machine that note model is transformed on, economically it seems that " the loss outweights the gain " disrelish. Alleged " high-powered price is compared " special manipulator became the occasion that note model manufacturer of production of all goods that note model is used original the important option that equipment of the aircraft that note model promotes a product quality and the biggest demand. 3.

The 1 control system PLC that is core with PLC is one kind is core with microprocessor, integrated computer technology, automata technology develops device of automata of a kind of when rise new-style industry with communication technology. Its the biggest characteristic is bulk small, the function is strong, answer speed fast, reliability is high. Control process all passes the means process designing that pursues with echelon. Can differ to ask and be revised randomly according to what manufacture technology at any time, still have but expansibility. All specialization by the manufacturer of famous electric control equipment on the world as a result of PLC now research development and batch production, because reason produces cost low and bring about low-cost. As process of global economic integration accelerate, market competition brings about its price to have the space that reduces further, go up to used system of this kind of control extensively to offer advantage for each industry. Its control systematic principle to pursue as follows plan institute shows: Interface of machine of go-between of graph of block diagram of PLC control system also is used 5 what craft reachs to go up to already all was familiar with very on the technology.

7" monochromatic touchs screen, use hand-held structure, operate an interface through conversational form, complete Chinese mode, learn easily simply. Built-in program is OK follow one's inclinations collocation is used, can monitor breakdown automatically and record. The athletic parameter that can revise 3 reference axis at any time and infestation axis frequency control implement each parameter, in order to satisfy product craft requirement. PLC opens signal combining a model and thimble signal through reading those who take the chance that note model, move to make sure manipulator and security of job of the engine that note model are harmonious thereby through the program. 3.

Machinery of 2 Electromechanical unifinication passes movable mould type to renew faster and faster period in current technology, the footstep that who catchs up with the technology develops, who acquires the market likely. Current, the popular machine noting model on the market is special manipulator, notting have is not continue to use afore-mentioned train of thought will design. Does the article design afore-mentioned thought amplify mode: for a kind?  joint of bones irrigates  of lip of < of Mao a low bank of earth between fields low hold Xing ひ of low thorough of Lang of calumnying  of  of  of Mou Kao of far lazy ⒌ looks for  Shan Mi Gang of take along sth to sb of  of approach of that scar Cuo whistles Piao of U of deceive of weed of Ping of A Chinese-style unlined garment of  of act of magpie of addiction of the Zou that read Xiang washing with watercolors. In infestation, bring unplug, walk up and down slippery course of the Gao Gang that the entrance all uses on the orgnaization linear. Fluctuation travel axis and bring unplug the axis assembles pedestal to all use city to make work Gao Gang aluminium alloy profile, infestation axis uses transmission of helical gear rack. The place on put together is narrated, the mechanical configuration that tall sex price compares adds the control system that tall sex price compares, from this ecbolic the opportunity noting model that provides market competition ability extremely is special manipulator. According to afore-mentioned design thoughts, it is with the CPM2AE of OMRON company exemple, this model is the PLC that rolls out for Chinese client only, have extremely high gender price to compare, the author is core with this, deserve to go up feeling screen and LG transducer, again complementary above narrates mechanical drive disk assembly, made the machine that note model namely the hardware part of special manipulator, and the language of ladder travel graph that software process designing is familiar with very with using an engineer will write, believe to also be not tickler. Special manipulator already used this machine that note model at production. Cost relatively type engine is the same as on the market low nearly 20 thousand yuan. 4 last words carry out a proof, the PLC technology with be used very mature and transducer timing technology and very mature and advanced mechanical drive component, use framework of building blocks type, applied engineer designs the Electromechanical unifinication equipment that makes a production be badly in need of quickly for the enterprise. Become transform in equipment, upgrade, improve product quality, participate in the powerful weapon that the market competes. CNC Milling