Appearance of form of three-dimensional object surface measures new technology automatically

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One kind applies essence of dimensional phase shift to code the law is mixed inferior the expert appraisal that the technical system that law of demarcate of essence of photograph element parameter has be metricaled automatically to three-dimensional object surface passed Heilongjiang to save hall of science and technology to organize in Harbin recently. By what Heilongjiang saves research and development of institute of automation of academy of sciences this is covered survey a system automatically, use essence of dimensional phase shift to code the law is mixed first in home inferior law of demarcate of essence of photograph element parameter undertakes detecting automatically to three-dimensional object surface, law of the cloud grain way that settled current and general applying effectively, umbriferous bars line and trigonometric wait for blame contact the choppy brim that three-dimensional measurement technique fails to solve detects difficult problem, have blame contact, fast, measure precision sex of tall, exact real time is strong wait for a lot of advantage. If will measure gotten three dimension to input CAD/CAM according to information,special software undertakes counting occupying reframing reaching treatment, processing, the fast figuration system that can be sequel or CNC Machining system provide reliable data model, improve the quality of product and mould greatly. Appearance of three-dimensional surface form measures the object the converse project that technical application creates a field at machinery, can carry pair of products already detect, digest, absorb objective prototype, still can undertake modification to the product according to actual application, the design makes a new product. As the development of advanced production technology, object surface measures a technology to shape in solid treatment, the vision of the online quality control of automation line of the converse project in CAD/CAM, industry and robot identifies the application that waits for a domain increasingly extensive, be like marine airscrew leaf and aircraft engine transfer paragraph appearance detects, the design is made and 3 are out of shape the analysis. CNC Milling