Flexible production system intelligence attempers technical research

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Flexible production system (FMS) is a kind of advanced production system, agree with much breed, medium small lot production, can get used to product change quickly, have raise utilization rate of equipment and installations, decrease in products stocks, increase a lot of and potential good point such as product quality and consistency. But, these advantages of the system whether sufficient play, attemper the actor bad of software function is one of very main factors. FMS attempers the crucial technology that the development of software is FMS system, attempered main task is reasonable on time and space the finite resource that uses a system, in order to satisfy the requirement of function index, the effectiveness that because this FMS attempers,the problem will affect whole system directly and flexible. The task that 1 FMS attempers, task that target and politic exercise attemper can divide it is two kinds: The first kind is problem of so-called method program, namely according to a variety of optimizing target, use all sorts of algorithm of the computer, solve the problem such as the utilization rate of the optimization that machines a course and of all kinds equipment automatically. Its target is the function target with fixed basis, the element restricts in what satisfy a technology to go up (for instance: Capacity of library of machine tool knife and machine tool productivity) below the condition, a workpiece that suits treatment is singled out to assemble in the should process work that from superstratum the plan gives out, and its all working procedure and require cutting tool allocate each machine tool; The 2nd kind is trends attempers problem, namely the feedback information with inferior basis of ground of real time trends and real systematic condition data, the decision carries out which working procedure next. Its target is in whole treatment the process is encountered disturb and when breakdown, the treatment order that the circumstance modifies the real time that can arrive according to systematic monitoring to be decided formerly and attemper all resource of the system, make FMS lasts, optimize the ground to move. Of  FMS attemper the object basically includes workpiece to attemper, tray or clamping apparatus attemper, the machine tool attempers and travelling bogie (AGV) attempers, also include dynamic cutting tool to attemper sometimes. Specific attemper strategy, it is basically OK that FMS attempers cent is 3 kinds:  (1) cycle attempers strategy produces the preliminary adjustments before cycle begins to had spent all sorts of equipment in every, set its treatment action in prospective time, should produce cycle in the begining, by attemper the result is carried out.  (2) attempers continuously when strategy appears to make systematic condition produces metabolic event every time (for example " workpiece arrives " , " treatment is finished " ) , attemper systematic equipment, make the system gets moving bestly.  (3) mixes attemper strategy is working normally periodic, the system uses cycle to attemper politic (or call batch attemper) ; When systematic occurrence accident, use attemper continuously politic.  cycle attempers strategy is to use attemper at most method, because FMS works with the form of periodic production mostly,this is, the incident in the system (accident except) happen it is certain to have periodic and but determinism. This kind attempers the method is simple convenient, reliable, yi Shi shows; Defect is to should sacrifice performance of a few systems, and cannot handle sudden incident. Attemper continuously strategy is a method with contemporary computer technology, the incident that in confronting a system, emerges in endlessly undertakes frequent trends attempers, accordingly it can handle sudden incident, can optimize a system attemper; Defect is exchange is spent implement hardware and software demand are higher, to prospective incident lack foreknows ability, lack integral concept. Mix attemper politic OK and integrated cycle attempers and attemper continuously the advantage of these two kinds of methods. What the article studies is flexible production system attempers mediumly was to use mix attemper politic. Initial stage begins in production, attemper by cycle first undertake preliminary adjustments is spent, in systematic moving process, if equipment appears breakdown, have urgent document or new arrive, move actually attemper result and attemper formerly when result error is too big, the system can attemper again according to the user the request undertakes attempering continuously, make systematic performance is achieved best. What 2 systems of  configure article research is flexible production system by 3 machining center, measure a machine, cleaning machine 1 times, assemble and unassemble 3 times an exchanging station of 2 station of amortize of 2 station of station, 10 workpiece amortize, cutting tool, cutting tool, stock carries car and other. Tool is 10 motherboard of 9 clamping apparatus, tray. 3 machining center and the tool rank that its prepare express  1. 3 assemble and unassemble there are 2 belts to turn over revolving stage in the station, 1 is not taken. Stock car carries work already, also ship cutting tool, namely mixed flow is carried.  configures attainable the following tie according to this system: The workpiece that   runs at the same time in the system does not exceed 9, among them big do not exceed 3; The exercise alignment length of machine tool of 5 coordinate vertical does not exceed   3, 4 coordinate and the exercise alignment length of 5 coordinate horizontal machine tools do not exceed 6;   uses the workpiece of smooth motherboard to cannot be machined on horizontal machine tool, the work that uses motherboard establishing tablet cannot be machined on vertical machine tool; The work that   uses motherboard establishing tablet is taking those who turn over revolving stage to assemble and unassemble only the station assembles and unassemble; 5 coordinate of   are machined cannot undertake on 4 coordinate machine tool.  is based on above the analysis is knowable, the exercise in putting in a system must size the area matchs, if big pass much, whole and flexible the property of production system is certain not beautiful; Exercise must press vertical machine tool, horizontal machine tool to allocate evenly; Exercise allocation must consider 35 coordinate balance; Avoid same exercise to flow between vertical machine tool, horizontal machine tool as far as possible, unless produce equipment malfunction.  3 flexible production system intelligence attempers inferential machine this intelligence attempers the exercise in software is aimed at Yu Ling in plan layer, attempering a needle to working procedure. Utilization rate of equipment and installations is the use time that points to this equipment and the time that last line working procedure leaves this facility than. Equipment incur loss through delay is the time that shows equipment uses time actually to subtract equipment can be used the earliest.  this flexible production system intelligence attempers following plan institute show systematic software structure. This Nextpage intelligence attempers main function module describes software as follows:  (1) order for goods is inputted and receive in producing production system, order for goods runs activity of as perforative as control production from beginning to end. Order for goods can face a part already, also can face a product. From receive order for goods to begin to be finished to order for goods, need solves a series of crucial problems:  basis systematic process capability, order for goods whether finish on time; Once  order for goods is received, answer when to begin to machine; How does  define priority of order for goods; After  order for goods begins to machine, what how assure order for goods is complete; How does  avoid the repetition of spare parts of order for goods to put in;  finishs the processing of order for goods.  (the main component that plan of work of  of plan of 2) production operation is manufacturing system, carry out through planning what can control order for goods, shed a system to offer plan of semifinished product demand to content, xiang Dao sheds a system to offer sheet of cutting tool demand. Producing a plan is arranged by ability of installation negative charge and spare parts man-hour. Of the plan make have two kinds of methods, namely batch processing and bear balance are regular, batch processing faces order for goods, press plan of one by one of order for goods as far as possible; Bear faces a machine tool evenly, make installation negative charge achieves a balance as far as possible.  (3) intelligence attempers engine  attempers the main function of engine is character of craft of analytic spare parts, calculate those who machine floor-to-floor time and auxiliary floor-to-floor time to compare; Read take facility status news, analyse all sorts of system configuration that appear possibly; Arrange a spare parts to machine a machine tool beforehand, attemper for intelligence make technical preparation, particular function has:  can use amount of clamping apparatus of tray, spare parts to decide vertical and horizontal machine tool machine man-hour according to machine tool condition, system; Amount of bolster plate of  analysis spare parts and system can use the scale relationship of tray amount, reasonable arrange a spare parts to machine a machine tool beforehand;  user puts forward to attemper again when the request, the analysis attempers again type, collect and prepare to move degree to occupy again. If be online exercise, by its motherboard type processes work certainly; When machining a spare parts to all be small, preferential use small tray.  (4) attempers this intelligence of knowledge base  attempers each equipment place uses the system attemper decision-making regulation has 10 kinds, they are: Will serve first first, first step man-hour of highest, working procedure man-hour of the shortest, working procedure is the longest, odd man-hour is the shortest, odd man-hour is the longest, average working procedure man-hour is the shortest, average working procedure man-hour is the longest, odd working procedure is mixed at most odd working procedure is least. Attemper knowledge base cent spends regular knowledge base and experience knowledge base for tone, the user can build the attune of each equipment to spend regular knowledge base through operating an interface, the tone metric that by the user the requirement inquires and shows each equipment criterion; Experience knowledge base is a course " 95 " flexible production system dependability moves, and this task for many times imitate moves in the system that summary comes out is optimal move metric criterion.  (5) exercise optimizes sort -- punish sort of exercise of function algorithm  to use two level structure. In superstratum, decide which exercise actor to enter treatment system first, can carry operation first step control and clamping apparatus choose actively to come true; In ground floor, manage by equipment implement control distributes which work which equipment in order to achieve best sort: Namely utilization rate of equipment and installations is highest, exercise incur loss through delay is the least, installation negative charge is balanced.  clamping apparatus chooses actively is to point to the type according to disengaged clamping apparatus, according to the first step of exercise, check above all have without appropriate already start working is online exercise, it is to have next without appropriate big examination, finally as a child in actor choosing. After make choice of works, from preparation operation condition moves condition of be in order.  receives equipment management when equipment implement when the treatment that delivers works, undertake to receiving received work whether accepted inspection, if this exercise agrees with to be handled on this equipment, this equipment produces what should work to attemper according to his sort regulation fiducial, and with this fiducial for key word, in stocking this operation orderly exercise buffer. Equipment management implement optimized program queueing up to decide how to assign task the machine tool, make whole system performance is achieved best. Judge attempers a few crucial factors that optimize degree as a result are: Cycle of incur loss through delay of name of utilization rate of equipment and installations, equipment, work name incur loss through delay, exercise, system cycle is waited a moment. Apparent, utilization rate of equipment and installations is taller, equipment name incur loss through delay and work name incur loss through delay are less, exercise cycle and systematic cycle are shorter, attempered result exceeds trend best. Consider equipment name incur loss through delay and coupling of work name incur loss through delay are close together, and size of equipment incur loss through delay also decided exercise cycle and equipment cycle, reason construction punishs function to be as follows: The current utilization rate of hypothesis equipment is U, the current name incur loss through delay of this equipment is Td, define this equipment punish function to be:  P(u, td)=(1-u) × Td is become 1-u > 0.

001 when,  P(u, td)=0.

001 × Td is become 1-u ≤ 0.

001 when.   punishs function is much more variable function restrains to having in operational research optimize a method. 4 move actually to apply and compare us as a result hypothesis is flexible product line is all equipment position is good, spare parts place requires stock and cutting tool enough, order for goods input rank is expressed 2. Will get two kinds of diverse mix spend result rank to express 3. 5 conclusion FMS runs all sorts of activities in the process to be able to undertake at the same time, existence resource competition and equipment choose to wait for a problem, attemper reasonably the utilization rate that can raise equipment and system are overall treatment function, this FMS intelligence attempers the inferential machine that the system uses much air to spend regulation, to all sorts of attempering the result undertakes automatic analysis, implementation intelligence attempers, provide resultful graph and data to show. Move through FMS dependability, this systematic performance tends perfect. CNC Milling