The INVT transducer application on drawbench

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Foreword Normal Align=left> uses drawbench for the most part, to frequency control implement not unfamiliar, because,this is frequency control implement have before early get applied extensively in drawbench instrument, but the transducer that what configure mostly is foreign brand, the research and development that the reason is technology of domestic frequency control and market promotion start later, lag behind at foreign transducer product inside period of time, no matter control algorithmic advanced sex from software, still be told from the stability of hardware platform, have certain difference. Normal Align=left> homebred frequency conversion passes development of ten years, technology and market promotion got great progress, the product that develops development also can be competent the need of majority industry spot. Apply a characteristic in the light of what drawbench fetterses, shenzhen city Ying Wei vacates electric limited company to develop the INVT series transducer of development independently, collect vector controls a technology (VC, SVC) , torsion control technology, V/F control technology at an organic whole, in the meantime, designed facilitate the synchro control function that controls a line to use and tension control a function, settled the control need of drawbench in the round truly, break the situation that imports brand unify the whole country thereby. Normal Align=left>normal MARGIN of brief introduction of craft of None" Align=left> drawbench: 0cm 0cm 0pt; TEXT-INDENT: 21pt; TEXT-ALIGN: Left; Mso-layout-grid-align: None" Align=left> drawbench, renown draft machine. From product terminal for, drawbench can be divided to be pulled greatly machine, medium pull machine, small pull machine, small pull machine; Mix from means of drawbench built-in control for rigid structure, can divide the box type that it is water, pulley again type, straight wait for a few main kinds into type. To diverse demand, the product of different precision regulation, different metallic stock, the drawbench that can choose different specifications fetterses. Produce a business to wire cable, pilot of double frequency conversion is fine draw machine application more extensive, relative to character, the control function that its ask is inferior also, and produce a business to major steel wire, be aimed at material character, its precision requirement and drawing stability are tall, because this uses the straight drawbench that take form more. Although pull filar craft to differ, but its job process is basic and same (pursue as follows) : Normal > ● puts a line: Of tinsel put a line, to whole drawbench link, its control does not have exorbitant precision requirement, major drawbench fetterses, the operation that puts a line puts a line to wear implementation through transducer drive, but also drawbench of pilot of partial double frequency conversion fetterses, the draft of silk thread tension that passes the link that pull silk directly even sends into drawbench, implementation puts a line freely; Normal > ● pulls silk: The link that pull silk is the work segment with most important drawbench. Different metal stock, different filar qualitative breed and requirement, the link that pull silk has very big different, will define at the back of the article cistern type drawbench is as specific as the straight drawbench that take form unit process of cargo bandling; Normal > ● receives a line: The working rate of link receiving a line decided the manufacturing efficiency that whole drawbench fetterses, also be whole system most rambunctious part. Controlling line share, commonly used control technology has synchro control and tension to control those who realize metal to close roll; Normal > , will control cistern type drawbench and synchro control of much frequency conversion to enter type drawbench to be continuously with double frequency conversion exemple, introduce the application of my company product in drawbench industry. Normal >normal Align=left>1, Jiangsu some drawbench the works is exquisite pull machine double frequency conversion to control Normal Align=left>normal Align=left>1.

1 system is main parameter Normal Align=left>normal Align=left>normal MARGIN of parameter of 55pt" Align=center> craft: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 150%; TEXT-ALIGN: Center; Mso-layout-grid-align: None; Mso-height-rule: Exactly; Mso-element: Frame; Mso-element-frame-hspace: 9.

0pt; Mso-element-wrap: Around; Mso-element-anchor-vertical: Paragraph; Mso-element-anchor-horizontal: Column; Mso-element-left: 14.

45pt; Mso-element-top: 7.

Normal Align=center> electric machinery: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 150%; TEXT-ALIGN: Center; Mso-layout-grid-align: None; Mso-height-rule: Exactly; Mso-element: Frame; Mso-element-frame-hspace: 9.

0pt; Mso-element-wrap: Around; Mso-element-anchor-vertical: Paragraph; Mso-element-anchor-horizontal: Column; Mso-element-left: 14.

45pt; Mso-element-top: 7.

55pt" Align=center> enters line diameter (Mm) Normal Align=center>1.

1normal MARGIN of 55pt" Align=center> lead plane: 0cm 0cm 0pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 150%; TEXT-ALIGN: Center; Mso-layout-grid-align: None; Mso-height-rule: Exactly; Mso-element: Frame; Mso-element-frame-hspace: 9.

0pt; Mso-element-wrap: Around; Mso-element-anchor-vertical: Paragraph; Mso-element-anchor-horizontal: Column; Mso-element-left: 14.

45pt; Mso-element-top: 7.

55pt" Align=center>3. 7KW/6 extremely Normal Align=center> gives line diameter (Mm) Normal Align=center>0.

3 ~ 0.

35normal Align=center> receives a Normal Align=center>1. 5KW/4 extremely Normal Align=left>1.

2 fine pull machine Normal Align=left>normal Align=left> double frequency conversion controls principle Normal Align=left> system is drawbench of cistern of cone pulliy type. Drawbench of cistern of cone pulliy type, carry the speed ratio of cone pulliy, progressively drawing tinsel, allow tinsel to skid inside cone pulliy, accordingly, the tinsel of treatment must tenacity is better. The circumstance application of silk of copper of treatment of this kind of drawbench is more. Lead plane uses transducer of vector of CHE100 open loop (CHE100-004G/5R5P-4) , close roll use CHF100 high-powered V/F to control transducer (CHF100-1R5G-4) . Two electric machinery are used same a moving signal K1, accepting the parallel connection on the moving signal that coil K2 of signal of quantity of a switch. The slowdown time because of lead plane is longer (30s) , receive a slowdown time very short (0.

1s) , assure to be in have when staying engine order, receive a transducer to still can move normally. Its shunt-wound moving signal K2 outputs Y to control an auxiliary relay to give by the collector of lead plane. If the graph shows 2 times,electric principle pursues: Normal >1.

Normal Align=left> advocate accuse to operate switch K1 to control lead plane to open stop. Transducer of drawing drawing class controls the moving linear velocity of whole system, the potentiometer on Control Panel gives out lead plane to help filar speed signal, signal of this imitate voltage (0~10V) input drawbench through AI1 mouth advocate transducer, as its frequency is given, the decision extends route engine total speed. In the meantime, pull silk advocate the running frequency of transducer, measure through imitate (AO) output arrives receive a transducer (AI2) , as receive a synchronism of transducer linear velocity to give. Attention, receive a running frequency when round of way is the oldest to receiving the running frequency of a transducer place correspondence to should be equal to. Frequency of output of curly class transducer follows running frequency of transducer of the class that pull silk changes, consider equipment physical characteristic, fixed rate asks, lead plane adds slowdown time set to be 30s, receive a transducer to impose slowdown time set for 0.

1s. Normal Align=left> gives a clue in drawbench end and installation has tensional fork between end receiving a line, with will detect the tension that outputs tinsel, as pull silk to receive input of feedback of string tension signal to receive a transducer, receive a transducer to carry this feedback amount in-house PID operation and after all sorts of compensation, with receive the current and synchronous rate that coil (imitate quantity AI2 is inputted) undertake overlay, adjust the output frequency of transducer, control thereby receive an electric machinery rotate speed to give silk thread speed to achieve synchronism relative to drawbench, in the meantime, also make wire tension maintained constant. Normal Align=left>normal Align=left>1.

Main function parameter installs 4 transducer Normal Align=left>nth="12" Year="1899">1.


Transducer of 1 lead plane (CHE100-004G/5R5P-4) Normal Align=left>P0.

01: Passageway of 1 terminal instruction; Normal Align=left>P0.

03: 1 AI1 is given; Normal Align=left>P0.

08: 30 quicken time; Normal Align=left>P0.

09: 30 slowdown time; Normal Align=left>P6.

00: 1 turning in moving; Normal Align=left>P6.

01: 3 breakdown are outputted; Normal Align=left>nth="12" Year="1899">1.


2 receive a class transducer (CHF100-1R5G-4) Normal Align=left>P0.

03: 1 outside terminal runs Normal Align=left>P0.

07: 0.

1 quicken time Normal Align=left>P0.

08: 0.

Normal Align=left>P3.

01: 6 PID controls Normal Align=left>P3.

02: Normal Align=left>P3.

04: 2 A+Bnormal Align=left>P5.

17: Normal Align=left>P9.

01: Normal Align=left>P9.

03: 1 PID is anti-espionage sex Normal Align=left>P9.

04: Normal Align=left>P9.

05: 1.

Normal Align=left> other detailed information is referred to " manual of transducer of CHE series vector " , " CHF is general transducer manual " . Normal Align=left>normal Align=left>2, Hangzhou some drawbench the factory controls Normal Align=left>normal Align=left>2.

The 1 straight drawbench that take form is brief show Normal > is in metal production and treatment, the straight drawbench that take form is a the most commonly used kind of production equipment, use electromotor group and pitching moment electric machinery to come true normally before, but on degree of its pilot flexibility, automation and specific power consumption, traditional control pattern is more and more incommensurate the development of the industry. As a large number of promotion that control technology and frequency control technology, frequency conversion control begins to a large number of use is in in the straight drawbench that take form, system and but PLC of have the aid of will realize control of closed-loop control of set of the speed that pull silk, breed, process, fixed length to wait for a function. Normal > enters type drawbench continuously, be undertake drawing to tinsel at the same time by electric machinery of much stage drawing, the efficiency of exercise is very tall. Because character of stainless steel tinsel is cruder fragile, and do not allow steel wire to skid inside modular line, because this is easy,pull in the process of drawing, reason asks tinsel in various model strictly central line speed is synchronous, such, the speed that answers to the trends of precision of stable state of the synchro control function of various electric machinery, speed and electric machinery has higher demand. Normal >normal >2.

The descriptive Normal > Hangzhou some drawbench factory, produce manufacturer for the professional straight drawbench that take form. Sketch map of simple and easy and electric control is as follows, this system uses 5 CHV100-015G-4 in all the transmission control of part of drawing of implementation of high-powered vector transducer, high-powered transducer of a CHV100-7R5G-4 deploys tension to control card to undertake closing coiling controlling. Contain before every model line move about arm, use positional sensor to be able to detect the seat that gives move about arm, use at detecting the tension of tinsel, this signal (0~10V) the feedback that serves as PID. 6 electric machinery use electric machinery of frequency conversion asynchronous, contain device of mechanical apply the brake at the same time. The logistic control of drawbench system is relatively complex, because technology differs to also be distinguished somewhat, various linkage, by PLC control. The control of synchronous respect criterion by transducer built-in control, its job principle is: The rate of exercise decides in face plate set according to jockey, the imitate signal of this speed enters PLC, this imitate signal is outputted according to certain slope after PLC considers to increase the time that reduces rate. The end that such doing basically is to satisfy a dot to move, the need that wears a few exercise such as silk. The imitate voltage signal that PLC outputs receives the AI2 of all transducer to input end at the same time, serve as frequency advocate give signal. The signal of sensor of position of each move about arm receives corresponding modular line transducer to regard PID pilot as feedback signal. According to the position of inter of move about arm, set the set-point of a PID. The PID that this system is the make a present of before very typical belt controls a system, one class joins one rank, PID serves as fine tuning quantity and advocate give as overlay. Normal > helps filar system originally depends on greatly of torsion of the rotate speed precision of electric machinery of control of PID action speed, transducer, output answer speed to wait, to raise the stable state precision of electric machinery traversal speed, also use vector having PG to control a technology below a lot of circumstances (the precision of stable state of pilot of vector having PG of the CHV100 series transducer that Ying Wei vacates can amount to 1/1000) will adjust the speed of drawing electric machinery, to its accordingly the set of parameter must consider to help somebody attain his aim, in low speed, middling speed, high speed, and quicken and decelerate fast wait for a circumstance to need to try to consider. Normal > is additional, control a share, add tension to control special module to come true by CHV100. Receiving a linear velocity is by last class (the 5th class) transducer of modular line control is offerred, regard a diameter calculative linear velocity as signal. Systematic tension can adopt potentiometer set, receive a class transducer to use torsion control, need installs coder on the axis that receives an electromotor, coder accepts the PG card of the buy inside CHV100, regard the collection of electric machinery rotate speed as the input. Normal > its control is as follows: Normal > coils through closing (imitate quantity AI2 is inputted) , computation goes out to receive the curly diameter that coil currently. Normal > is as follows: D = (V of × of I × N) / (π × F)normal > among them I mechanical drive compares N F of linear velocity of V of logarithm of electric machinery pole matchs frequency Normal > is mixed by the tension of set a diameter of reel (coil by linear velocity diameter computation module is obtained) the output torsion that computation gives transducer. Normal > computation equation is: T = (F × D) / (2 × I) Normal > among them: T transducer outputs Normal >D bowl turn diameter I mechanical drive compares Normal > controls electric machinery to output corresponding torsion thereby, those who achieve F of the tension on wire is constant. Normal >CHV100 tension controls special module in, raised compensation of moment of inertia, can solve tension to control a system well adding, in the process of decelerate, the phenomenon with appears because of overcoming systematic inertia not steady pulling force. Normal > is whole when actuate of the system that pull silk, 6 transducer start at the same time, adjust gradually linear velocity is given, make the system is quickened, achieve the product line rate of the requirement finally. Normal >2. 3 transducer are main the setting Normal >2. 3. Normal >P0.

01 1: P0 of terminal instruction passageway.

03 6: PID controls set P0.

04 0: Imitate measures AI2 set P0.

06 2: A+BP9.

00 0: Clavier gives P9.

02 0: P0 of feedback of imitate passageway AI1.

Actual condition has 03 basises set P0.

Actual condition has 04 basises set P0.

Actual condition has 05 basises set P0.

Actual condition has 06 basises T of set sampling cycle (P0.

07) , PID controls deviation limit (P0.

08) , PID exports amortize time (P0.

08) all have set according to actual condition. Normal >2. 3. 2 receive a transducer Normal >P0.

00 1: Vector having PG controls Normal >P0.

01 1: Normal >P1.

08 1: Freedom jockeys Normal >P3.

10PG parameter (coder line number, allow to depend on with actual condition) Normal >P5.

02 1: S1 terminal function chooses: Turning moving Normal >PF.

00 1: Without tension feedback torsion controls Normal >PF.

01 0: Receive a mode Normal >PF.

04 the largest pulling force install (allow to depend on with actual condition) Normal >PF.

05 1: Imitate measures AI1 to regard tensional set as Normal >PF.

11 mechanical drive compare (allow to depend on with actual condition) Normal >PF.

Normal >PF.

Normal >PF.

18 0: Computation of linear velocity law coils diameter Normal >PF.

22 the biggest linear velocity (allow to depend on with actual condition) Normal >PF.

23 2: Imitate measures AI2 to regard source of linear velocity set as Normal >PF.

33 systems inertia compensates coefficient (allow to depend on with actual condition) Normal > is other and detailed the circumstance consults please " manual of CHV vector transducer " reach " manual of function of CHV tension control " . Normal >normal Align=left> sums up Normal > is on the control of drawbench, ying Wei vacates the electric control system that transducer makes, the structure is logistic and simple, clear, cost and original photograph are older than still having reduce, and, in the craft that pull silk, energy-saving come up tell, it is very good program. Carry out a proof, program of afore-mentioned two kinds of control, dominate cistern type respectively drawbench and on the straight drawbench that take form, line control closes to finish all-round to satisfy craft to ask quite in synchronism and constant tension. CNC Milling