Choose to machine spare parts of medical apparatus and instruments to offer new opportunity

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Graph machine tool of 1 Switzerland type is used generally at producing component of such medical apparatus and instruments to pursue 2 axes turn round vibration to use machine tool of Yu Ruishi type generally, use at producing bolt of set a bone, diametical size is the very important workshop that produces part of medical apparatus and instruments to repeating accurately for, using newest treatment technology is very crucial. As a result of,its are so formerly of Swiss type machine tool oriented cover a design, it mixes accuracy repeat precision to be united in wedlock together well, special agree with the treatment of this kind of spare parts, it can support work firmly, can be close to very much with cutting cutting tool. The manufacturer that major job shops has realised to medical treatment market of the United States can be those to produce complex component with hard data offers new opportunity. Statistic makes clear, this one " popular " the market still will continue it seems that " fire " period of time. The United States has the world to go up the biggest with market of the mixeddest medical apparatus and instruments, its the sale amount 2002 reachs 71.3 billion dollar, 50% what be equivalent to total sales of market of world medical treatment. Basis " market of American medical apparatus and instruments -- the new opportunity that Swiss company place faces and new challenge " say in findings report, in going 3 years, this one word from beginning to end with of 8% compound year of increase rate growth. Market of American medical treatment so giant, its are main because the population of this country already began to enter,the reason is aged. Today, the United States exceeds old person of 65 years old to about 35 million is control, to 2075 when, this one age paragraph old person estimation will be achieved 69 million. Increase as demand ceaselessly, rise of charge ceaselessly plus Medical Protection, medical treatment industry will be become most attract manufacturing business people competitive arena. For the workshop that duplicates part of manufacturing medical apparatus and instruments to be being mixed accurately, using newest treatment engineering technology is very crucial. Because the spare parts of medical apparatus and instruments uses the data that processes hard to make, and the size of component is smaller and smaller, produce these high accuracy spare partses to need complex operation and treatment, all these promoted the demand to complex processing technique. Among them as a result of,one part reason is of Swiss type machine tool oriented cover a design, it mixes accuracy repeat precision to be united in wedlock together well, special agree with the treatment of this kind of spare parts, it can support work firmly, can be close to very much with cutting cutting tool. The application in medical treatment industry and operation have a few branches to be able to machine the workshop of craft to provide a service by turning of use Switzerland type in medical treatment industry. These branches include medical apparatus and instruments of interference heart disease (outspread canal, guide fluid canal and) of surgical operation tool; Plastic surgery medical apparatus and instruments (bolt of set a bone, embedded and replace articulatory) ; Invade equipment of operation of type miniature surgery () of device of celiac lens examination; Diagnostic medical apparatus and instruments () of instrument of spot health care; Scar nurses (rivet of equestrian hammer, suture and clincher) ; And dentistry is embedded with dentistry equipment (graph 1) . The each region market in market of equipment of global medical treatment, can achieve the sale of a few dollars. On Swiss type machine tool production machines component of common medical apparatus and instruments to have the following advantage: The processing that miniature machines miniature treatment to need the processing in the spare parts, tool, examine to be made with the respect such as 2 operations proper decision-making. However, want to consider the precision of the machine tool above all, if the machine tool lacks accurate fixed position precision, so use best cutting tool also of no help. Additional, radial and will jumpy error is reduced the smallest, also be very important. When the radial and jumpy error that can accept when part of treatment standard measure is machining miniature spare parts, can accept with respect to may not. The most important is, the main shaft of the machine tool, sensor and oriented set wait to should use high accuracy collet. To miniature spare parts get cut and for milling treatment, using high frequency main shaft also is very important, this is helpful for reaching life of the exterior surface roughness of a hope, precision and cutting tool. For example, get on stainless steel material cut 0.


When the alveolus of 4mm) , the rotate speed of requirement main shaft is close to 11500r/min. But if the surface of workpiece contains nitrogen to change titanium TiN coating, its surface is adamant, if often regard avirulent sex as medical treatment material of pottery and porcelain embedded outer material is used, when processing this kind of work, the machine tool is about to use the rotate speed of prep above 19000r/min. These main shaft can use different configuration means installation to be on the machine tool, in order to satisfy specific requirement. When in-house broaching treatment is undertaking in-house broaching is machined, should use proper broach, had done everything to intend the work, operate in order to facilitate further, this are very important. The point of a knife that can prevent broach so cuts bits to enter cutting in, allow broach to follow central line is pulled move. Using a small-sized Dao Qing that carry mill to remove the material on workpiece corner also is necessary. Additional even the size according to cutting bits, also ask to have the process of a few cleared burr. Rotate broaching treatment sways type or rotate the form that type broaching processes uses broach figure to be similar to its to be machined finally, but the space that there is a by this requirement grinding treatment among its. Generally speaking, tilt between the axes of broach and workpiece axes 1. When broach rotates, it can generate pressure to workpiece. The banking angle of 1 makes the oriented blade photograph of broach undertakes to workpiece " sway " motion. If the banking angle of broach is 1, so the side of broach also has a clearance part of 1 at least. Good case is, broach is advanced with the rate with its cutting same rate. For example, the diameter is 0.

The broach of 5in, its the feed rate that every turn should is 0.

This one feed leads 009in (by 0.

The sine of 1 decides 5in × ) . Generally speaking, swing type rotates the cutting precision of broach is inferior to punch broach, because this uses what kind of broach,depend on different applied domain. Rotate type the special whorl cutting that this one technology uses thread machining to go up at processing data hard normally, operate photograph comparing with other thread machining, the restriction that its accept is not big. Rotate the bolt of bigger set a bone that thread machining uses formula at length and diameter commonly; Deeper tall corkscrewed yarn has the thread that extremely tall difference spends between toothed whorl and big diameter and small diameter. clean to production cleanness and the whorl that do not have burr, use internal diameter to rotate type thread machining is very effective, won't why does incomplete remain in office cut bits. And, it can machine whorl hole bottom all the time, the whorl dimension that its machine but small to M1.


055in) . Can replace rotate the method of thread machining still includes type modular head thread machining (do not agree with a kind material machines titanium metal) ; Whorl milling is machined (the requirement undertakes beforehand turning, need to use special cutting tool and special pedestal) below certain circumstance; Only place turning is machined (agree with the thread machining of short bolt, when treatment grows whorl, need to increase) of a pedestal; Treatment rolling silk (ask to undertake nicety beforehand turning treatment, bad to the effect of toothed thread machining of horniness material) and grinding is machined () cannot be machined on Swiss type machine tool. Deep Kong Zuan cuts treatment conduit pattern (hollow) bolt of set a bone has the space that lets marrow grow. This one characteristic allows the oriented pin of bolt of set a bone to insert, those who be used at broken bone is fixed. A lot of workshops are purchasing this kind of conduit to get the materials ready, because the market is right tracheal the demand of bolt of kind of set a bone is increasing ceaselessly. However, when the price when bolt of set a bone is only higher, inventory this kind of material ability is practical. And deep Kong Zuanyun makes a workshop use sincere great ability effectively to machine these bolt. Use deep Kong Zuan to add a tool to have very high bore quality, higher technology dependability, cleared the result that cuts bits good, eccentricity is dinky, appropriate circumference and direct scale. CNC Milling