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Of camera lens of a course into raised laser to make bid like the system / the quality that carves a process and accuracy. The graph comes a lot of 1 years, into had been used at examining cell like the system, determine the presence of the spare parts, read in number and character. In the industry that is full of competition, "Advance " quality control and accrual are become inevitable, so the company needs to search new method to reduce loss, raise yield, and reduce production cost. Laser manufacturer and client already tried to search different method, will become compositive like the system make mark and carven process to laser, with completing treatment better. Be in a lot of at hitting the tripartite of mark to become using that resemble a system in the center, a few systems are existing blemish, these blemish include: Those who drop a product yield, bring about forbid from what make scalar potential place into what resemble a system and come truly. The happening of these blemish, because they are not one of component of the system that make bid,partial is. That is to say, take a picture the different position that the system is in to stand by laser to make sign system by installation, such, the spare parts of the mark that be hit is undertaken as follows the examination of a few respects: Affirm the type of the spare parts, the position that determines a spare parts to go up in workbench, affirm the spare parts has been hit mark. Graph 2Virteck company's subordinate FOBA company developed intelligence to hit mark to locate (IMP) system, it is a course camera lens becomes the compositive system that resemble, can undertake affirming to the spare parts, and it has had a few additional property, at first it did not have these property. Current, IMP system can be reduced assemble time, assist a focusing that shoots scene, rose to call the accuracy of scalar potential buy greatly, reduced (likelihood eliminate) the incorrect mark content on the spare parts, reduced percent defective thereby. In addition, pass camera lens into used more loose clamping apparatus like the system, and the fixed position of the spare parts reachs his however accurate, this reduced a regular expenditure, of this expenditure absolve to manufacturer people for, nature is one picket amusement. In medical apparatus and instruments, auto industry, with coin industry, these spare partses position of costly, mark very essential industry, IMP system had come true to produce those who taste quality to rise. Industry of medical apparatus and instruments uses laser to hit mark to bring a lot of challenges on the bone bolt that can transplant, these challenges include, the small character that plays to place inside a very little scope has fixed position, and can relapse have such operation and do not need to adjust laser parameter. Bone bolt is made cause a lot of different measurement, at first sight, they may be same. Accordingly, define the kind of these bone bolt very hard, and make sure accurate information is hit on specific spare parts. Cannot hit mark correctly to will cause the huge loss of manufacturer income. The snail nailhead that is 3 Mm in the diameter is hit on 0.

The radiative shape character with tall 05mm is typical laser technology application, also be common treatment task. Manufacturer of medical treatment equipment must be produced on bone bolt readable, but reduplicative mark, this will be reduced abandon a rate. This is very important, because medical treatment equipment is very costly. On screw head, the quality of the position of code and mark must be but reduplicative, what lest operator returns need,do any programs to go up is corrective. This is very important, because of what go up in laser parameter any corrective will make whole process must readjust. Be in need not below the circumstance of costly clamping apparatus, undertake locating accurately can reducing integral cost as much to mark. Graph 3 results make clear, IMP technology can develop to become the position that will decide screw head like the model, assure but repeatability. This achievement makes operator can drop the move that be adjusted repeatedly and makes bid greatly, the manufacturing time that these measure take up may be achieved 80% . Progress as a result of this, product output increases greatly, percent defective basically is 0, and need simple clamping apparatus to secure bolt only. Another advantage is, systematic settling time decreased greatly, and additional also reduced cost. Label on bone bolt but repeatability, m of typically μ of excel 25. IMP technology can distinguish the very slight difference on the spare parts, for instance, it can identify the start of whorl, and can be used to the number that decides one is symmetrical bolt it seems that. It still can identify the different feature on the spare parts, use this to come eliminate " without mark " spare parts. Experimental test shows IMP can be inside the volume level of a few micron the change that distinguishs a spare parts. This characteristic is united in wedlock with production process, be used to the difference that repairs a part. Graph 4 day and night another advantage of technology of amphibious mark use IMP is to be in auto industry application, it is used to to day and night amphibious pushbutton makes number. Previously, the manufacturer of engine pushbutton must put the part in a tray, use input laser to label a variety of spare parts layout in software will have number next. Below a lot of circumstances, because pushbutton is in the place in tray is wrong, the place of mark is wrong also. Tray can asperse spray paint, and after be being used repeatedly, pushbutton has optional shift and roll possibly in the position in tray and tray. Tray normally by ABS plastic make, this material can bend, this caused positional error further. Integrated these elements, the spare parts may be moved to amount to 4mm. "Use IMP technology and FOBA Vario hit sign system to make we can use to be propped up plasticly only, " the Abel Vieira of engineer of laser beam machining of company of Portuguese Key Plastics such say. The task here is to use IMP technology to label in the fixed position inside permission error range. The reject that because lay pattern in incorrect spare parts,go up and brings about and other afore-mentioned issue, a lot of companies remain to solve. To satisfy the requirement of manufacturer of car spare parts, IMP system must use laser well and truly to make bid on pushbutton, the pattern that lays has all sorts of direction and point of view, and satisfy the very short requirement that produces time in order to ensure tall productivity. And, it must establish such manufacturing program: Make take a picture the level that the system can accept certainly, to having / have level of a license without mark, reduce apparent waste thereby. The progress on the accuracy rate that Vieira achieves to him is particularly happy. He says: "Compare with the systematic photograph that does not have IMP, we had reduced the percent defective that is as high as 90% . " graph 1 gave out a typical pushbutton dish, this pushbutton dish use IMP of Key Plastics company and FOBA Vario RD50 hit sign system to produce. Through showing the model of the spare parts, IMP can will capture label and arrange them pushbutton to go up. It is returned can the level with appropriate protocol will label or reject this part. Compare with the laser technology photograph that does not have IMP, IMP system can carry the yield of the product, reduce fragment and examination time greatly. If a typical permissive level that manufacturer of car spare parts decides and corresponding IMP result express 1 to show. The asymmetry sex that labels in car pushbutton to IMP system last consideration of respect feasibility is a spare parts and already some features. This fixed position to implementing a part and right way are very important. Graph 2 showed different pushbutton type and they are right the applicability of IMP system. Laser grain treatment is in the development of mould and coin industry model and mould, grain is produced in proper place special key. Grain produces in complex details or frost is changed, can mix through film of attack by surprise gush is arenaceous will come true, reduced a spare parts to plan time greatly thereby. Graph 3 gave out sample of a coin, among them design is the area that will need to machine certainly by the IMP of laser system. The enlarge graph that machines a result sees a picture 4, can see the effect of use IMP from inside the graph. Clamping apparatus does not need when undertaking frost is changed, because become the design that uses dragon like the system to serve as the feature of fixed position, need the area that laser has grain is machined faultlessly certainly thereby. Photographic viewpoint makes coin has a 10 degrees rotational range, have the wave motion of 4mm locally, but won't affect a result, also won't increase handling time significantly. Of this treatment finish because skimble-scamble and those who bring any coin is wasteful,do not have. Express the 2 function that gave out to use IMP system according to the requirement of a certain client to come true. The FOBA company of Virtek company subordinate had come true to carry scene into the compositive system that makes mark tie like system and laser. The spare parts came true to affirm below same platform, mark content, and laser control. IMP system can reduce settling time, simplify focus process, avoid (perhaps decrease) the waste product that creates as a result of mark direction deviate, decreased to buy the need of costly clamping apparatus, offerred high quality, exact mark position, reduced the error that operator causes. Linda McIntosh (linda.


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The product market manager of company of Ca) subordinate FOBA and IMP product manager. CNC Milling