Leinishao rolls out new fund economy coordinate to measure machine controller

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Renishaw is measured for its coordinate machine with UCC product of current controller series rolled out UCClite, measure machine user to provide bigger flexibility for coordinate. This new-style 3 axle control implement the situation that application measures at needing to touch hairdo only, its standard configuration is moved for the hand model, can upgrade through software accredit amount to accuses model, and this accredit can be bought together along with the product already, also can buy what upgrade as configuration to use in the future. Although be an economy product, UCClite controller still matchs the performance of a lot of standard of controller of stock Renishaw high standards. Back an aspect in applied environment for example, the I++DME agreement of the new industry standard that can make coordinate measures machine user to choose to measure software arbitrarily. This also is all and new-style coordinate measures Renishaw machine with UCC a of current controller main good point -- the UCCserver software that passes Renishaw and agreement of I++DME of new industry standard are compatible. The development original intention of this agreement is the requirement that wants an user to satisfy car travel owner, for controller the software package of compatible and all mainstream provided a blending platform. Measure machine user to coordinate especially and character, the software that chooses them to love deserves to use its machine platform, will bring huge flexibility. Need not outside buy 24V power source, UCClite can the new-style SPAlite with Renishaw -- of low power apply to small-sized measure the amplifier of a servo of machine -- deserve to use, and both union can offer the measurement with sexual more concise than tall, structure price machine motion controls a solution, very comfortable at be being measured to having of machine upgrade or transform. UCClite still is set inside the interface of standard Renishaw software of buy, mechanical at 3 o'clock fixed position touchs the Renishaw that supports a tradition hairdo measures a head, to meet an emergency piece type measures a head to be like TP200, need an alone interface. PH10 motor-driven can support to measure a head after UCClite and PHC10 measure a controller to deserve to use. Measure the set of the program to asking to operate personnel pilot, UCClite and joy stick of Microsoft Direct X are completely compatible. CNC Milling