Have 10 kinds of methods of product lifecycle management successfully

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Product lifecycle manages (PLM) can optimize manufacturing technology. But mention PLM solution, many handler can cannot help frowning, because of the PLM solution of a lot of traditions, already stayed to the person costly, complex, hard as integrated as existing craft impression. We will introduce 10 kinds to conduce to below avoid the general issue, method that raises PLM to be led successfully. The first, the success of devoted and enough time, capital construction and capital technology carries out a requirement to be in tripartite face -- person, craft, technology is aspirant invest all right, this tripartite area is coequal and main. The enterprise wants to ensure PLM runs a success, must take the person in participating in its seriously, be analysed even and update craft. Such ability ensure person and craft new technology of can sufficient benefit from benefit from. If enterprise mishandle is good these 3 elements, the success of PLM is met little an opportunity. The 2nd, the support of decision-making layer is necessary dollar of millions of value of solution of a PLM, its are purchased is commonly by decision-making layer clappers, its apply in the promotion of enterprise interior, also cannot leave the support of decision-making layer. But, of PLM push go by to often encounter orgnaization interior differs the boycott of the level, want the allergy of the staff member that contacts with this solution everyday especially. The abidance that does not have decision-making layer supports and drive, the actual application effect of plan can be hit fold. The 3rd, make full use of service supplier / of software vendor only just the company once tried to undertake improvement a project in enterprise interior, for be economical, did not ask exterior staff. But arrived a certain node, after the enterprise encounters a problem, must introduce exterior and professional public figure however, whole project redo, final project place requires finished time and cost, also increased one times. Arrived this moment, administrative layer just realises, should be in introduce an expert for a short while. The other problem that PLM encounters with the enterprise does not have difference. The deploy of PLM also needs specific technical knowledge. A lot of enterprises for managing cost, reduce earlier investment, often think the IT group of company interior can solve a problem. But at hand is laid in without corresponding knowledge, the deploy of PLM can spend longer time, successful rate also can fall. The 4th, the execution that has made long-term plan PLM solution should throw much energy and program, but very rare business considers to apply for a long time. Once the technology begins to carry out, the enterprise is about to consider next motions. Accordingly, the deploy of PLM resembles a brand-new car, but still have no a person to drive. Enterprise already above devoted gigantic endowment, but let it accumulate ash in the garage however now. The 5th, make an enterprise departmental somebody of door contact PLM thinks product data manages (PDM) follows PLM basically is one and the same, because this engineering department ought to be had,superintend PLM system. Actually otherwise. If had invested the capital of company level on PLM solution, but did not apply inside entire company limits however, did not make full use of its latent capacity, the effect that invests consequently sells at a discount greatly. The 6th, come along PLM solution and production process interconnected system of course, the company is willing to adjust existing production process even in order to make full use of PLM solution. Some moment, the manufacturing technology of the enterprise has obtained good position, satisfy its requirement completely. If solution of a PLM cannot suit with the manufacturing process photograph of the company, this solution won't be favorred. The 7th, reasonable budget has a budget to follow the difference that obtains PLM target place to require investment to expanding. Follow project of other and large company same, the deploy of project of a traditional PLM is very difficult make clear Hunan is estimated. The investment job of PLM solution passes time and data, the requirement can be changed, if produce the situation that cannot foreknow, totle drilling cost may rise substantially. Although these risks are not PLM project is peculiar, but its are decorated in PLM project in occurrence frequency is quite tall. The 8th, the advantage that does not allow safe problem to become the stumbling block PLM that affects PLM function basically comes from the different section that reachs entire company at applying its, it is a company even external partner, supplier, contractor. This is helpful for collaboration and data changing it to use, the data that creation lasts flows. Unfortunate is, the PLM environment of respecting tradition, really it is difficult to know easy travel. To do not handle complex safe issue, some companies reject outside partner simply to accept its system, also broke data chain consequently, let former major Fu Zhidong sorts the cause of deploy PLM system. The 9th, ensure the technology is compatible after undertaking complex deploy, the many elements that the enterprise must run technical side -- server, firewall, operating system, database, intermediate equipment and different PLM software module. Additional, the technical standard of firm outside partner or platform requirement may be as incompatible as PLM system. The technology is incompatible the execution that may destroy PLM with complexity. The 10th, a crucial target that develops audit PLM to produce and supplying catenary existingly to move is the flow that close quarters investigates a company, find out a method to simplify and be improved next. If the enterprise is simple installation PLM only, and did not examine enterprise interior technological process, also did not study how PLM improves flow, be equal to did not solve a problem truly, just gave employee another kind of method will have the flow with same low efficiency. Understand potential obstacle, how does understanding avoid, and determination is found use substantially, easily, easily the solution of deploy. CNC Milling