FI 240 CCS cuts butter as heating up a knife same cut metal

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Use only a bit more very few data can move quickly. Listen go up this very difficult implementation, the technology that depends on distinctive originality nevertheless can accomplish this. The product that strange Xia Mier of Swiss GF A regards innovation as new-style FI 240 CCS is pushed to the market, the market that the hope enlarges inside discharge treatment domain through arrange of this with one action is banner position. Branch of research and development developed the engineering technology of the Econotec that be called, can reduce the electrode silk wastage of 30% , still can raise the treatment rate of 30% at the same time. Below the big environment of current economy crisis, the client pays close attention to the product of economic material benefit more, and the product that FI 240 CCS can cater to this kind of demand just about. Machine tool of new-style FI 240 CCS, speed very fast and efficiency is tall. Machine tool of new-style FI 240 CCS, speed very fast and efficiency is tall, in energy-saving respect highly competitive also an extremely fine brass line is used to serve as electrode on machine tool of cut of silk thread of don't go yet, can extremely the cut rolled steel with accurate essence. The core component of this kind of machine is the pulse power source that can generate electric spark, in order to is on workpiece cut material. The Clean-cut power source of this kind of new generation makes a machine tool OK in machining a process use solidder electrode silk, make thereby of electrode silk use up fewer, can bear very big negative charge. This equipment uses a diameter at present 0.


The electrode silk of 25mm. New-style machine tool also can use a diameter 0.

The electrode silk of 3mm, do not need to waste more electric energy at the same time. In energy-saving respect, FI 240 CCS also has competitive advantage very much. When traditional machine is having high speed cut, minutely need uses up the electrode silk that makes an appointment with 12m to grow. If use time on average a year,be 2500h, must use up the electrode silk that is as high as 1800km to grow. Nevertheless, have the aid of uses the machine tool of new-style FI 240 CCS of Econotec engineering technology, need 1200km only can. The working rate of this kind of machine tool is apparent faster, and do not affect precision absolutely. As a kind of significant accessary advantage, electrode silk uses decrease to still have outstanding sense in environmental protection respect. The main parameter of FI 240 CCS is: The journey (Z of × of X × Y) : 220mm of × of 350mm × 220mm; Measure of the greatest work: 220mm of × of 1000mm × 550mm; Taper / height: 45 ° of ± / 220mm; Weight of the greatest work: 750kg; Cut speed: 500 (peak value) / 400 (industrial application) Mm2/min; Usable silk diameter: 0.


33mm; Survey a system / resolution: Linear grating feet / 0.

05 μ M; Optimal surface surface roughness: Ra 0.

1 μ M. CNC Milling