The application of digitlization design and collateral project in autocycle research and development (go up)

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The article obtained UG NX to design the first prize of the contest, but not be a technicality however very strong, or the implied meaning that too high to be popular, delicacy has economic value. The application of the digitlization research and development that the article introduced to be based on product data to run a system to the point and collateral project in process of HD150GY-2 autocycle research and development and system of product data management and platform of digitlization design system plan. Through using CAD/CAE/PDM technology, the enterprise is in short-term and built-in the environment of new product research and development that established information to share, improved the quality of research and development of company new product and efficiency thereby. Have very strong draw lessons from meaning and economic value. Below market economy, the competition between the enterprise is increasingly intense, how to enhance the competition ability of enterprise oneself, it is the industry survives the crucial question with development. Among them technical innovation, product innovation is the soul that the industry survives more. Contemporary company already by " Chinese olive " turn for " dumbbell " , the research and development of new product is in an enterprise medium position is more and more significant. Accordingly, the new product that how improves a business is own ability of research and development appears especially important, and of ability of research and development rise, cannot leave the development of new and high technology and application, cannot leave environment of modern new product research and development, the environment of new product research and development that builds based information to share for orgnaization of business research and development is the problem that urgent need solves. The limited company of Hong Dou autocycle of subordinate of Hong Dou group is design of the collect in industry of our country autocycle makes the old brand at an organic whole large and state-owned company, the first autocycle of new China is born here. Hold to can be in intense market competition active, we used the computer technology such as CAD/CAE/PDM to build the environment of product research and development that information shares, in order to increase the capacity of own research and development of new product. One, autocycle digitlizes the project that designs effect tradition to devise a method is design personnel the design model that uses a few different and umbriferous view to show a three-dimensional product on blueprint, there still are a lot of factitious regulations, standard, symbol and literal description on blueprint, to a relatively complex part, need uses a certain number of Zhang Tu paper, although such, still be full of all sorts of thickly dotted line, symbol and mark on blueprint. Next, the personnel of the branch such as craft, production and management, again attestation reads these blueprint, lane know design intent, pass the description of different view, the imagination gives each detail that designs a model. This job is very difficulty and difficult. The autocycle industry from our country is built begin, because accept the restriction of the traditional design method that gives priority to with 2 dimension design, like manual blueprint design, handiwork operates machining method, use imitate to the quantity is delivered and deliver a course to grow wait for a reason, brought about those who make to be able to duplicate the gender is poor, harmonious sex is poor. It is especially in new model development procedure, phenomenon of do poorly done work over again is more apparent, the technology that affecting a business badly progresses. When using software of three-dimensional CAD hypostatic modelling to have products plan, design personnel can undertake three-dimensional design directly on the computer, immediately can see on screen place designs the true and three-dimensional model of the product. Accordingly this is a breakthrough of engineering design method, from go up at all the design method that changed a tradition. Reflected a general trend in products plan, namely the appearance of product part and structure are more complex, change more frequent, the advantage that uses software of three-dimensional CAD hypostatic modelling to undertake designing is more outstanding. Three dimension word is built to change model hind on the computer when the spare parts, the engineer can go up in the computer very the design that has follow-up link conveniently works, those who be like a component is fictitious assemble, overall decorate, motion is emulated, process designing of interference examination, CNC machining and emulate etc. Accordingly it is implementation the computer is compositive make and whole production segment falls to used unified product information model to lay a foundation in guidance of collateral project idea. What the digitlization product of autocycle spare parts is defined even if use system of three-dimensional model software to have a part is three-dimensional build a model, its are the most outstanding the advantage is: Can build the three-dimensional and hypostatic model of autocycle spare parts, can undertake through be on the computer conveniently fictitious assemble the interference that will check a part and cooperate to coordinate a case; Can undertake weight, balance and stress are analysed well and truly; Draw its sectional plan very easily from inside three-dimensional and hypostatic model, the programming of facilitating CNC Machining, of the product three-dimensional decompose a graph to be built very easily also. The three-dimensional design of all spare partses is exclusive definitive data set as a result, can use for all follow-up segment, 2 dimension blueprint are generated by three-dimensional digital-to-analogue. The only basis that the user evaluates is three-dimensional digital-to-analogue and the 2 dimension blueprint that make accordingly. To CNC Machining, can use three-dimensional line draw a frame round and exterior model data. Such technical train of thought decided digitlization designs platform to want to be a center in order to apply in coordination, its core is the three-dimensional CAD technology that designs platform support to fall in coordination, it is target of the first type selecting with CAD system already, after CAD system is definite, again the requirement according to CAD software, deploy application software of system of software of corresponding hardware, system, network and other, form a relatively complete digitlization to design a system. Design a technology to ensure to three-dimensional CAD is used in the round in be being developed, must build more complete, advanced, practical strong design platform in coordination, accordingly, we chose PDM (product data manages) system. 2, the project of system of structural characteristic PDM of PDM system closely around move build information to share, environment of product research and development spreads out, base oneself upon the actual condition at the company, the advanced sex of mature system, mature sex, economy and but expansibility, protect the existing investment of my company with the best will in the world. Systematic moving environment is used be based on " Client/server " architecture, wait for tool of client computer, server, operating system, database, research and development organic ground contacts systematic soft hardware together, build a complete, favorable moving environment. 1.

Systematic hardware configuration uses client computer of system of Windows NT of workstation of figure of level of spare parts of server of IBM AIX system and IBM, DELL. 2.

Software of systematic software configuration uses the UGNX of UGS company and Teamcenter Engineering software. 3.

Network develop of the system attacks graph the network develop of system of our company PDM attacks the graph sees the graph is shown 1 times. Graph the network develop of 1 system attacks graph 3, the applied circumstance of PDM system 1.

Establish IPT project group (the member origin of group of project of IPT of the member that 1)IPT project is comprised from structure, weight, analysis, CAD/DPA (digitlization is assembled beforehand) the sectional staff composition such as support. They are the full-fledged member of each function room, and be in same ground choose the job. (The action of 2)IPT project group and duty are defined as a result of collateral product is a new job, to make each each person, thing has Zhang Ke follow, one of main methods that the company manages collateral product to define are, have the definition with one specific cycle to each job that concerns with the project and duty. The working course that collateral product defines is to be based on the communication communication that is clear about between company function branch and IPT, and the information communication that is clear about between member of IPT project inter block. Accordingly, must clarify clearly their action and function, and each member that can use a project conveniently. Its main effect and duty are as follows: · coordinates harmony method in successive work environment is used in whole job, is not conference drive means; Definition of the demand analysis of the project that the · IPT that finish asks, design, production production and support serve; · drafts a plan and assure quality to achieve anticipated goal; · applies some kind of magnanimity to come valuation work makes progress, and the ability after providing enough data is made change; · supports the communication communication between alternate function through coordinating; · is decision-making to digitlizing technical activity to make; · understanding and the actor chemical industry that use collateral product definition make a method; · drafts demand of Training Within Industry. (Orgnaization of project of 3) project orgnaization sees the graph is shown 2 times. Graph 2 projects orgnaization 2.

Training Within Industry of Training Within Industry is the key that PDM system carries out applied success or failure, because this enterprise grooms with respect to what take personnel seriously very much at the beginning. Had the computer for many times early or late three-dimensional, 2 dimension use basic knowledge, CAD groom. Among them a kind of relatively effective method is to pass the member that PDM project is comprised to be opposite first the systematic manager of system of PDM of Hong Dou group undertakes grooming in the round, the form that uses these systematic managers to undertake to all and relevant personnel batch grooms separating part, branch next makes all personnel of the enterprise go understanding PDM, and the operation manual with perfect formulate and corresponding standard are mixed on homepage of the net inside the company PDM system the Communist Party of China is enjoyed, in order to coachs the person that apply uses PDM system better. 3.

Design work flow passes the application of PDM system, the standard manages whole design to cooperate with environment, undertake those who design resource share on one hand, the allocation that designs the job and the top-down that are based on WAVE and be based on constructional bottom-up design, and to whole design the process undertakes real time monitoring; Adopt a design on the other hand / file careful is wholesale put flow, the automatic file of design of design of ministry of the research and development that finish and extend. After the member that design gets the job, the data set file that opens place to need to design (UG file) , the file of seed of three-dimensional, 2 dimension that right now the system will call those who be based on industry standard to already had been defined by systematic manager (Seed Part) , begin three-dimensional design or 2 dimension blueprint next generate. (Of 1) product structure build what stand occupies top-down to design a requirement in coordination, top class products plan structure comes by project group group leader compose is built, mix by various group group leader again next the product structure that design personnel finishs ground floor according to task of component of product of distributive of ranking group leader, end as what various design personnel works finally, nature of whole product structure was formed. In ministry of research and development, can decompose integral system for multistage subsystem, respectively compose is built top class BOM and classification BOM. Product structure sees the graph is shown 3 times. Graph 3 products structure (2) is based on product structure (BOM) structure of product of system of design task allocation is built after ending, by project group group leader (task dispatcher) the allocation that will undertake designing the job. Above all the component that pitch on needs to undertake task allocation, build " design task distributes flow " ; After starting this technological process, project group group leader needs to assign specific group group leader or design staff; Immediately gets this job in their respective task Inbox. If pursue 4, the graph is shown 5 times. Graph the 4 task allocation that are based on product structure pursue 5 assigner member (3) careful is wholesale put flow to build flow of of all kinds standard in Teamcenter Engineering system, make product / the research and development of the project is each phase, departmental design and examine and approve flow of the door to be below systematic control undertake normatively. The leader layer attributive management according to PDM can be in those who allow when to await real time inquiry to undertaking to mix the working technological process that has completed, understand the progress situation of project research and development. All designs and the operation that examine and approve flow have attributive control, it is in the system record, so that distinguish duty and personnel performance assessment. The design of ministry of research and development in the flow of ministry of research and development is given out examine and approve flow pattern plate. See a table 1, the graph is shown 6 times. Express design of ministry of 1 research and development to give out examine and approve flow pattern plate to pursue design of ministry of 6 research and development is given out after examining and approve flow pattern plate to be finished in this flow among them, the electronic autograph of each phase is added automatically on the design. And the examination of each phase personnel consults only function, cannot undertake any modification. The hardware design in a certain component is initial after finishing, will start this technological process by group group leader. Approve in careful hair in putting flow to have a process, if any phase from the back discover a problem, pass annotate on function of the system, become in next look unfamiliar of component directly or file of many annotate on (* .

Jpg file) , and be returned directly arrive over there the architect, the design is revised after finishing, hand over by group group leader again, the careful of Cheng of afterwards follow on current is wholesale put, till the finishing status that achieves till the design inside final ministry. Annotate on file sees the graph is shown 7 times. Graph file of 7 annotate on (4) changes management to be mixed according to the particular case of the problem by the member that design above all preliminary change plan to put forward to change application to give a place group group leader, group group leader collects all patterns that need changes, and edit give what each have version draft accordingly to raise domain kind, design those who rise the design of edition to be designed to will be revised through changing droit next personnel. Found to change sheet in Teamcenter Engineering system next, number by the system automatic number arises, the pattern that changes need at the same time is existing version and upgrade go in the problem folder Problem Items that version puts a system respectively and result folder Affected Items, start the design that changes sheet and new edition pattern subsequently, examine and approve flow. The effect that CO founds interface and generation sees a picture respectively 8 with the graph 9 are shown. After flow begins, group group leader must assign design, examination specific staff, the personnel that will have modification designing is appointed in the first phase, will finish those who change sheet to fill in by him, the modification of new version design is designed, after finishing, agree to hand over, enter each follow-up different level in flow to have different level subsequently examine and approve. After whole technological process is finished, this new edition design is in freeze state, can undertake file blueprint. Of system of graph 8 Teamcenter Engineering change management to found an interface to pursue the 9 content after changing sheet to generate CNC Milling