Shallow the application that talks about Delta product to go up in punching machine

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Summary: Principle of job of punching machine of problem of punching machine automation and crankshaft type automation was discussed on the foundation that introduces punching machine to process application. Key discussion stage amounts to numerical control punching machine to design a technology finally, include main station to amount to servo parameter design. Keyword: The 60 ~ of domain of stuff of metal of foreword of PLC 1 of servo of punching machine of punch treatment numerical control 70% it is plank, the much of plate material is to pass punch treatment to make finished product. Punch is machined in national economy each domain application limits comparative extensive. For example, in space navigation, aviation, war industry, mechanical, agriculture machinery, electron, information, railroad, post and telecommunications, traffic, chemical industry, medical treatment appliance, household and similar electrical appliance and light industrial etc there is punch treatment in the branch. The automobile body of the car, batholith, gasoline tank, radiator piece, the core silicon steel of the housing of the drum of boiler, container, electric machinery, electric equipment piece etc is punch treatment. A large number of stamping workpiece in the product such as household utensils of instrument appearance, electric home appliancesInterface of 1 man-machine interaction designs (1) design of feeling screen appearance: In feeling screen appearance, accept the concept of standard CNC this, have kind of 3 kinds of control, change means, automatic means, reference point way for the hand respectively. If the graph is shown 1 times,the hand changes way, can run arbitrarily when the hand changes way feed axis, be helpful for mobile slip, or search take the place that hold clip. Automatic means is shown 2 times like the graph, allow to start treatment when automatic means. Reference point means is shown 3 times like the graph, mechanical coordinate is being built through carrying out a reference point after switching on the mobile phone is, affirmatory machine tool at 0 o'clock. Graph 1 hand moves means picture to pursue picture of 2 automatic means pursues picture of 3 reference point (2) coordinate shows: Can use in feeling screen read take servo condition register to show machine tool coordinate, its grand program oversight. Craft picture shows 4 times like the graph: In craft the picture can set number of opening of start coordinate, step pitch, punch, the biggest step pitch machines speed to wait, when be more than the biggest step pitch to what setting step pitch, PLC can be judged, await feed to reach the designated position the drift after signal comes just can be rushed down. Graph 4 craft picture (3) clock grand: In craft picture, adopt corresponding numeric set, automatic changeover is corresponding servo revolution and pulse number, keep servo drive. Nextpage4.

2The movement carries out PLC programming reach logic to judge program of plan of echelon of PLC program share to be as follows: 4.

Set of parameter of 3 communication servo (1) parameter of electric machinery feedback: 0-04 = 0 (time award pulse to count) ; 0-05 = 1 (return the number that give a group) . (2) parameter of Pr of fixed position mode: 1 - 01 = 1 (Pr controls mode) . (3) electronic gear compares an element: 1-44 = 5; Electronic gear compares denominator 1-45 = 2. (4) 1-48 = 20 of speed of the first paragraph of reference point; The 2nd Duan Can take an examination ofing nods speed 1-49 = 30. (5) servo makes can signal: 2-10 = 1 (servo makes directly can) (6) other servo parameter: 2-11 = 108 (Pr mode actuating signal setting out) 2-12 = 122 (retrorse spacing) 2-13 = 137/111 (Jog+ and choice of Pr mode register - communication controls) 2-14 = 138/112 (Jog- and Pr mode register choose - communication controls) 2-15 = 106 (retrorse direction signal) 2-16 = 127 (reference point sparks signal) 2-17 = 124 (reference point finishs: 2-10 ~ 2-22 can consult the 7th chapter inputs 3-00 = 2/3 of output terminal define table (station number set) 3-01 = 1 (newsletter transmission ratio) 3-02 = 0 (communication agreement) 3-05 = 2 (communication means - 485 communication) 5 last words discuss through case design, the solution of numerical control punching machine that is based on a stage to amount to Electromechanical automation platform shows the tremendous skill advantage with compositive system of unifinication of Electromechanical of brand giving sheet in application. The fundamental equipment capacity that uses a platform of technology of Electromechanical of the brand that amount to sheet to raise numerical control machine tool achieves function to serve cost of best target integrated. CNC Milling