Face disperse workshop change MES research without paper

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Rate of a few automation is higher successive model the standard that produced an enterprise to had achieved a canal to accuse unifinication, came true to turn production without paper, and the limitation of the disperse complexity that because manage,produces a business, craft and automation level, the distance changes production to have very big difference without paper. As digitlization design and the promotion of production level, in disperse workshop implementation changes craft to also become a possibility gradually without paper, a few disperse of abroad workshop has been in local came true to turn production without paper. This kind of tide that turns production without paper also makes MES is producing a change, the article is in below of disperse of put up with workshop change MES to give out without paper a few newest research achievement. Having paper to turn production is a kind of new production mode is successive model manufacturing implementation turns production without paper basically is the automation line that depends on automation; Disperse production implementation turns production without paper basically is to count a worker, need worker is changing an environment without paper in great work, its difficulty should be gotten greatly much. Below this kind of mode, certainly will needs to change a worker to produce medium part in the workshop: The worker is a workshop in activity of unique rise in value (produce namely) main body, the surgical doctor of dot and this hospital is similar; Rise in value is the greatest the result that turn is will major production supervisor progressively change assists personnel for production, the nurse of dot and this hospital is similar. Having paper to turn production was to eliminate not only " paper " , more important is to form a kind of new production pattern (the change of part and working way) . Abroad says without author of paper chemical industry " make a worker much twist spanner a few times, record a few data less " very the change that the expression of figure gave to change production to bring without paper. The idea that turns production to changing MES without paper thinks MES is to be located in superstratum commonly between plan management system and rock-bottom industry control, the management information system that faces workshop layer, the execution that offers a plan to operate personnel, administrator, dog and all resource (the respect such as demand of person, equipment, stock, client) the information of current condition [1] . As digitlization design and made progress, need with more MES is waited for in light of global eye, prospective MES besides the crucial link that is layer of get through ERP and control system layer, still shed design and technical data application to be produced at the spot, implementation changes the crucial link of craft without paper. The United States is famous make advisory company ARC put forward: After lifecycle management is finished from the design, real product just begins [1] . The linear process development that ARC runs product lifecycle makes the planar structure of as mutual as the system such as ERP/CRM/MES/CAPA/MRO cross-linking, if pursue,1 is shown. Make the change that locates in PLM application, changing what what PLM application pays close attention to is pure not just those who offer the PDM of product data and ERP is compositive [3] , and facilitated of more organic PLM and MES compositive [4] . If the graph is shown 2 times, at the same time catenary of consist in value mixes production activity on the crossing of lifecycle chain, among them former the demand that is traditional MES, latter is the new requirement that changes MES without paper. Considering same production spot can have system of an executive management only, because this shows some MES concept certainly will,need expands. The information of MES is compositive compositive to the information of the enterprise it is to have conclusive. "Paper " it is information interactive the most traditional agency, also be the main avenue that information exchanges between system of information of each Gu island, because this can think, change at all without what paper changes MES to mean manufacturing mode not only, still reflected the top level with compositive system of whole industry information. Current, the InterCIM below Dassault banner is mixed in Boeing Brazilian aviation, the Visiprise below SAP banner is in Martin of Losk Heed · , had carried out the aviation MES of new generation according to this kind of train of thought, the spot came true in certain workshop visible craft, obtained right applied result. The functional frame that changes MES without paper puts forward to change MES function frame without paper (graph 3) , will change MES to differentiate without paper for 9 parts: Management of workshop plan management, manufacturing preparation management, worker spot operation, equipment moving management, quality is operation management, visible look board management of management, man-hour management, manufacturing personal details and exception management. Look from the design, should change MES function frame to make following considerations without paper: (1) the position that stressed worker family status. Worker family status can show visible technology not only, more important is to make the information that the worker can obtain all need on the portal, avoid a worker to land different system to search information. Worker family status makes information can push those who send a worker automatically before, let the worker can work quickly and be recorded, brought the new life that spends manufacturing environment to fall without paper to produce pattern thereby. (2) the requirement that raised PDM and CAPP unifinication. Change manufacturing mode to fall without paper, the electronic job instructor that the worker uses on worker family status (EWI) it is the data bag that collect is exercise statement, procedure, blueprint and model an organic whole (the concept of EWI is put forward by ISA95) , this kind of demand drove PDM and CAPP unifinication greatly. In PDM and CAPP unifinication still immature circumstance falls, MES and CAPP unifinication also become a kind to transfer the choice below the circumstance, the module of CAPP includes in the MES that if Visiprise is in fourth company of horse of Losk Heed · ,carries out. (3) the efficiency that improved the spot to collect, enlarged the information content that field data collects. MES acts a newspaper to open finishing action not only in the spot, still need to record the of all kinds and pertinent information of production process according to the requirement of EWI: Production environment and the source that parameter, place uses semifinished product of moving status of tool tool and facility, raw material related its and quality information, load batch and quality information, examine detect result data, and the processing information to reject, obtain personal details of whole production process thereby. Nextpage (4) spot exception manages, especially the spot exception management of craft respect appears highlight especially. Manufacture efficiency to rise, be surmounted to craft and temporarily craft, often finish in manufacturing site directly by technologist, these information need after be being changed without paper undertake in MES the spot edits, revise the management with version, can rise with the technical data correspondence of PDM/CAPP. Carry out in the project in, to certain the disperse workshop of CAPP of use blame structuralization, OK even the practice of SAP/Visiprise of follow the lead of, in weaving the craft in traditional CAPP the function also brings into MES temporarily. (5) the position that stressed manufacturing preparation. production preparative cent is an enterprise grading sends and spot grading sends two administrative levels, be in charge of latter by MES among them. Spot grading sends the production of the short period in emphasizing preparation, devote oneself to those who reach JIT form to deserve to send the effect, make thereby the worker can suit adequately to change production to fall without paper " surgical doctor " part, throw more energy in producing segment directly. (6) what emphasized of all kinds factor of production and business activity more is compositive. Turn production without paper make the job of person and person becomes more close together below the environment, the information that the spot produces all need needs to also can be only in the computer undertake administrative, raised the requirement with compositive information greatly. Spend MES each part without paper particular function: (1) the workshop plans to manage: Receive the workshop order of ERP make known to lower levels, decompose its for working procedure exercise plans, exercise task the clique is versed in the spot. This is the function that traditional MES ought to have. (2) production prepares to manage: To tool 2 class stock mixes tool, workshop to undertake administrative in goods, according to working procedure exercise plans and send the demand of labour, these production resource deserves to send the spot. (3) management of worker spot operation: Around move worker family status begins the spot to work, the worker receives working instructor on worker family status, newspaper working procedure leaves finishing, fill in to machine and detect record. In light of the application that turns production without paper from abroad, worker family status and electronic job instructor are the most crucial factor that disperse workshop realizes to change MES without paper. (4) equipment runs government: Administrative equipment is maintained and maintain process, complete record equipment runs state, master equipment usability to be produced in order to back a platoon. (5) quality work management: Administrative spot examines process, examine the collection of data, and reject handles a process. (6) visible look board management: The of all kinds big screen that is used at producing the spot looks board, and provide visible inquiry function for management. (7) man-hour management: Manage the effective treatment man-hour of quota man hour and worker, and of man-hour forms for reporting statistics generate automatically. Among them, of man-hour data collect spot exercise module is finished, man-hour data admits to be finished by quality work module really. (8) produce personal details government: Below the support of afore-mentioned module, fashion treatment process " annulus of man-machine makings law " complete personal details. (9) exception management: Handle of all kinds and exceptional incident, reach the effect that its cause to producing a plan, raise systematic opposite to produce exceptional event get used to ability and processing capability. Carry out without what paper changes MES not pure be system of a software carry out, the promotion that still needs to include craft and hardware level serves as a foundation, occasionally a kind of new product model is representing a kind to design and create pattern brand-newly. Accordingly, construction changes MES to need to consider the issue of different product model and different application phase without paper. The workshop is put in the product of much model to mix line production commonly, use same the data that covers MES to get used to different maturity makes inevitable choice, especially the working instructor that the working door that the spot uses needs to receive different product. Accordingly, in the design that changes MES without paper, need emphasizes the standardization of worker family status and working instructor particularly, the function that improves worker family status is flexible and can configure a gender. The crucial technology analysis that changes MES without paper changes the implementation of MES to need to manage the change of mode not only without paper, still need a lot of soft hardware technologies to serve as support: (1) technology of manufacturing site terminal. Manufacturing site terminal is used at showing working instruction and working instructor, handlers can look carefully at working job, newspaper on terminal start working and finishing; If the condition is had, still can look carefully at blueprint, procedure and digitlization model on terminal. The fundamental direction that relevant application of abroad has indicated to portable wireless terminal or the use of terminal leaving a line are making MES application (graph 4) . Accord with boat air force to be versed in production keeps secret safety asks especially, have wireless the crucial technology that the terminal skill that adds close transmission function will make aviation MES. Graph the spot terminal that the portable wireless terminal that 4 abroad MES uses changes a workshop without paper configures an amount should can satisfy the need that turns production without paper, in principle ought to accomplish an equipment or a handlers configures a terminal. (2) content sheds label technology. MES stresses the control that flows to content, accurate shed management to often need to use label technology with fast content, include: Bar code, RFID. The application of technology of content shedding label falls to appear more pressing again in the case that turns without paper. Current, the laser bid that miniature turns engraves 2 dimension to pile up (if the graph is shown 5 times) , fight what the metal is disturbed and corrode but stickup type RFID is the label technology that can suit to create need at disperse, army mark also is in relevant country to grind beforehand in. (3) automation data collects a technology. Successive model the applied effect that the MES of production enterprise emphasizes a canal accusing unifinication commonly, because the MES of disperse production enterprise lacks enough automation compositive method, often the rate that very inaccessible canal charges unifinication, but the development direction that the canal accuses unifinication is MES of disperse production enterprise from beginning to end, also be the certain way that changes MES development without paper. Disperse production enterprise should realize a canal to accuse unifinication, the most important is to should automation data collects a technology to regard as prop up. The automation data that has feasibility quite currently collects a technology to include: Linage of carry of numerical control equipment controls a system according to collecting technology, furnace temperature automatically automatic data collects a technology, survey a system automatic data collects a technology to wait. (4) interactive technology. MES runs production executive course, production executive process is full of change and exception, this problem is highlighted especially below the case that loses paper to regard a record as carrier. This also is the reason with interactive very main to changing MES without paper technology. Interactive technology needs content to shed label technology and automation data to collect a technology commonly (check data to be collected automatically especially) as prop up, the 0 package that can implement number of serial of wrong to choosing batch undertake clew, the technical condition of compensatory to BOM and craft file undertakes test and verify is mixed call the police, undertake bale automatically and be analyticed to measuring an outcome. Foreign electron is assembled there had been interactive project application in MES, if pursue,6 are shown. Project test and verify is in some large aviation production industry, change MES function frame without paper according to what the article puts forward, the design that undertook changing MES system without paper, development and carry out, cancelled completely to assemble an instruction (AO) wait for paper to make spot documentation, obtained better applied result. CNC Milling