ABC of cutting razor blade

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Job shops may want a general chance every year use up razor blade of thousands of cutting. A jockey person should use a lot of cutting bit possibly everyday, but never had thought carefully to be in however the complex and scientific knowledge of these bit backside contain. Understand the workmanship technology of razor blade of a few concerned cutting, optimize with function to be being used correctly of cutting tool will have profit greatly. The composition of hard alloy razor blade and all man-made product are same, production cutting razor blade should solve the problem of raw material above all, decide the composition of bit material and recipe namely. Present major razor blade is make by hard alloy, its bases is carbonization tungsten (WC) with cobalt (Co) . WC is the horniness grain in bit, and Co can make as bond bit figuration. Changing the method with hard alloy the simplest character is the grain measure that uses WC grain through changing place. With granuality bigger (3 - 5 μ M) the hardness of hard alloy material of WC grain preparation is inferior, wear away more easily; With granuality lesser (1 μ of < M) WC grain can produce a hardness taller, wearability is better, but the hard alloy stuff with older also brittleness. When processing the metallic data with very tall hardness, use razor blade of fine grain hard alloy to may obtain optimal to machine the effect. And on the other hand, razor blade of thick grain hard alloy is in interrupted cutting or other taller to bit tenacity requirement treatment neutral can be more advantageous. Another kind of method that controls character of hard alloy razor blade is the content scale that changes WC and Co. Compare with WC photograph, the hardness of Co is low much, dan Ren sex is better, accordingly, reduce Co content to will acquire the bit with taller hardness. Of course, the question that this raised to be balanced integratedly again -- the razor blade with taller hardness has better wearability, but its brittleness is bigger also. According to specific treatment type, choose proper WC grain measure and Co content to compare, the scientific knowledge related need machines experience with what abound. Through using gradient material technology, can avoid to undertake compromising accepting or reject between bit intensity and tenacity on certain level. The technology that manufacturer of main cutting tool all uses this whole world generally already includes, in bit outer use higher than lining Co content to compare. More specifically, be in namely of bit outer (ply is 15 - 25 μ M) increase Co content, be similar to in order to offer " buffer " action, it is certain to make bit can bear pound and won't burst. This makes the cutter hub of bit can obtain those who use the implementation of ability of hard alloy composition with higher intensity all sorts of superior performance. Once decided the technical parameter such as the granuality of raw material, composition, make circuit actually what can begin cutting razor blade. Will accord with the tungsten pink that deserves to compare, carbon pink and cobaltic pink to put a dimension and washing machine above all about the same in great mill opportunity, the granuality that pink feed mill needs to place, mix all sorts of material equably. Alcohol and water are added in mill process, preparation gives a kind thick stiff black oar makings. Put stuff of this kind of oar into drier of a tornado next, after evaporating among them liquid, obtained the pink of conglomeration shape to expect, rise its keep in storage. In next preparation craft, can win the embryonic form of bit. Above all, good preparation pink stuff and get together glycol (PEG) mix, PEG serves as a kind of plasticizer, can resemble powdery makings dough same temporarily felt is together. Become the figure of bit in suppress of material of tool set lieutenant general next. According to different bit suppress method, can use odd axis press to undertake suppress, the angle suppress that also can use much axis press to never be the same as gives bit appearance. After the preform that obtains suppress figuration, its park in a large sintering furnace, agglomeration undertakes below high temperature. In agglomeration process, PEG is melted from inside preform mixture eduction, keep the semi-manufactured goods of hard alloy razor blade finally. After PEG is given by be in harmony, bit contracts its are final dimension. Measure of this one technology needs to undertake accurate maths is calculated, because be mixed according to different material composition,deserve to compare, the systole of bit is measured also each are not identical, and the requirement is in the control of dimension public errand of finished product less than of a few micron. The preparation of bit coating right now, the configuration of the product has differred with final finished product razor blade very few. But, to acquire optimal cutting property, still must have exterior coat to bit. The most commonly used bit coating craft is deposit of chemical gas phase (CVD) craft, plant some through tall electric current namely ionization of metallic target material, send condensation deposit to arrive on bit through evaporate next. Can be analogy of ground of figure of this one process, become very low when the temperature of blacktop face, and when lunt of tall pH indicator is full of again in air, can form a Bao Bing on road surface. Nevertheless, what differ with this is, although the bit temperature in park coating furnace is opposite inferior, but actual furnace temperature may exceed 480 ℃ . Another kind of commonly used bit coating craft is deposit of physical gas phase (PVD) craft. Compare with CVD craft photograph, it is OK to use PVD technology deposit gives thinner coating, can make cutting blade sharper thereby, in material of cutting difficult treatment (if alloy of hard steel of temper by dipping in water, titanium and heat-resisting are super alloy) when can acquire more exceedingly good cutting property. In craft of typical bit CVD coating, the ground floor coating of Fu of the besmear on bit is azotic carbonization titanium (TiCN) . Material of this kind of coating can offer exceedingly good wearability, and still have easily the advantage with felt of hard alloy matrix. Normally, alumina (Al2O3) be used as the 2nd coating. This kind of coating has admirable thermal stability and chemical stability, can protect bit to avoid the adverse effect of chemical composition in sufferring cutting high temperature and cooling fluid. The ply of TiCN and Al2O3 coating basically depends on the treatment type of bit. For example, when turning processes hard data, need undertakes be protectived adequately to bit, because the ply of every kinds of coating is likely,need to achieve 10 μ M. And the finish machining to weak data, the TiCN layer with 5 μ thick M mixes besmear Fu the Al2O3 layer with 2 μ thick M may be more proper. After the preparation that finished TiCN and Al2O3 coating, cutting razor blade already was close to finished product on use function. Regretful is, the color of Al2O3 coating is complete black, the what working face of razor blade of very difficult resolution has used the person that use, and whether was cutting blade already worn away. To solve this one problem, manufacturer meets most cutting tool to besmear on bit a nitrogen changes Fu again finally titanium (TiN) coating. This kind shines aureate coating is had very good can inspect a gender, the person that use can adopt the change of its color, evaluate cutting razor blade easily wear away condition. In the past, besmear Fu is over TiN coating indicates the production of a cutting razor blade is finished entirely. But in recent years, still last working procedure already became gain ground gradually. In CVD or PVD coating working procedure, when bit is cooling, the contractive degree of different coating material each are not identical. Accordingly, stress arises in the meeting in each coating, appear micro-crack. To eliminate these stress, and utmost ground reduces micro-crack, people used a kind to be mixed with alcohol, alumina fine the advanced technique that arenaceous mixture has gush sand preparation to bit. After gush sand preparation is finished, of cutting razor blade make bring up success. The action of bit geometry appearance mentions the geometrical figure of cutting razor blade, the macroscopical geometry figure that most tool manufacturer begins to describe bit on metropolis horse (physical appearance) . And a research field that develops quickly in recent years -- bit cutting blade is microcosmic of geometrical appearance optimize -- be worth to give height takes seriously. On macroscopical level, of bit geometry appearance optimize the optimal external form that basically involves to realize the control that cut bits likelihood to use. According to different workpiece material and treatment means, use different bit figure and angle to be able to be offerred bits and will cut bits the best result from cutting area eduction. Bit is macroscopical the design of geometrical appearance and optimizing already was a quite mature technology domain, the tool manufacturer with main much is perfectness this. Till the last few years, technical development just was achieved can control bit the level of microcosmic geometry appearance. Use advanced processing technique, can go out in the cutting surface preparation of bit circle, elliptic or the cutting blade that takes point of view, OK still will tiny pour arris or groove to introduce bit cutting blade. As the application of all sorts of innovation technologies, people can undertake to bit on small measure passivation processing is mixed measure, make the service life of bit and treatment stability were obtained thereby great rise. Can comparative to anticipate for certain, the technical progress henceforth will promote the development of this domain further, will obtain more remarkable positive result. Technology of razor blade of pottery and porcelain although razor blade of great majority cutting is made with hard alloy, but the bit that makes with other data increasingly grow in quantity. Among them, razor blade of pottery and porcelain may be a kind of the mainest blame hard alloy razor blade. As heat-resisting alloy material (be like Inconel alloy) the application in aviation industry and other industry component is wide with each passing day, superior cutting performance was shown in the treatment that razor blade of pottery and porcelain is processing data hard to these. The workmanship of razor blade of pottery and porcelain and hard alloy razor blade are very similar. Because unlike of pottery and porcelain is other stuff is easy in that way felt, because this must be used when agglomeration,get much temperature and pressure high. Normally, carborundum is used in razor blade of pottery and porcelain (SiC) brilliant beard can increase its strength. These petty fiber can rise to come with reinforcing steel bar the same function of aggrandizement concrete. In the past, the aggrandizement effect that adds SiC in pottery and porcelain is relatively lesser, but in recent years technical breakthrough had changed this kind of condition. New technology can make SiC brilliant beard directional at specific direction, improved aggrandizement result greatly thereby. Compare with phase of other bit data, the brittleness of pottery and porcelain is bigger, also appear via regular meeting blemish. Join correct and directional SiC brilliant to need the disintegrate invalidation course of razor blade of pottery and porcelain of OK and remarkable slow down, because the micro-crack in bit needs bigger energy, ability is crossed orderly the brilliant beard that arrange. Develop as this kind of technology and continuity of other and similar technique, razor blade of pottery and porcelain will become a kind to suit all sorts of treatment, the solution that provides feasibility more. Achieve more earnings from inside cutting razor blade from buy decision-making angle to look, to cutting razor blade, need remembers well, the most important thing is not to cross oversight those respects that observe hard. If do not pass cutting to experiment, although microscope, very may difficult also resolution gives the difference of high grade razor blade and inferior razor blade. The appearance because of bit is about the same and choose cheap bit, cost raises inevitably in the following treatment. When choosing bit name, good way is the technologist of advisory tool manufacturer. Besides, still can use a few basic ideas, will narrow the bit range that can offer an alternative. Major tool manufacturer uses a kind of pattern that can reflect bit character to come to their number. It is with Shanteweikekeleman's product exemple, the first digit of brand of a kind of razor blade mirrorred kinds what what its belong to is big, be like the 4 shop signs that express to process steel, the 3 shop signs that state treatment is cast-iron, the 2 shop signs that express to process stainless steel. In every category, two digit word expresses the hardness of this razor blade finally. The number is small, state hardness is taller, but brittleness is bigger also; The number is large, state hardness is inferior, dan Ren sex is better. Need the category of bit to search place, job shops is best from catalogue item among begin, according to its function forward or search backward. Finally, if some kind of razor blade did not achieve optimal cutting performance, can find a few evidence that conduce to affirmatory solution. Observe the cutting blade of bit carefully with magnifier, can announce the essence of the problem. If the examination makes clear, bit cutting blade appeared apparent abrasive wears away or tiny be out of shape, show bit hardness on the low side, need is changed use the name with taller hardness. If bit produced collapse blade, cutting blade appeared small are short of break, need possibly to convert hardness the name with inferior, better tenacity. How is passing understanding cutting razor blade made, and how be the bit name with specific custom-built and different treatment, can take all sorts of step that have specific aim, will improve treatment efficiency and reduce finished cost. CNC Milling