Implementation of applied CATIA V5 is made without the graph

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Make without the graph in manufacturing industry domain already was a fresh topic no longer. Kelaisile the company begins to undertake to car bodywork paper changes a design notting have from 1994, car engine also came true to digitlize a design without paper entirely 1998. Carry out the product application target that makes without the graph to divide normally outside component, the after service that also includes to produce manufacturing process, client. The design of 777 planes makes Boeing the process is the applied example that the model provides most inside the industry, still be the model of a success that disparate industry application makes a technology undertake product innovation is designed without the graph up to now. Boeing 777 used complete digitlization to design, include overall design, component checks and overall assemble. All development and test use the method of collateral project, spread out at the same time in different spot, different branch. Use virtual reality technology to have the imitate trial flight below all sorts of conditions. Engineers are collected in real time on workstation and process data and solve design problem in time. Make the Boeing that come out finally 777 planes and design program photograph are less than than the error 0.

001 inches, assured airframe and wing to go up to the sky to accepting success and plane successful, whole design makes cycle shorten from 8 years. Today, to such one is not brand-new concept, we care more should be how to come true on the technology. The author combines the function of working experience and CATIAV5, elaborate a structure simply kind how is the part implementing below CATIA. In the application that makes without the graph, 3D geometry data is perforative and whole design and production circuit. Because this 3D modelling is the base that creates without the graph, also be start, that is to say, if want to come true to be made without the graph, we all design works should begin with 3D. We will with the casing bowstring with a simple plane kind the case that the spare parts regards us as. The spare parts appearance of plane or car is special rule more very, the figure of 2 dimension project that uses convention is opposite very hard its have a description, this also is the account that aviation and automobile industry use 3D the earliest to design. No matter be attempt of 2 dimension project or 3D design, the expression that in the final analysis is a project method, it is the language that has project communication, 2 dimension are us the method that uses in the be forced to do below the premise that lacks technical method, and our real product is three-dimensional. Plane frame bowstring kind spare parts, its appearance dispute is groovy, the 2 dimension method of use convention cannot have a description to it. Its appearance is the appearance with whole plane is relevant, everybody knows, the appearance of the plane needs because of pneumatic, itself is irregular, and our 2 dimensions design comes true normally through tagging the length of regular geometry element, angle to wait. When use CATIA undertakes this kind of spare parts is designed, the coordinate of line of model of the appearance curved surface that we need to get a plane normally, appearance or appearance reference point. This spare parts undertakes designing through appearance reference point namely. Above all we are worth the coordinate that gains reference point of two groups of exterior. Next the public errand that we part to allow reference point of two groups of exterior according to design place plans to synthesize two batten curve, as us march face designs what what need to guide use a line. The appearance curved surface that needs because of us is straight grain face, so we are being used sweep the outline acquiesce that sweep past will be swept to be straight line segment when sweeping past means to generate curved surface. After the appearance curved surface that gets we need, second birth becomes corresponding entity, carry the part that the mixture operation such as clip gets needing between curved surface and substance. CNC Machining is a when implementation makes without the graph significant step. Be aimed at this spare parts, because we had gotten its 3D data, because this should use the treatment means of mill treatment. Groovy mill treatment means is normally such, first by underline labour according to 2 dimension blueprint machines referenced line in the lay off on the spare parts, the referenced line of treatment describes the appearance that gave a part basically, next by jockey according to referenced line, operation milling machine undertakes machining. And to now this spare parts, we do not have attempt of 2 dimension project, underline the referenced basis that labour did not underline, although have, the accuracy of the curve of artificial lay off also is suspectable. Exclusive and feasible treatment means has CNC Machining only. Because we had gotten the 3D data of this spare parts, undertake CNC Machining premise has been satisfied. If pursue,3 ~ graph is shown 5 times is to use CATIA5 axis to machine means to undertake machining. Means of use CNC Machining eliminated basically to machine the interference element that process go-between is. To the product what action decides since quality is the precision of 3D data, the member that numerical control Cheng is made up needs to choose logical treatment way and parameter only. If get the assurance of cutting tool and craft means, the percent of pass that improves a product greatly. CNC Machining technology applies the earliest in aviation and automobile manufacturing industry namely, also be to be in at present these two industry application are the widest. From inside example we can see this is decided by the product. The machine program that last pace creates CATIA namely is changed into the NC code of machine tool of corresponding numerical control, pass into the control system of numerical control machine tool. Arrive at this moment, our 3D design just is changed into the product truly, formed productivity truly. Should become make truly without the graph, we still need an important segment, namely the product examines change without the graph, this also is us often a link of oversight. It includes numerical control to measure, three-dimensional public errand and dimension are tagged. Attempt of 2 dimension project is to examine normally the basis that personnel has the product examines. We often encounter this kind of situation now, design branch has used 3D design, the product also uses the means of CNC Machining, but the problem goes was in the product examines wait for link. They did not examine to lay the basis that produce with guidance. Face this kind of awkward situation, final design branch is forced to create 3D design 2 dimension project to pursue afresh, offer these sections, make without the graph became again the graph is made. The method that solves this problem is to use numerical control to measure, three-dimensional public errand and dimension are tagged. Numerical control is measured basically be aimed at CNC Machining spare parts. Consult our example, because its appearance curved surface is of the space, and our convention detects the tool that the method is use callipers, gauge more. Detect appearance of three dimensional space must use 3 coordinate numerical control to measure machine, and need the 3D data of the spare parts. The first pace is to collect metrical several foothold. We can use CATIA to operate the CATCMM product that platform and MSC offer to complete such operation, the coordinate cost of measurement point is collected on the 3D model of the spare parts. The coordinate input that nods data next is measured machine weave measure an order, the operation is measured machine those who complete pair of parts measure, compare measured value of measurement point coordinate and the error that 3D theory is worth to be worth, error value is eligible product namely inside tolerancepublic errand limits. To be not CNC Machining product, consider us to still can use formula of groovy check proved recipe from cost respect at least. But if come true to be made entirely without the graph, examine personnel and jockey person will not get 2 dimension project pursues, as referenced basis, how will follow-up work undertake? Be in Boeing aircraft company, the three-dimensional common difference that they use CATIA and dimension are tagged will solve this problem. After getting product 3D data, their use CATIA tags the measure that gives convention and public errand on 3D model directly. At the same time they can browse the relevant measure of the product and public errand through CATIA browser, but cannot undertake modification to its. A profit that such doing is to make the public errand of dimension is tagged more intuitionistic, reduced the deviation on the understanding that attempt of 2 dimension project causes. Adopt these relevant measures, make the design of whole product, make, examine flow is become make circuit truly without the graph. Implementation is made without the graph still need a few other technology segment to serve as safeguard, if the computer assists a project to analyse a technology (CAE) , electronic prototype technology (DMU) wait, the article makes detailed introduction no longer to its. Without the graph production technology already got applied extensively in domain of foreign manufacturing industry, but in home just just arisen. Be in with home in the osculatory process of a lot of manufacturing industry enterprises, we discover enterprise of quite a few returns lack to 3D design more deep-seated second understanding, the enormous beneficial result that can produce to its knows inadequacy. A lot of companies still stop in such phase to the understanding of 3D: 3D design is very convenient, the effect is very direct, can turn very quickly into attempt of 2 dimension project. Investigate its reason, the applied time that is us firstly is too short still, the competition that is us secondly still is not too intense. Make without the graph apply in automobile industry extensive, very old rate is caused by intense market competition. Enhance company core competition ability, should improve product quality above all, it is to reduce cost next, and on the innovation that basically is centered in the product now. The innovation body of the product offers the brand-new product that has competition ability inside the shortest time in the enterprise now, make a kind of instrument that is innovation without the graph, and use original design is very as inaccessible as production mode this target. Believe what compete as the market to turn white-hot gradually, make without the graph wider and wider application will receive in domestic manufacturing industry. CNC Milling