The arena of accurate grinding

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Music rings, below magnesium light lamp, the show of beauty of the gorgeous on arena makes a person be intoxicated. The machine that walks into limited company of accurate machinery of Er of Shandong Yantai blessing job shops, here is an arena likewise, place oneself among them, two oil pump are oily product line keeps abreast of, be just as wave the industrial Style in modern rhythm, scenic core is Swedish division beauty is vacated (the accurate grinder of newest generation UVA Nomyline of new technology of grinding of breakthrough of limited company of KMT) accurate grinding. This is industrial glamour not only, also deduce accurate grinding technology incisively and vividly. Enter 21 centuries, as the buildup of environmental consciousness, the tail gas of car and project car is discharged get increasingly the attention of people. The S series atomizer in derv engine burns as a result of its tall, tail gas does not amount to inadequate, oily bad news the malpractice such as mark begins gradually be replaced by the P series atomizer of new generation. Mechanical limited company complies with the nicety of Yantai blessing Er that be subordinate to belongs to ministry of career of fuel injector of Shandong Kang Da group just about this one trend held water 2003, acceded on the technology oily backbone produces domestic oil pump the design with oily old limited company makes enterprise Shandong Kang Da oil pump experience. Graph 1 division beauty vacates accurate grinding science and technology (Beijing) Li Yang of limited company general manager (left) river of Liu Yong of general manager of He Fuer company 2005, the new plant of blessing Er company builds, the P series atomizer at that time with its small, frequency answers bulk fast, advanced characteristic becomes fuel efficiency " energy-saving reduce environmental protection of platoon, green " star product, the product fixed position of this and blessing Er company agrees completely. However, the treatment precision demand of spare parts of P series atomizer is extremely high, how does the blessing Er company that establishs beginning answer this one challenge? The old practice that becomes the first user of Asian is in early 1984, the Shandong Kang Da oil pump at that time is oily grinder of the circle inside the UVA U80 that limited company introduced 2 divisions beauty to vacate a banner to fall from Sweden. Superior machine tool performance and perfect after service are buried for bilateral long-term cooperation laid a seed. 20 time nether world is on the move, the grinding machine that division beauty vacates is continuous get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, grinder of the circle inside U88, Nomyline set grinding machine comes out in succession. 2005, when the Fu Erxin plant that just should build begins to establish the first product line, bilateral cooperate once more success will come when conditions are ripe, but at that time, the grinding machine of UVA Nomyline set that vacates latest technology on behalf of division beauty still does not have an user in the Asia. Whether does blessing Er company dare do the first eat crab? Graph 2 atomizer occasionally, right from go up reaching next parting is needle body and oily needle labour desire be apt to its thing, surely first benefit its implement. What vacate UVA to be famous in the world in domain of grinding of small size high accuracy by right of division beauty is famous degree of accredit with each other, blessing Er company decides finally to buy grinder of the circle inside 2 UVAi Nomyline and cylindrical grinder of 3 UVAe Nomyline to regard the core of the first product line as equipment. 2006, the performance of U88 is achieved after round grinder is transformed inside 2 UVA U80 that division beauty vacates company of help blessing Er to will be bought in the past, cooperate other fuel injector body treatment facilities and nicety detect equipment, the product line of atomizer of series of the first P of blessing Er company has implemented scale quite, the product reachs the advanced level of domestic and international congener product, put in what market hind gets derv engine business quickly to approbate. General manager of company of Nextpage blessing Er Mr Liu Yong Mr Jiang is oily to oil pump medium core spare parts machines craft very familiar with sth. Needle body and oily needle are two one to one correspondence atomizer occasionally, cannot crossing-over, of each pairs of oily needles and needle body cooperate clearance to have 2 only? M, still ask to cooperate very smooth, so the circularity of requirement oily needle is 0.

4? Ra0 of M, surface roughness.

05, of needle body in the circularity requirement of aperture is 0.

5? M, surface roughness Ra0.

1, the circularity requirement of seat surface is 0.

8? M, surface roughness Ra0.

12. Liu Yong river says: "We are atomizer occasionally introduced line of Swedish UVA oily treatment, manipulator of implementation of this treatment line fluctuates automatically workpiece, product is online and automatic detect, self-classification, oily diameter sealed clearance to come true to deserve to grind, still belong to in the Asia first, it is domestic oil pump the whole world with oily established industry is highest the nicety of precision occasionally machine equipment. " at present home still has a lot of manufacturer to use insert adoption pattern to decide a group of atomizer occasionally, not only working procedure long, efficiency is low, and reject is much. Blessing Er company already what beauty of division of have the aid of vacates grinder is advanced deserve to ground craft to solve the accurate coincidence with oily needle and needle man-to-man body. "The UVAe Nomyline cylindrical grinder that deserves to grind a machine tool as oily needle is compositive equestrian Persia (Marposs) is online survey a system, the design is very clever. " Liu Yong river says: "It is passed those who survey needle system is medium aperture diameter, automatic computation gives oily needle to match the exact size that wear, make each oily needle that treatment finishs and to it body of suitable a powerful person is apropos coincidence. In addition, it still can realize oily needle to hold clip, finish the cone grinding of 3 different point of view, precision is tall, flexible strong, stability is good. This is done not have in home other any machine tools can be accomplished. " after moving toward successful path 5 years, demand exceeds supply in the market as P series atomizer, blessing Er company begins to establish the 2nd product line. In December 2010, the machine tool of the 2nd product line purchases a contract to end, round grinder and 3 UVAe Nomyline cylindrical grinder inside 2 UVAi Nomyline again company of settle blessing Er, comprised the core equipment of product line of atomizer of series of the 2nd P. Current, year of productivity of the P series atomizer of blessing Er company already amounted to 2 million, fuel injector assembly 1 million, 40% above export the product Euramerican. The 3rd product line and new assembly line already were in the program. The standard face-lifting that grinder of the circle inside UVAi Nomyline presses below the help that grinder of the circle inside 2 UVA U88 is in division beauty to vacate Swedish engineer is transformed, blessing Er company is in with most economic means establishs the 3rd product line. "In oil pump oily industry, the grinder that division beauty vacates is the world is banner, its distinctive slideway, chuck and wheelhead design are unique, also be its core competition ability. " the characteristic that chief engineer of blessing Er company Mr Sun Yongzhi evaluates UVA grinding machine so and distinct advantage: "More commendable is division beauty vacate and do not satisfy at already some products, innovate ceaselessly however, every time has new product and technology, for instance inchoate machine tool uses guide of ball guide screw, change Cheng Jing to press slideway later, change servo electric machinery linear electric machinery. To 0.

8? The treatment precision of M, the stability of requirement machine tool is first-rate, ability makes treatment dimension very stable. Division beauty vacates hour to combine contemporary science and technology and look of its machine tool, always be in world top-ranking level so, for instance UVAe Nomyline cylindrical grinder besides the high spirit grinding that can undertake cone of 3 different point of view, deserve to grind a technology first-rate also. In the meantime, division beauty vacates the UVATRONIC of own research and development to control a system, it is the grinding experience confluence that accumulates for years among process designing software, for instance the nap of set of distinctive grinding skill, parameter and emery wheel, there is corresponding regulation in software, leave out a lot of artificial judgement, make produce more standardize and efficient, very effective to accurate grinding treatment, reflected the experience of an old company and marrow. " graph 3 divisions beauty vacates grinder of the circle inside UVAi Nomyline to go to blessing Er company from the first user of Asian that becomes division beauty to vacate grinding machine of UVA Nomyline set the building of 3 3 product line, assembly line can be expected soon, the blue print that produces per year assembly of 4 million fuel injector is clear with each passing day, the cooperative can of two companies weighs example. The successful direction tomorrow as blessing Er company is outspread, the UVA accurate grinder that division beauty vacates begins to be accepted by more and more Chinese user place. "We supplied high-end equipment not just in the collaboration with blessing Er company, more important is a grinding craft related to equipment and grinding experience can discuss jointly with the client, mutual study is below a lot of circumstances. Although division beauty is vacated,have accumulate old experience, but the use environment that how European machine tool fits China, blessing Er also teachs us a lot of, we need to be adjusted with the client and be communicated. " division beauty vacates accurate grinding science and technology (Beijing) Mr Li Yang is modest and limited company general manager is straight-out, he says: "To Chinese market, the grinding equipment that we hope an Europe is advanced and grinding experience bring Chinese manufacturer. The brand of high-end machine tool of the small size grinding that UVA is Europe a few years, we come to the experience belt that cooperates a few years with manufacturer of European fuel injector to China, help China user is close to European advanced technique as soon as possible, this is our concept. " nowadays, blessing Er company is devoting oneself to to develop more the new generation that accords with environmental protection requirement in all course fuel injector, undertaking in all course is oily in the grinding trial production of oily needle, the company of Er of blessing of Swedish engineer help that comes from division beauty to vacate a company was solved double sealed the grinding that crosses a line machines difficult problem, had made craft preparation to leave product of generation fuel injector. Believe to be on the arena of accurate grinding of blessing Er company, the UVA grinder that division beauty vacates will continue to present as leading role to blossom! CNC Milling