With the development that emulates a model at grinding process

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When plan and evaluating machine treatment course, the use of emulation tool is becoming increasingly important. A lot of universities and business had flown the model that gave out a variety of at grinding process using that emulate, these models are right all sorts of technology issues in grinding process and kinematic the attention that offerred different rate with the problem of thermodynamic respect. Nowadays, had developed those who use specific method all sorts of emulation tools, they are special and custom-built to reproduce specific treatment process and result numerical value normally. Germany cheats heart university processing technique especially more is (the model that ISF) uses at axial milling to emulate to already was being succeeded undertook adapting, expand application is emulated at grinding process. This model uses a kind of geometry the macroscopical geometry that one kinematic method will come to decide grinding process is medium concerns, the complex process that is used at happening in the treatment such as figuration grinding from the analysis on geometry especially and joint condition. This software uses object-oriented method to undertake adapting, applying at new tool or machine tool type thereby, can build software with a kind of not quite complex means form. Time disperse process machines the situation that produces in the process for imitate grinding, the workpiece in must describing whole grinding process and grind annulus motion, and the circumstance of workpiece material purify that regards its as the result. Object-oriented idea makes we can complete this one work with a variety of our tools. Among them a kind of tool is in charge of managing athletic data, and the NC code that the basis inputs, the aleatoric time machine tool in can machining a process now again is all the position of each axes. Accordingly, the tool that is used at stating place to use a machine tool is calculable piece grind round of space position with workpiece, begin computational photograph node. Have the aid of describes motion at disperse time-interval, want to have consideration to material purify quantity inside each time-interval. "Hammer bed " the basis that model of so called Dexel formed the model to describe free figuration surface, this model also is called " hammer bed " model. Below the simplest case, not this model by a lot of decorating in fixed bar case (" hammer bed " ) the parallel and linear element that go up (" nail " ) composition, these " nail " length is alterable. These sharp starting point and terminus can show the face of workpiece. For imitate grinding process, undertook extending to this model. Workpiece by 3 coordinate plane 3 inside " hammer bed " will describe, linear element can be broken up, so that describe the shovel of workpiece better,grind face and steep straight brim. For imitate grinding process, processing technique of university of much especially unconscious heart fastens uses model to be able to adopt aleatoric amount, different measure " hammer bed " will show work. In addition, these " hammer bed " still can be in dimensional freedom is directional, give out different resolution, the geometrical feature that inspects workpiece in the light of place likely thereby undertakes to the quality of the model local adjust. But, every " hammer bed " the position with standard to collective coordinate photograph is changeless, accordingly, through changing the position with standard coordinate, can move all " hammer bed " (workpiece) the permutation in the space the position. The collect of different type tool became the material purify state in machining a process certainly, the each time place that must machining a process is definite " hammer bed " the photograph of onefold straight line segment and abrasive tool is nodical, adjust next to " nail " length. Its are as a result, theoretic, any hypostatic models -- want to be able to be calculated only this substance and ' be in point-blank dimensional photograph is nodical -- suit to regard a tool as the model. Example of wh some of which is columnar rest or the repeats photograph node analytic expression of computation and torus, these expression are already compositive in emulate. Below every kinds of circumstance, the computation of photograph node and the exterior normal that obtain from this is the; that will finish by the tool that suits type of every kinds of tool accordingly, when undertaking extending to emulating, some kind of tool that requires aux will be able to to provide corresponding means quite only is compositive in the model can. Calculate to shorten a large number of " hammer bed " , " nail " and be needed to intersect the time of the expenditure that choose place, the computation of purify quantity can pass material to be controlled beforehand individual " hammer bed " and undertake ahead of schedule. Have the aid of at " hammer bed " with grind annulus between simple collision control, individual " hammer bed " can omit in the computation that measures in material purify not plan. Grind round of grinding to use 3 with what have annular point " hammer bed " the computational example that purify of the material when denotive workpiece measures. For this, be opposite each above all " hammer bed " cry certainly can include completely whole " hammer bed " cuboid. This silver is fast can finish, because " hammer bed " fundamental area, resolution and " nail " primitive length all foregone. For school nucleus this cuboid (also call attrib border case) whether rest with other fact or area happening collides, the fast algorithm that the course experiments and checks was included in computer graph. In this kind specific situation falls, above all school nucleus each " hammer bed " whether can include with grind annulus sphere happening collides. If won't produce collision, can eliminate undoubtedly certainly so " hammer bed " with the contact between tool substance. Farther test also can eliminate to be in completely grind round of lateral other one side those " hammer bed " as hypostatic as the tool contact. Need to decide the rest only right now " hammer bed " material purify rate. This kind of test that has beforehand also confirms, be workpiece fractionize a lot of complete parallel " hammer the Song Dynasty is feasible, and theoretic, usable also and individual " hammer bed " will show work. This kind by 150 " hammer bed " compositive model chooses a plan, observe to facilitate, use different color to show. These " hammer bed " different resolution is had on coordinate direction, the check the number that the side gain that because this is when slot grinding,forms reachs is more. Magnify indication joint extent is to have annular point outline in grind round of location position. If geometrical data is foregone the ideal joint condition on the geometry in grinding process, can calculate the ginseng that gives all sorts of grinding courses is numeric. For example, from the geometrical dimension that contacts area, with respect to the when round grinding polishing width outside can deciding directly. With grinding deepness Ae. Although to more complex joint condition, have the aid of at time disperse, " nail " the change of length and " hammer bed " the approximate method such as resolution, the purify of OK also and certain material is led. Conversely, these data also can be based on the foundation of the grinding force of different model as computation. Specific and character, by the experiment affirmatory recursive model already was used at be being used certainly annular the when round grinding grinding force outside grinding wheel pair hard alloy to undertake. The 1180 plans that study association in Germany " structure and treatment " below frame, the professor with we and professional science of computation of university of much especially unconscious heart works together, had developed another kind will finite yuan (FEM) numeration is compositive the method in emulation process. Using annular grind annulus when undertaking grinding of numerical control figuration, be based on the ideal joint condition on geometry, use repeatedly finite yuan the law has consideration, can decide grinder main shaft be out of shape and cause from this grind buy of position of wheel to change. this kind of position change feedbacks geometric - kinematic in emulating, its are to be able to be calculated as a result the material purify quantity after going out to undertake correction through be out of shape to main shaft. Through emulating, can output can use at all sorts of visible show the technical parameter that weaves with machine program and geometrical data. The geometry of grinding process emulates conclusion to already was proved to be one kind can use not quite long computation time to analyse the method of complex grinding process, it can be used at a lot of different domains. This kind of can extend concept of object-oriented method also makes clear, it applies effectively at other grinding process (the grinding) that is like free figuration surface, and open the technical model a variety of different types is compositive be in - technical possibility. CNC Milling