Machining center of high speed of vertical of American Ha Si HASS

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Group of industry of control of quality of · of machine of tool of high speed of American HAAS vertical most before leaving factory, the vertical machining center of Haas should pass a variety of 300 check that taste a canal to examine thoroughly, include to be being assembled among them online and least 48 hours are run continuously, not be to depend on a machine to run at this moment, depend on however beforehand program task will examine functional parameter. From each the spare parts is made since quality management, to next group stand, static state and trends examine to come continuously next basically assemble a project, from assemble examine and leave factory, each second have written track and prove. Circle of abide of before leaving factory 100 % examines Haas examines with the abide circle of Renishaw high-tech, check linear precision not only, also check the geometrical precision of the machine, ensure the three-dimensional calibration of the machine and precision. Such examining, it is the outfit trying lever with micron sensitivity is on main shaft, secure at another o'clock go up in mesa, next the machine is in X, y face is made a series of circular motion, come synchronism of test and verify moves. Make semicircle motion in XZ and YZ face next, come calibration of test and verify. Differential of linear variable of LVDT(Linear Variable Differential Transformer trying a club) data passes on the computer, latter scale goes out examine form, express the precision of a machine. Any calibration and length error are met the circle that gives twist in the picture on graph face, see a drop very easily. Each machine has Haas to examine form, assuring our machine is accurate, and correct calibration. Center of cutting of vertical of VMC of Ha Si of program of Ha Si of · vertical machining center is to fit any your requirement and of the program. 406 × 508mm reachs the 508 × with the smallest journey 1016 × of tremendous 3048 × 762mmVF-11. Contain a lid all sorts of work measure, in us medium-sized amount to 2 tons with the mesa carring capacity of large machine. Main shaft exerts oneself to do sth. limits differs along with the capacity: The 20 main shaft with drive of 30hp vector motor; Standard rate from 0 – 7500rpm, optional 10000rpm or 15000rpm-30000rpm.

; Gear case drive, have 250ft – Lb (339Nm) . Use in super heavy cut, have Haas30 horse power, 50 taper machine, torsional amount to 450ft – Lb (610Nm) . These machines have enough and applicable flexibility, comfortable at tall torsional, heavy cut and cutting of high speed main shaft. The Haas like fokelore controls a system, make we center of every vertical cutting is operated easily, more in the heart of the member that meeting implant is made in each operator and program, it is replete the character of instinctive sex, you won't be in any other cutting centers to discover. Haas controls a system to make your job easy, increase productivity. Haas machine includes standard fittings, the function that discovers on this machine with respect to overflow a lot of, elsewhere is actually impossible some. Have a lot of optional fittings and index plate product, make your new machine fits special need. Standard fittings and optional machining center of each HAAS vertical is massiness the function of the optimal investment 20- that cast-iron structure needs to offer you and drive of 30-hp vector main shaft makes with benefit. Offer tigidity to attack a tooth more utility, screw of double stationary ball exceeds flexibility and productivity your expect. High-energy quantity plays motor of direct connective servo barrel type main shaft is puissant, shake isolation gear case + high speed does not have motor of carbon brush servo 20 knives, whole sealing changes knife double processor automatically, · of high speed 32bit68030 word processing implement when the editor is saved, communication of pushbutton character high speed 100% abide circle examines but nozzle of program cutting fluid the 4th with the 5th axis optional water supply of main shaft center is optional 32 knives library, change a knife implement optional and all make in the United States + standard component of behavior of absolutely major opportunity notes: Some standard component are not included in VF-E economy model inside massiness of fittings of Nextpage · standard casts a structure cast-iron material price and finished cost are more expensive, but energy suction shock is more decuple than steel tower above, our cast passes flaw analysis, make interior strengthen with puissant rib, fight bending and absorb shake, these are the fittings with all and important Haas uses cast-iron argument. Trigonometry pattern is extensive fulcrum measures air standard bolt with gage, the width of column and saddle deepness, see cast again inside in, burden, fight flinch, Haas adds rib suction shock. Measure other plant plate next again, you can discover they can say not to want to be compared with Haas photograph please. · standard fittings changes a knife reliably quickly implement the distinctive area that change a knife, apply arm of action of move with the body on the ground to quicken, decelerate is gone to a motion, prevented cutting tool and machine to collide. Umbrella shape changes a knife implement only two motion spare parts, the action is smooth, credible with long life. Each unit has cover lid, prevent to abandon bits to enter adhere of cutting tool area to be in awl on. Efficient the design overspreading a lid of free flow sees when you Haas overspreads a lid when interior, you can see relatively not dirty chaos, have very big eliminate to waste bits space, but the corner that puts useless bit without collect, scrap flows into the front of the machine, there are a group of optional transportation over there implement wring twist cutting fluid, compress scrap from machine side square eduction. Overhaul the cutting fluid cabinet that protects gyro wheel pass in and out easily our exquisite 40 held gyro wheel with ark of fluid of 80* gallon cutting, facilitate move a cleanness, have a detached useless bits basket and in-house bumper, prevent useless bits to enter oil pump. All electrical wiring and oily pipe fittings can use a hand to demolish. Lift oily ark cap and take out side a surname, need not move any screw, again Haas puts handlers in the heart. High speed of · standard fittings does not have carbon brush motor to have 3 advantages than having carbon brush motor without carbon brush motor. The first, carbon brush motor accepts the restriction of voltage of be confined to and electric current and commutator, without carbon brush motor can use times doubler voltage and electricity, have higher rate that is to say, faster acceleration and greater power. The 2nd, carbon brush motor can produce dust, can send short circuit, quickly carbon brush loss and maintain regularly cleanness and change the worry of carbon brush. We do not have this problem without carbon brush motor. Finally, pistil of carbon brush motor child the generation that wind a string is hot, the permanent magnet crust with thick by comes loose heat is very slow, the life that lowers motor greatly and limitative potential will prevent burn down. Without carbon brush respect, the coil that produces heat and crust are linked together, heat sends out directly all around, make lesser motor crust, having high puissant and rated power. The servo that connects directly is motor our servo motor is be linked together with ball screw directly with steeliness connect, although the state carries to fall to also won't stop in severe heavy burden, because of this corner cut relatively acute, circular arc is inserted relatively accurate, fixed position precision relatively our competitor connects with leather belt or balata the head is joined to be improved greatly. The vertical machining center of each Haas uses form of bearing of sclerosis of · standard fittings sclerotic bearing group rolls on each slideway. Make bearing in order to be equivalent to accurate and abrade technology, these bearing groups have the capacity that the character of 0 clearance and each direction are fully loaded with. They waste less energy, do not need any adjust, the function of corroborant already and slip precision and speed. Ensure macrobian, every groups of bearing lubricate automatically independently. Automatic lubricant Haas lubricates automatically system, when the machine is run lube of automatic and metric supply is mixed to slideway ball screw. Haas of screw of double fixed ball uses super ball screw and guide only, be like THK, NSK and STAR mill plate, although these Japan and German mill plate are more expensive than our competitor, but their super quality, it is to achieve relatively the way with nicety and more macrobian only life. Our ball screw is two end are secured, next each axis slideway makes 100 % parallelism examine, preload screw cap ensures life grows and absolve a back unoccupied place. Screw of ball of electronic vulcanize countervail turns generation is heated up, make ball screw expands, when burden circulates ball screw grows, can cause cut error, the ETC operation function with newest Haas, accurately description gives heat and cold effect, make compensation of electronic screw fixed position, offerred extremely tall precision. Head of main shaft of water-cooling of fittings of Nextpage · standard is in head of our main shaft all around a water is covered, before cutting fluid enters cutting area, in water in covering, circulate, take away the heat that main shaft place produces, can make nose is out of shape so decrease to lowest, prevent the change of Y and Z axis. We also discover cooling fluid contacts the entire part that machines an area, with urgent cold implement make appearance of specific temperature refrigeration to main shaft relatively, we have relatively all temperature reaction of beautiful. Further, discharged another group of sides riverside is likely the Lv of breakdown, the cold intermediary with clean filter high perhaps cost compresses an orgnaization. We invert main shaft head all around air flow direction, pour out of from top, strengthen natural thermal convection current, promoted refrigeration further. Cold air from rear and inspiratory, hot air moves from top, is not to be pushed next going to on main shaft head. Does the gear case gear case that isolation shakes run with 10000rpm? Haas is such. Please to any gear course of study person inquiry, you can discover, why don't have other a person of same business to offer gear case – in the machine of coequal class they are canned not afford, be in actually just can discover in the machine of higher-priced very much, but Haas invested three dollars to buy the most delicate equipment on the world and check meter implement. We produce gear nicety to arrive use examination other gear. All Haas gear is pledge with 8620 steel, CNC cutting gear hobbing, heat treatment arrives 60RC hardness, with Reishauer301SCNC gear abrade to AGMA13 level quality, gear case has one provide for oneself to do oily pool system, by filter allocates each are important inside gear case area. To decrease further noise is mixed shake, gear case was eliminated with gasket of man-made balata insulation again shake, can cut in essence of life show in the process come. The drive of strong 20 vector main shaft that design with Haas of drive of main shaft of 30 horsepower vector, use us not to have the technology with same motor of carbon brush servo, offer when heavy cut bear highest indigestion effect and fast accuse, this closes truely return system, make main shaft motor skids between rotor and Jing Zi angle is Utopian, times doubler low speed is torsional and quickly, get unprecedented the fastest output with the strongest main shaft. Such drive, can amount to main shaft thrust augmentation 15 minutes to 150% motor and continuous horse power or 200% amount to 5 minutes, have topper function than any drive systems on the market. Main shaft of form of cartridge case of high capability of · standard fittings is advanced, 4 earth up forest main shaft, 40 or 50 cone, offerred tall axial thrust, produce least heat however. We finish crust before finish machining of internal diameter of the aperture after Kong He and main shaft external diameter are abrade. Such ensuring inside aperture and external diameter are right, reduce bearing to give out heat then. Additional, 2 groups forward, 60mm angle is contacted, with the bearing of 36mm spacer interval, reinforce radial stability – can be in rolled steel heavy cut. To ensure macrobian, main shaft internal pressure enters air, prevent cutting fluid pollution, lube is entered according to set interval gush, ensure all one's life lubricant. Tigidity attacks a tooth to be on the main shaft of Haas tall function, add directly an encoder, z axis movement and main shaft rotate synchronous, synchronism attacked a tooth to absolve costly float to attack whorl hilt, prevented lead screw twist and forerunner whorl to pull out. Haas tigidity attacks the character with new tooth is silk attacks him to be exited via attacking the aperture of the tooth to invert, more ongoing and fast, reduce cycle time, j value is inputted in the program of the cyclic code that attack a tooth, can attack a tooth fast ninefold speed is exited. For example J2 is silk is attacked namely exit with duple speed, and J3 is silk is attacked exit with the speed of 3 times. · tall productivity is optional 32 knives are optional Haas is optional 32 change a knife implement, move with intermittence of 2 kinds of bolt fast, random selection knife, with our 20 knives change a knife implement the technology examines inside same plant, our optional 32 knives change a knife implement only by 2 alone the curvilinear campaign arm of one will be gone to with decelerate quickly time run, only 2 motion spare parts is made mix smoothly the reliable motion that change a knife, all 32 knives glance moves shield, prevent cutting fluid and adhere to be on cutting tool cone. The knife that had these addition, intricate work and operation, in be like treatment, be checked and brief leave, it is a lot of easier to make a program. * VF-3 arrives VF-11, main shaft of 40 cone 15000-rpm maintains the proper load that cut bits when high speed is machined is Yan Ke, the high speed main shaft with newest Haas, 15000rpm cutting speed, have the full good point of economic time and promotional precision. (BT40 main shaft all optional match) optional the 4th with the 5th axis all conformity the 4th or the Haas index plate of the 5th axis, found a machining center complete set that adds a function is assembled, the yield that increases you can. Haas offers complete synchronism the 4th with function of the 5th axis, cent has carbon brush and without carbon brush motor. · tall productivity is optional fittings side outfit changes a knife automatically implement more knife, bigger job space and change a knife more quickly implement, always add up these advantages, you are mixed with respect to net productivity reduce set number. Change a knife implement install the side outside sealing a cover, give more space for nothing, should use the 4th when be being provided with index plate of the 5th axis and great order, have bigger adaptability. Always added up to energy of Haas more cutting tool, in the additional value of the machining center of agile tall productivity, you already were had hold the cutting job with top difficulty. The 40 cone side that Haas makes installs disc type to change a knife implement have 24 knives; The temper with fire that 50 cone side holds number type 1 knife of 30 + change a knife automatically implement, have change type of knife double arm to catch claw quickly, and change a knife than the standard implement more knife. The sword that these addition can use at lading more cutting tool, use at more cutting operations; Or use at join second program, management of cutting tool life and cutting tool lade, the backup force that can make careful unmanned guard cutting tool. (40 taper) temperature tracks a system our new temperature tracks a system is add on ball screw cap install detector of a group of temperature, compensation heats up growth. Temperature is tracked lukewarm accuse change of ball screw temperature, with mathematical control calculation. Self-correcting heats up splash to go up, make the machine maintains all the day precision and repeat precision. (Be not all type) Nextpage optics feet should search location precision absolutely when necessary, when cutting factory state has variation, linear feet is only method ensures axial fixed position. Linear feet is in all tool machine, make compensation with changing to temperature, ensure the fixed position precision of X, Y and Z axis. This feet makes locate precision amounts to 2 μ , ensure the mould is made and cutting of other high accuracy uses the requirement that go up. (Improve productivity to VF-11) · from VF-3 optional water supply of center of fittings main shaft is optional cutting fluid by assists the pressurization that help riverside with 21kg/cm(300psi) perforative main shaft, to cutting position. Raise cutting tool life and higher rate, deep Kong Zuan and mill of hypostatic bag shape are dug. Rise productivity and reduce total cycle time. Haas engineers designed a special oil seal, when the system need not time leaves, this exclusive design character lengthens this systematic life · to improve productivity optional fittings but program cutting fluid is optional the character when another exclusive province is us but nozzle of program cutting fluid, we spend a bit time to note operator cutting work, can notice they open plane door constantly, adjust gush to shed route. P-Cool is 10 positions but program nozzle, guide cutting fluid automatically to be opposite well and truly workpiece, nozzle by programmed control, save operator time, absolve adjust cutting fluid ceaselessly. Screw type discharges bits implement optional everybody buys CNC machining center, it is to accelerate production workpiece to earn profit. But everybody is after each job, want a flower one hour to keep clear of useless bits. Our screw type discharges bits implement keep clear of automatically useless bits; And to increase dependability, response of our wisdom system gives torsional bear, when discovering block up, invert automatically namely. Remove after block, resume the work that discharge bits again. Deviate of job of main shaft exploration Haas is explored optional be be explored with main shaft and subprogram photograph is united in wedlock, this optional and automatic store working deviate is in machine deviate cache implement, simplified workpiece set. With second program concatenate main shaft is explored, can have measure outside the line first quickly, the report in treatment and the function that nobody handle. · HAAS tray is exchanged automatically implement HaasAPC changes tray automatically to weigh load to change tray automatically with us, promote your HaasVF-3 or VF-4 productivity and unmanned guard, haas changes tray automatically is side lades, norms is 483mm × 1016mm, iron base installs APC recast to go up in VMC directly, it is for stability, after absolving, secure further; At 3 o'clock type standard system, provided stability, prevent jolty advantage. APC has the advantage of the exercise outside cutting area, be like clamping apparatus set, change workpiece, but online outside finish on a tray, the workpiece on another splint is in however cutting. Splint lades finish, machine but unmanned guard. This integrated system needs very few training, by the control of VMC system, move without intermittent ground. The keypad Haas clavier with · HAAS careful controller has a key, all function, include all words to count clavier, clearly indicative. If you once got certain wrong commonly used key, in screen cent page searchs some special function, what you can admire Haas to control a system is simple. Without the lock the code wants to write down, a lot of functions should press a key simply only. Haas of high speed communication established standard of new industry of high speed newsletter, amount to 115200Baud, with RS-232 join port, download with ASC Ⅱ or XMODEM format, go up to carry or run DNC, it is the program of 1MB of 90 seconds download namely. Tall productivity of · HAAS controller · is optional functional Haas piles up order system quickly fast is to be in the pioneering work that when program 〝 G piles up 〞 to control, does not need to remember 〝 G to pile up 〞 or 〝 M to pile up 〞 function. In English instruction, if 〞 of advancement of 〝 main shaft is,be chosen from manual by handlers the code with opposite choose, m3 is in this exemple, insert a program next. But fast code also can scan the meaning that program and explanation pile up now. Be like your scanning G83, fast code identifies loop of the bore that peck style. Fast code is used easily, inexperienced even operator learns operating sequence very quickly. More the person that enter is piled up quickly is the person that use can make a definition, use in each order pattern. Memory upgrades: 1MB, 4MB, 8MB and 16MB need not DNC, large order can be immediate to load machine, get faster feed. RAM of memory of random access of high speed static state is fast remember at dynamic random access, and although data still is saved when dump. PC photograph is allowed 1.


5 〞 disk drive is installed conveniently in side of controller face plate, this disk drive uses PC disk of the standard, go up easily carry cutting program, store outside download machine, or without hard disk DNC. The function of 〝 M 〞 that function of 〞 of 8 〝 M joins 4 groups to be added additionally, and get number 8 groups of interface, use these coming that start to use probe, assist side riverside, graduation, clamping apparatus, change tray to wait. The person that use can make macroinstruction design variable program, use at securing a loop, exploration program, handlers clew, mathematical equation or function, or each workpiece group cutting. Key of switch of lock of suspensory controller memory chains memory, do not let alien editor. Also can use chain set parameter, slant with variable program. · tall productivity is optional function CNC Milling