Dark pull climate product line of patulous MaxiMill HFC

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16mm of the smallest diameter, handlers shows shortly to make machine small part to also can assure the feed of utmost. In real test cutting function broke up two times, handling time halve. The pattern that is used at machining metallic spare parts can be made with rolled steel. For example, car door uses this kind of means to make namely. To make the door plank appearance inside tolerancepublic errand limits, the mould also wants corresponding mill to give corresponding appearance. HFC milling cutter is aimed at the profile modeling milling of complex surface, avoided to use a variety of cutting tool treatment, and the requirement that satisfied handlers to realize big metal purify to lead inside short time. Strong cutting point above is dark pull Gao Jin of climate MaxiMill HFC (to give cutting) the field that series milling product joins comfortable applying most. The patent blade form of bit made sure cutting force is very even distributing to go up at cutting blade. Hard alloy expert- - dark the department of research and development that helps climate can have been passed " FEM " -- " finite yuan of law " will calculate intensity. What go up in cutting blade as a result of cutting force is even distributing, make point can bear model the extremely tall stress that the face produces in treatment process. This is a model is small cut deep milling cutter, but feed speed is highest and OK achieve 3mm/ tine. Dark pull climate to consider every detail, made the appearance of system of this cutting tool meticulously. Although give rate or hang deep feeling condition to fall greatly in Gao Jin,the characteristic of this cutting tool assured, of cutting tool shake to also can be decreased the smallest. Have the cutting resistance of tremendous influence to milling stability, basically be guided on axial direction. The client checks a proof: Cutting function breaks up two times to be in actual application, forging when treatment when the mould, maxiMill HFC can realize cutting function to break up two times, reduce the handling time of 50% at the same time. Because the mould needs to be relapsed to use, handlers must face of outline of ceaseless essence mill. This kind of circumstance happening is more frequent, material density becomes bigger. Work becomes tougher, machine harder. Dark this kind of circumstance is aimed at when playing a day, developed HyperCoat material technically also to pledge. Although be below bad treatment situation, bit also can have very good point stability and long life. Cutter hub of milling cutter of 16mmMaxiMill HFC of the smallest diameter has HFC cutting tool 3 kinds of forms: Bit body, arbor and head of threaded coupling knife. Dark pulled climate to expand product line, can offer the cutter hub of 16mm of the smallest diameter at present, when can assuring to machining small part also very economy. CNC Milling