Dig of regular hexahedron spare parts cuts treatment

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On requirement of regular hexahedron spare parts parallel, still ask photograph adjacent face becomes right angle. This kind of spare parts is OK milling treatment, also but dig cuts treatment. Dig is cut hexahedral use the machine program that the graph shows 1 times commonly. Graph 1 dig is perpendicular groove machine program: The first pace is commonly first dig gives bedding face 1, regard essence of life as tool reference plane (graph 2a) . Graph the bedding face that the 2nd pace already will machine the 2 machine program that assure 4 faces verticality 1 stick close fixed gate as datum plane. The mid mat between moving jaw and workpiece the clamp after a circle is marvellous, machine the 2b) of face 2(graph of photograph adjacent next. Face the 2 of 1 verticality opposite side depend on the verticality that secures gate and level to take a knife. A round club is filled up between moving jaw and workpiece, it is to make clamping force is centered in gate mid, at the face with benefit 1 as reliable as fixed gate ground is stuck close. The face that the 3rd pace crosses treatment 2 gadarene, press afore-mentioned methods likewise, make tool reference plane 1 clingy and fixed gate. When clamp, beat workpiece gently with hand hammer, make face 2 stick close flat-nose pliers, can machine 2c) of face 4(graph. The 4th pace machines a face 3, be like (graph 2d) . the face 1 put on parallel mat iron, workpiece is placed between two gate directly. The requirement when clamp uses hand hammer to be beaten gently, make face 1 stick with mat iron solid. Make sure hexahedral dig cuts the measure of precision: (1) the precision that checks flat-nose pliers itself (graph 3) reasonable installation is on workbench. Graph precision of 3 flat-nose pliers is checked (2) when treatment demand is high, thick, dig of essence of life wants departure. First jack plane all sides, every stay 0.

The surplus of dig of essence of life that 5mm controls. Planing tool of essence of life is used when dig of essence of life. (3) right choice treatment is standard with relatively level off and larger semifinished product area are thick fiducial, treatment gives the plane of level off, be like (graph 2a) medium plane 1, follow-up treatment serves as with this plane fiducial be placed into luggage and measure. (4) the plane that will machined 1 clingy and fixed gate, round marvellous clamp is used between activity and workpiece, dig photograph adjacent is planar 2 (the 2b that be like a graph) . (5) the already had machined plane workpiece underside of 2 clingy gate, place methodological general datum plane by afore-mentioned same outfit 1 clingy at securing gate, plane side 4 (the 2c that be like a graph) . (6) be like (graph 2d) what show a method to hold clip work, plane side 3. (7) hexahedral the dig of additionally two faces is cut also is with plane 1 clingy and fixed gate, place junior travel with same method outfit. CNC Milling