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PLC of HOLLiAS LM series attracts the application in model machine in automatic high speed

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Normal Align=justify> changes the development of plastic machinery as intelligence, the application that automatic high speed attracts model machine is wider and wider. Commonly used and automatic high speed sucks people model machine sucks of all kinds film model to be overspread into different figure gum, be like: Toy, hardware, food, electron, medicine, go up in chipboard with appearing bright film Fu to seal, form close pack. Normal Align=justify> automatic high speed sucks model machine to be comprised by control system, machine, calorific system. Controlled a part to use among them but process designing controller, rotate the technology such as screen of switch of coder, journey, transducer, feeling; Machine includes the pneumatic device of equipment and gearing; Calorific system includes calorific brick and system of temperature adjustment of silicon controlled rectifier. Automatic high speed sucks model machine to be opposite through calorific system model piece undertake heating, repass gearing an accurately model after heating piece pull shape on the model. Wait for shape after finishing, to model piece have refrigeration and cut. The system is the condition that draws a fixed position with the intercrop when heating with hot limit, control apparatus of transducer, pneumatic open stop, make model piece exact location shapes. Normal Align=justify> automatic high speed sucks model machine to be used before rotate coder form a complete set plan rice implement undertake locating controlling, systematic precision is low, maintain cost tall. Below harsh spot environment, plan rice implement ability of low, interference rejection differs dependability wait for defect, make control system often appears breakdown, brought a lot of inconvenience to people. Some closer year come, as the rapid development of PLC technology, the PLC application on machine suction model is increasingly general. Normal Align=justify> to solved above problem, put forward to be based on the control program of PLC of HOLLiAS LM series with the company when benefit, had from the respect such as dependability, stability, convenient sex very big change. Below the requirement of contented I/O check the number, this system configures a noumenon compositive LM3107 mixed the switch quantity input, CPU module that relay outputted at 10 o'clock at 14 o'clock a 16 road relay output module LM3223. Additional, LM3107 is OK still have news report through taking RS-232 communication mouth and feeling hold oneself. Control system acquires the position of switch of the parameter that the user sets, spacing above all, undertake controlling to equipment according to the requirement of technological process next, came true to suck model machine automata. Normal Align=justify> automatic high speed sucks model machine to choose the relay in replacing primary system with the PLC of HOLLiAS LM series of the company when benefit and plan rice implement control circuit, older rate land improved systematic performance, added systematic flexibility, satisfied the requirement of the user better. CNC Milling