Ying Wei soars the CHV100 transducer application on numerical control machine tool

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█ keyword: Machine tool of transducer numerical control controls █ foreword number to control a machine tool without speed sensor vector, machine tool of abbreviation numerical control (NC, numericalControl) , it is the Electromechanical unifinication product that will 30 years apply the multinomial technology such as market mechanism, electric, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic, microelectronics and information integratedly to be an organic whole, in production of contemporary machine tool, use much electric machinery to procrastinate commonly move, main shaft and each feed system procrastinate respectively by respective electric machinery move. Because machine tool size range of pipe bent is wider, different workpiece, different process, use different cutting tool, requirement machine tool carries out a component to have different athletic rate, because of this machine tool advocate motion should undertake timing, system of main shaft timing uses system of communication main shaft commonly, as the development of frequency control technology, the communication of the main shaft of numerical control machine tool procrastinates move, same can very good and contented need. Advocate drive electric machinery drives main shaft to rotate through belt-conveyor, or through the decelerate gear inside belt-conveyor and main shaft box (in order to obtain bigger torsion) drive main shaft to rotate. Because range of timing of main shaft electric machinery is wide, but stepless speed regulation, make the structure of winner axle box simplifies greatly. The requirement that correspondence of machine tool of █ numerical control uses a technology 1, electric machinery requirement asks to use frequency conversion electric machinery normally, common perhaps electric machinery adds fan to heat up a requirement in order to satisfy electric machinery in the come loosing of low frequency, and range of timing of requirement electric machinery is wide. 2, the technology of transducer asks 1) general election of moment of force of requirement low frequency uses vector transducer, when low frequency (1~10Hz) can come out 150% rated torsion. 2) torsion trends answers speed fast, firm fast precision is tall choose vector transducer, can realize very good trends to answer the effect, according to laden change, answer through outputting the change of torsion to be made very quickly, realize the stability of runner shaft speed thereby. 3) decelerate stops car speed to count those who charge a machine tool quickly to increase slowdown time normally is shorter, the function that quickens time to rely on transducer assures, slowdown time relies on resistor of adscititious apply the brake or unit of apply the brake. 4) after undertaking electric machinery parameter chooses vector transducer from study, want to achieve very good control function to need to undertake to electric machinery parameter teachs oneself be used to normally, its purpose is to get parameter of accurate electric machinery interior, control consideration in order to be used at vector. The parameter of electric machinery nameplate that parameter needs from study has: Rated frequency of electric machinery rated power, electric machinery, electric machinery is rated rotate speed, electric machinery is rated voltage, electric machinery is rated electric current. The likelihood on the nameplate of some frequency conversion electric machinery does not have mark value of rated rotate speed, can estimate rated rotate speed according to experience value. When undertaking parameter teachs oneself be used to, be sure to want to be in carry for nothing (load is not received on electric machinery axis) when undertake. When carrying for nothing only ability assures to teach oneself the accuracy of the electric machinery parameter that be used to comes out. If spot condition does not have method to undertake empty running, the electric machinery parameter that can consider to leave factory with transducer tries move. 5) frequency dictates and run the transducer that uses on machine tool of instruction numerical control to its frequency dictates and run an instruction to originate CNC controller, general given passageway has two kinds, one kind is imitate quantity is given, another kind is multistage fast give, both perhaps give at the same time, with multistage fast preferential. Imitate quantity is given with voltage imitate the quantity is given priority to, also have electric flow pattern. The imitate to these two kinds of types measures transducer to be able to be collected. 3, transducer of interference rejection problem made very good interference rejection test when leave factory, have very strong interference rejection capacity, but transducer also is an interference source at the same time, in use avoids incorrect other equipment very hard to undertake disturbing, the facility that is violated the most easily on numerical control machine tool is CNC controller. Once CNC controller suffers after interference, systematic general cannot work normally. The frequency of transducer dictates and run an instruction to also may be disturbed especially, disturb serious meeting to cause frequency instruction to be not stabilized, transducer misoperation. The method that solves this kind of problem is magnetism annulus is added on the output line of transducer in order to reduce high frequency radiate. The interference rejection capability of the CNC of common entrance is stronger. Below with CHV100 series high-powered vector transducer is in the application of factory of machine tool of some numerical control is Shenyang exemple, the frequency control that tells about numerical control machine tool controls a technology. █ system forms resistor of transducer CHV100-5R5-4SL apply the brake 100 Ω / 520W5.

The parameter with the main parameter of transducer of █ of graph of electrical system of system of numerical control of CNC of 5KW timing electric machinery and numerical control system and function index: 5.

Lathe of 5kW numerical control, electromotor parameter: Rated power: 5.

5kW, rated frequency: 50Hz, rated voltage: 380V, rated electric current: 11A, rated rotate speed: 1440r/min mechanical drive compares: 1: 1.

5 treatment material: 45# steel checks function index actually: (feed function and speed) 1, main shaft rotate speed: 200r/min (transducer running frequency 9 ~ 10Hz) 2, main shaft rotate speed: 450r/min (22Hz of transducer running frequency controls) set of parameter of graph of principle of wiring of transducer of graph of transducer wiring principle: P0.

01=1 terminal controls P0.

03=1AI1 frequency set (signal originates numerical control system) P0.


00Hz (the biggest frequency) P0.



11=8S (quicken) P0.

12=4S (decelerate) P5.

02=1 (S1 is turning) P5.

02=2 (S2 inverts) P5.

02=9 (S3 exterior breakdown is inputted) P5.

02=7 (S4 breakdown restoration) P5.

19= (0.

Time of 50SAI1 filter wave) P6.

01=7 (Y1 output frequency is achieved) P6.

04=3 (RO1 output breakdown is outputted) P6.

05=19 (RO2 output transducer moves in) Pd.

01=4 (S3 input takes instead) set of electric machinery parameter: P2.


















High-powered vector transducer introduces the characteristic CHV100 series of transducer of series of 03 █ CHV100 advanced magnetic flux controls a technology, electric machinery is when low speed torsion is big, speed precision is tall, the price is reasonable, the function is all ready, have processing of twinkling power cut and speed to dog restart function, ensure the system realizes successive moving mechanism, in order to make sure electric accident turns in highest efficiency condition, accordingly, introduce CHV100 series high-powered vector transducer replaces servo of main shaft communication, it is choice of first-rate of machine tool industry. CHV100 series transducer has the following characteristic (1) use advanced magnetic flux to control algorithm, came true not to have control of speed sensor vector truly, means is controlled to have very big improvement than traditional V/F on control function. (2) starting torsion is big, 0.

5Hz/150% (SVC) , 0Hz/180% (VC) (3) limits of carrier wave frequency 0 ~ 16KHz; Can suit oneself according to temperature and laden character adjust (4) the imitate of 0 ~ 10V that provides a standard measures interface, can accuse systematic interface with most number compatible, versatility is strong (5) overload capability is strong, electric current of 150% rated output a minute; (6) provide muti_function output terminal signal, barrier of exemple as before outputs signal, the signal in moving, speed arrives wait for output signal, can very good contented system the monitoring to position of main shaft career; █ debugs result fact to prove to introduce CHV100 series high-powered vector transducer can satisfy pilot of machine tool main shaft completely to ask. The banner magnetic flux that CHV100 uses is algorithmic, although be in low rotate speed (low frequency) move fall to also can output the torsion of 150% smoothly, in order to satisfy the treatment need of different spare parts, can replace structure of traditional scroll bearing main shaft completely, and structure of this main shaft is simple, compact, OK the stepless speed regulation with true implementation. The rotate speed of this main shaft measures signal to control output frequency by exterior imitate, craft is machined in what differ (be like; Rough machining, finish machining) the rotate speed with different need, the imitate that can differ by output of numerical control system right now measures voltage signal to give transducer, realize different rotate speed, open at the same time stop signal to also be controlled by numerical control system, improved the automation degree, service life that prolonged cutting tool. Main shaft of machine tool of numerical control of █ last word communicates vector of brand of servo, entrance to control transducer and frequency conversion commonly special electric machinery, purchase cost very tall; CHV100 series transducer with its distinctive function (the electric current that start small, timing scope of flowing, timing is big, energy-saving environmental protection, moving stability, precision torsion of tall, low frequency function of big, protection tall, operation safeguards all ready, dependability handy etc) compare with superior sexual value, rise abruptly quickly on the application of numerical control machine tool. CNC Milling