Fuji electric machinery feels screen V8 to apply mediumly in model machine industry

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One, introductive plastic film is blown pull equipment of forming machine tool to having wide market, if film is packed, casing is made, nylon film, etc. Main function is ethylene grain raw material adds Wen Rong to change, go out through squeezing, hollow, finalize the design, a few craft such as drawing, refrigeration, make raw material makes hollow film through automation line, or monolayer is filmy, use at circumstances of all sorts of the material that pack. Agency of Fuji commerce Beijing uses Fuji man-machine interface to make synchronous governor for type selecting of development department of technology of Beijing plastic company, make accurate drive control with transducer, the control of achievable relevant equipment wants precision of sue for peace. 2, the system controls craft this system is electric control basically forms by 3 parts: Blast and on makings system, plastic grain is added lukewarm push a system, much pace drawing and shape system. 1, blast and go up craft of makings system system is relatively simple, main function is carried for raw material reach blowy system. Use Fuji transducer to be able to realize timing control easily. 2, plastic grain is added lukewarm pushing a systematic system basically is material squeezes a temperature and drawing the constant temperature control of temperature of each link film. Basically use Fuji PXR5 model lukewarm accuse implement implementation nods temperature automata each. Fuji is lukewarm accuse a watch to have all sorts of norms, have rectify oneself reach faintness to control a function surely, have all sorts of inputs / output form and relevant call the police mode. Operation of face plate of 3 key type is very convenient. 3, much pace drawing and shape this part is the system the most complex part in process of control of whole production technology, this part asks the system is formed by 5 transducer, cent is pull, 2 pull, 3 pull, 4 pull, 5 involve a share, the action is as follows: A: Pull control to be standard rate, this transducer serves as main transducer, cooperate to produce rate of craft increase and decrease, other 4 transducer dog its speed makes linear change. B: 2 pull, 3 pull for intermediate excessive and deferent system, its speed pulls certain proportional linear timing to dog, make film too won't close or too loose. C: 4 pull, 5 pull for drawing system, dog to pull certain proportion to change. Shape finally with winding. D: All coefficient of proportionality that pull each are adjusted along with craft change at any time, when driving every time, need to call different craft parameter. 3, the system is electric the design controls a demand according to above, this plan need not transducer synchronism card and PLC control, make full use of control of Fuji MONITOCH collect, communication, data processing and man-machine interface the powerful function at an organic whole, high speed 32 CPU and its processor, inside put level is many 32 operation and data processing instruction. Use MONITOCH to realize 6 transducer compositive linkage frequency and parameter conversion, reach corresponding and every the frequency of transducer, linear velocity, the concentration of working electric current shows. Be opposite at the same time 30 Fuji are lukewarm accuse a watch to undertake the setting is adjusted centralized monitoring and parameter.

Use MONITOCH inside put store implement, put all sorts of craft parameter lay aside to rise, when switching on the mobile phone every time, according to differring the product is produced, one key type calls craft parameter. Such, fuji feeling screen develops appropriative man-machine interaction controller. 4, the system is formed with the analysis this electrical system asks taller, technical content is bigger, it is to use software to realize its function mostly, because this asks to choose high grade product, reliability is high, the system moves stability, maintenance-free is accomplished on certain foundation. Because this is on hardware,choose Fuji electric machinery entirely high grade product. 1, the E1S series transducer that transducer chooses Fuji electric machinery to produce. E1S series transducer is miniaturization, high-powered, muti_function transducer standard configuration has unit of apply the brake and MODBUS communication interface. Have control of dynamic vector torsion, 0.

5HZ low frequency outputs the starting torsion of 200% to be able to realize the optimal control to electromotor below all sorts of moving conditions. The constant torsion that E1S transducer made full use of in this system outputs a function, communication function, pulsatile small function reachs low speed 10 thousand with DI/DO function, open with frequency conversion / stop timing functions of a variety of means random switch. Its rich protection function and safeguard a function to also be diagnosed in the system rise with possibility on developed perfect applying. 2, the series of V8 of screen of high grade feeling that man-machine interface chooses Japanese Fuji electric machinery to produce. The machine has all sorts of measure. Interior has many macroinstruction operation function to be used at data processing and communication. Special communication mouth can be reached with transducer lukewarm accuse the product communication such as the watch, have printer interface, can print corresponding production and department to connect diagnostic operating mode, interior has storage space, use at setting all sorts of craft parameter. With Fuji transducer all-purpose DI/DO mouth realizes perfect control. Beautiful exterior and clear monitor can condition of will whole system is perfect show. Its feel a function to be able to let an user control surveillant and various craft and operating mode on screen. 3, the graph below specific implementation: Electric join pursues this system provides gymnastics to make as follows: Condition of ㈠ , shunting: This pace asks to have test-drive process according to different product production and different technology, put all sorts of craft parameter that had debugged lay aside to be in POD, so that be called at any time when normal production. Debug first: Move by the hand on MONITOCH. At this moment the frequency of 5 transducer is adjusted by outside terminal the dot is moved add / decelerate, achieve the key that put store is pressed after thinking operating mode now, such this pace craft are put in POD. ㈡ , normal production: Press on man-machine interface automatic, according to craft the requirement transfers the 1-5 date technology that already put store, ask to produce by production. Aborning needs to rise or reduce yield, want a dot to move only pull frequency conversion to quicken or decelerate, so 2 pull, 3 pull, 4 pull, 5 pull the meeting is automatic dog to be pulled according to mathematical model rate increases or decrease, reach normal production. 5, last word: This system uses a large number of jobs on development, hardware connection is simple, reliable, safeguard convenient. Main function comes true by software, worker operation and safeguard very simple, can call goofy machine truly. Function is stable and reliable, the operation is convenient. This applied case row returns applicable to be in a lot of other and similar situations, to much stage frequency conversion linkage application suits. CNC Milling