Technology of laser beam machining promotes the application of high strenth steel

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Excel in steel and the application that exceed strong steel promoted the security of the car, reduced the amount of car assembly at the same time, reduced weight of production cost, automobile body and specific fuel consumption. Punch breaks through the use with technology of laser beam machining scleroticly, it is steel of stimulative excel in and the key that exceed strong steel application. Of the rapid development as auto industry and people demand rise ceaselessly, energy-saving, safe, environmental protection becomes the topic that everybody pays close attention to, accordingly, excel in steel and the application that exceed strong steel increase increasingly, had become a car to produce the special alloy that business uses extensively nowadays. Excel in steel and the characteristic that exceed tall strong steel are stability tall, increased the security of the car thereby. And, weight of excel in steel is light, can reduce car oily cost effectively. The dominant position that uses excel in steeliness to build car housing is apparent, its tensile strength is other and common steel is severalfold, can not affecting bodywork so structural intensity while the thickness that reduces board; Another advantage is, need to assemble many fittings to serve as reinforcement than common before steel, there is a housing only now and need not install fittings, can reduce fittings amount so, simplify rig a process, reduce manufacturing cost. Nowadays, much car production business and their fittings supplier people apply at bodywork to excel in steel the structure generated strong interest. Using what excel in steel serves as bodywork to Cayenne of the nimble when protecting and masses Touarge SUV wait now; Major bodywork uses excel in steel have the public Pasate and masses Eos carry open car on the head forcedly. He Chaojiang steel applies steel of this kind of excel in to be made at the car, profit from is contemporary two old advanced techniques: Punch sclerosis and laser beam machining. Graph 1 armor plate heats after 900 ℃ , quick in the process of strike out form refrigeration is sclerotic, form excel in steel and the breakthrough past that exceed sclerosis of strong steel punch, excel in steel and the figuration problem that transcend strong steel are block up the account that its use extensively in automobile manufacturing industry. Nowadays, people has found the method that solves this problem: Punch heats up figuration to add water-cooling sclerosis to handle. Heat rolled steel first before figuration more than 900 ℃ , undertake be pressinged greatly quickly next, water-cooling mould pins workpiece to come down till thermal drop closely, usually, temperature reduces 170 ℃ . Happen because of this one process very rapid, the meeting in rolled steel produces martensite organization, increased the tensile strength of steel greatly consequently. The last few years of craft of this kind of treatment just innovates a car to make, masses Motor Corporation is the main forerunner of this one craft, it is the earliest one of firms that use excel in steel in automobile manufacturing industry, going up somehow also is the first Motor Corporation that he make steel of hot punch excel in. The mark wears the Pasate that revealed Summer 2004 to use those who heat up stamping workpiece to begin in great quantities in every car. Face plate of the column of the passenger railroad car of these cars, B, flue central and roof ministry, two side used excel in steel to serve as structural member mostly. Nextpage pursues ambassador-at-large of Sa of 2 masses handkerchief uses what He Chaojiang steel regards excel in steel as automobile body to support a construction, the security laser beam machining that promoted a car however, hot punch is the first situation that solves a problem merely, the hardness of excel in steel is general tool of prep above cut, of this pair of tools wear away very big. Laser beam machining can solve this problem, without giving thought to the material with cut how old hardness, laser Cutting is complete won't tatty. Be as high as the armor plate of 1500MPa to intensity especially, hardly the treatment method with other feasible economy can replace Laser Cutting. Below this kind of circumstance, the service life of mechanical punching machine and cutting equipment can shorten greatly, and Laser Cutting besides wear away completely without these beyond the problem, still have setup time weak point, can change neatly the advantage such as product and sample production. Especially to narrow edge horn outline or the curve that Xiaoqu leads, more mechanical cut cannot be likened to. Why is this connected namely fast (TRUMPF) the main reason that machine of three-dimensional Laser Cutting uses at automobile manufacturing industry in great quantities. Laser can have the cut of high strenth steel already, also can use at soldering. Laser beam welding receives efficiency tall, economy, and solder quality got very big promotion. With Laser Cutting likeness, one of dominant positions that laser beam welding accepts are hot input the amount is very small. Because to high strenth steel, if heat up an input to had been measured big, what may lose high strength is characteristic. Laser beam welding receives the treatment process that also is high quality likewise, only very small heat is out of shape, can make material produces warp scarcely, its precision is very outstanding also. Divide this beyond, laser still can be used solder certain and special component, be like car tailgate and top joint. And, laser solders to be compared with photograph of traditional spot welding, the flange of need is smaller, this reduced automobile body weight and fuel to use up likewise. Graph when steel of excel in of cut of equipment of 3 mechanical cutting, the tool wears away great, and Laser Cutting and workpiece do not have a contact completely, consequently nonexistent wear away the requirement of car manufacturer is all along slashing, to accurate component, tolerancepublic errand asks not to exceed 3mm. If need to solder the component after cut, perhaps consider whole bodywork the dimension of every place should satisfy critical common difference, so the machining error of each component must be decreased to ± 0.

4mm. Laser beam machining can satisfy the slashing requirement of the user completely. Be in crucially even if speed of good laser power, cut and material character and ply should master in all sorts of application between match a relation each other, appear easily otherwise coarse, burr or weld point, appear even rolled steel can cut the phenomenon that wear far from. The expert system that uses a fast group and relevant technical data can avoid above to be like the result of person meaning very much, laser still can use the TruDisk solid of the quality of tall beam of light that tells fast group to cooperate robot system undertake scanning soldering. Although technology of laser beam machining has a lot of advantages,the technology competes, but competition still exists, the market hopes to machine cycle to become shorter, so that little buy systematic equipment, reduce investment. The key that solves this one problem is to optimize craft, perfect a system ceaselessly. Open the series of new-style system TruLaser Cell 7000 that fast group rolls out in recent years, can shorten greatly treatment is periodic, already applied at masses handkerchief at present in the cut of side wall of Sa spy B. B side wall uses heat to shape excel in steel, hardness is very tall, can bear very great stress. The B side wall that place of excel in steel makes increased to be able to bear or endure hit force, enhanced the security of the car. Although the cost of high strenth steel is higher,this also is, can be car manufacturer or the reason that are willing to use. Ao Di had bought a newest fast system in the headquarters of Ingolstadt now, produce the fittings of excel in steel of A4 of next generation Ao Di with a future life. Laser technology handles open of high strenth steel for treatment a new channel, raised economic benefits, believe prospective laser technology returns will bigger to auto industry generation impact. CNC Milling