The successive treatment of mould refrigeration passageway

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Graph 1 after be being handled through DMLS craft, will use machining center of milling of high speed of this 5 axes to come the cent of cutting treatment mould face and other shape the mould workmanship that a kind of many machine machines the surface -- combinative DMLS technology, high speed 5 axes processing technique and EDM discharge processing technique, do not have in in seaming successive automation to produce a course, production gave corresponding cooling pattern. When refer the model that note model and the mould design of the model that blow model are made when, cooling level is higher, its character of service is better also, cooling passageway can make the temperature of the mould maintains in monitoring examination condition falls. Through optimized refrigeration the passageway can improve the quality of the mould, prolong the service life of the mould, improve the integral efficiency that mould pressing shapes. However, some moulds machine the appearance that give, be impossible to optimize mould refrigeration passageway. The columnar record pattern that is used at producing golf can serve as a perfect example. To these moulds, the optimal and cooling passageway in the mould is equivalent to the viewfinder of appearance of mould antrum cylinder, or the be identical of columnar appearance photograph with mould antrum. To producing pattern of such a kind of cooling passageway, the treatment method that uses a convention satisfies technical requirement very hard. Go up from essence for, choosing angle aperture only just is only alternative. But because used a kind of many machine,the mould of treatment manufactures technology, it will be direct laser agglomeration (DMLS) 5 axes treatment and discharge processing technique combine technology, high speed together, the cooling mould that makes production corresponding becomes the successive treatment automation with a kind of effective suit to manufacture technology. Graph 2 after once become,the cent of the mould face is machined, machine what by EDM discharge treatment machine tool finishs mould antrum interior catenary of technology of this kind of production move, design the whole process that produces to finished product from its, it is uninterrupted actually. The mechanical device that uses in this one process uses network connection, by same the operation runs a 3D CAD model, all the time from begin to end, raised precision not only, decreased to set time. Die manufacturer basically can have the job by model of a 3D, create plug-in unit of a mould around it, make its are in what accord with with cooling passageway photograph faultlessly locally. Corresponding cooling mould already well establish, already made the product of a lot of high end manufacturer produced periodic time to decrease to be as high as 40% . This kind of pattern that uses DMLS technology production improved the quality of the product, prolonged the service life of the mould, and optimized cooling effect, also improved the efficiency of craft of whole mould pressing at the same time. To big batch production, the time with its spare place and charge and energy-saving the effect that reduces a platoon is quite considerable. The die manufacturer that always gains profit from inside DMLS technology, used corresponding cooling passageway to create a pattern, accordingly they have a lot of stories that score a success. But, in catenary of a production, use the method that high speed milling and photograph of EDM discharge treatment combine, can make DMLS technology easier carry out, especially the manufacturing business that those pursue large quantities of quantities producing the model that note model and operation of the model that blow model is more such. In catenary of technology of much chance production, DMLS system founded all clamping apparatus that the complete set mould that contains corresponding and cooling passage and place of follow-up treatment phase need. Next, this one mould will be conveyed to produce the 2nd part of craft catenary, incorporate high speed machine tool and technology of EDM discharge treatment among them, no matter be mould cutting treatment machine tool, still be machine tool of line cut treatment. Graph 3 as last working procedure, a when machine of cut of this EDM line will use at cutting off to make the technology of DMLS of mould stationary fixture that uses in the system in DMLS mould distinct advantage is the part that it can carry one-time operation to produce a close net, this spare parts still remains to be produced at 2 finish machining. Use unitary clamping apparatus system next, undertake 2 times operating, reduce the manual work of benchwork to measure, ensure the surface is bright and clean degree maintain the precision level in 3~5 μ M. This one craft makes the progressively operation way that involves in the process in pare mould more through decreasing a few, this kind of method from a raw material piece begin production, make percent defective reduces lowermost level thereby. Spend to make the spare parts surface of DMLS technology treatment bright and clean excelsior, convey the mould to go up to undertake do not have flash to the branch molded lines of the mould to high speed milling machine (without leak) exterior cutting treatment, undertake to the other surface of the mould cutting of essence of life is machined. Convey the mould to machine a machine tool to go up to EDM discharge again, resemble high speed milling machine in that way, use pattern of similar clamping apparatus clamp, undertake to the interior of mould antrum cutting of essence of life is machined. Use machine tool of cut of an EDM line to cut off the clamping apparatus of the mould next, right now, the mould can be used at actual production at any time. In mould production process, all operations, include treatment of DMLS technology treatment, milling of 5 axes high speed and discharge treatment to will move at the same time. The technological process time that reduces whole to the help with the tray group at workpiece clamp is having a crucial effect. To certain geometry appearance, solution of appropriative clamping apparatus can be provided on DMLS treatment machinery, it can ensure prospective place creates the correct fixed position of the spare parts. Such, can achieve two main goals: Ensure the fiducial precision of the spare parts and relaxed ground convey the spare parts to machine a machine tool to EDM discharge from high speed milling machine. DMLS processing technique and treatment of high speed milling and photograph of EDM discharge treatment are united in wedlock, can make sure mould component machines craft accurately to adopt another treatment technology from not only, and the whole that still is helpful for raising mould component and corresponding and cooling passageway produces character. The cooling passageway that because more and more die manufacturer introduce these courses,optimizes, what because this is opposite this kind,can offer successive treatment automation to handle is compositive demand of much chance system will continue to increase. CNC Milling