Installation of numerical control machine tool debugs technical analysis

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1, the installation of component of machinery of numerical control machine tool debugs a point to analyse     1.

When the installation of bearing of 1 main shaft debugs a point to analyse two analytic main shaft bearing to install, before should making, hind the offset way of the two bearing that prop up is same. The precision of the bearing after the precision of bearing should be compared before is tall grade, the offset of the surface of front fixed position of component of the main shaft after be being assembled in order to make is the smallest. In maintenance the machine tool disassembles when main shaft bearing, because produce manufacturer to already adjusted the prejudicial position of good bearing formerly, want to had made mark of circumferential direction position before disassemble so, the former relative position of the bearing after assuring to be assembled afresh and main shaft is changeless, reduce the effect of pair of main shaft components. When be filled with assorted bearing to assemble too, need to use shrinkage fitting or cold outfit technique undertakes installing, do not want pretty force to knock be bungled, lest installing bearing of the attaint in the process, affect machine tool performance. 1.

Deputy installation debugs nut of 2 ball guide screw nut of guide screw of point analysis ball deputy use at bearing only axial bear. The radial load, meeting that bend quadrature makes deputy generation of ball guide screw add the undesirable bear such as stress of watch surface contact, cause the permanent damage of guide screw possibly thereby. Accordingly, deputy installation of nut of ball guide screw arrives when the machine tool, should notice: (1) ball nut should move inside effective journey, must in the journey two end configure spacing, avoid to nut jumps over Cheng and make ball falls off. (2) because cannot be locked up oneself, using at perpendicular direction drive, if component weight did not add a balance, must prevent transmission to stop or after electric machinery breaks phone, because the component is self-prossessed and of generation go against transmission. (3) the axes of guide screw must be mixed to it the axes of slideway of form a complete set is parallel, machine tool two upright bearing center and nut the center must become a gleam of at 3 o'clock. (4) nut loads nut when installing hole, should avoid bump and prejudicial. (5) enter to prevent to cut bits, wear away nut of ball guide screw deputy, can add if cockle protects protection of metal strip of cover, helix to cover,install guard etc will protect guide screw. 1.

Installation of slideway of 3 linear scroll debugs note   (1) when installation take put down gently gently, avoid knock against to affect the linear precision of slideway. (2) do not allow to tear open slide block leave slideway or exceed the journey rollback. Because install difficulty,be like, when need tears open next slide block, need to use steer course. (3) when linear scroll slideway is used in couples, cent advocate, deputy slideway deputy, install dominant course above all deputy, the fiducial side that sets slideway and the fiducial flank that install step are stuck cheek by jowl, close solid installs bolt, next again with dominant course deputy for fiducial, search to installing deputy slideway deputy. 2, the installation of system of hydraulic pressure of numerical control machine tool debugs a point to because its drive is smooth,analyse fluid drive, the inverting with facilitating frequent and smooth implementation and can gain greater power and moment of force, infinitely variable speeds can come true inside bigger range, the cutting tool inside the main shaft in numerical control machine tool got applied extensively in automatic clamp and the orgnaization such as the loose, manipulator that change a knife, workbench exchange, workbench graduation. The attention answers when installation debugs: (1) before hydraulic pressure component is installed, need to undertake cleaning to entire component. (2) special attention wants in whole process of installation of hydraulic pressure component clean, prevent an eyewinker to enter hydraulic pressure system, cause trouble. (3) pipeline of oily mouth of oil pump pass in and out do not receive a fault, weather strip wants to be installed correctly. (4) after link of pipeline of hydraulic pressure system ends, the take one's place that should have become each pipeline is fixed. (5) before cheering, whole system must be cleaned clean, the ability after hydraulic pressure oil needs to filter joins gasoline tank. (6) the component job such as the pump in in debugging a process, wanting to watch a system, crock, a powerful person is regular, have without leak, whether is lukewarm, oil level oil pressure, oil allow to be worth limits inside. 3, the gas source that the installation of system of pneumatic of numerical control machine tool debugs a point to analyse pneumatic device is obtained easily, the machine tool need not deserve to send motivation the source alone again surely, plant construction is simple, working medium does not pollute an environment, working rate is rapid, behavioral frequency is tall, the auxiliary job that agrees with to be started often. The cutting tool inside the main shaft in numerical control machine tool is automatic taper hole of loose, main shaft cuts bits clear, knife of knife library discharge, pallet changer blows bits automatically to clear got applied extensively in the orgnaization such as fixed position datum plane. The attention answers when installation debugs: (1) component is answered to undertake cleaning before installation, want to have sealed test when necessary. (2) the arrowhead direction on body of of all kinds a powerful person or mark, want to accord with direction of air current flow. (3) move sealing ring to be not installed too closely, especially U form sealing ring, otherwise resistance is too great. (4) the central line of the central line of mobile crock and laden active force wants homocentric, cause side force otherwise, make weather strip wears away quickly, piston lever bends. (5) systematic pressure should be adjusted proper, it is commonly 0.

6MPa. (6) pneumatic is triplex it is normal to should work. 4, the installation of system of numerical control of numerical control machine tool debugs a point to analyse   (1) ground wire uses method of radiation type ground connection, namely the join such as the signal ground in electric ark, frame ground, machine tool ground reachs numerical control system on dot of communal ground connection, dot of communal ground connection is linked together with the earth again. (2) before machine tool electrify, according to circuit the graph, circuit according to each module joins, the join of ordinal examination circuitry and each yuan of parts of an apparatus. Check transformer mainly the first time class; The wiring of switch power source; The wiring position of the coil of relay, contactor and contact. (3) numerical control machine tool should use appearance sequence to express able to read aloud fluently of examination three-phase master switch to introduce order of photograph of power supply cord before electrify correct, even servo electric machinery and mechanical and laden come away, otherwise once sequence of appearance of line of source of servo report Electromechanical receives a fault, can appear " flying car " breakdown. Should receiving electrify source while, had done prepare by what press emergency stop button. (4) below the circumstance that did not discover a problem in electric examination, ordinal undertake by following order electrify detects: Of 3 lines battery main switch put through, examination power supply is normal, observation volmeter, power source indicator light; Ordinal put through each breaker, check voltage; Check switch power source reach output voltage into the line. If discover a problem, before was not solved, forbidden undertake experimenting next. (5) if can undertake NC is started normally, observe the phenomenon of numerical control system. After everything is normal parameter of system of importable machine tool, servo parameter, pass into PLC program. Shut a machine tool, join servo electric machinery and mechanical load next, have machinery and electric adjustment. 5, the analysis of Electromechanical adjustment point of numerical control machine tool is after electrify of numerical control machine tool is normal, make the attention answers when machinery and electric adjustment: (1) on the offensive moves means to fall, undertake each reference axis, retrorse dot moves an operation, try below automatic means again run simple program. (2) main shaft and feed axis try when moving, should first the high speed after low speed, hand-in-hand travel, retrorse experiment. (3) press first switch of protection exceeding Cheng, its protect test and verify the dependability of action, undertake again next slow fast experiment exceeding Cheng, test and verify exceeds Cheng to bump into the validity of an installation. (4) wait for a hand to move after the movement is right, finish each axis to return ginseng operation again. (5) when undertaking the knife experiments choosing, observe the movement that change a knife is right. (6) weave by oneself machine program of a work, include all sorts of function instructions and auxiliary function statement more as far as possible, displacement dimension with the machine tool in the limit of of the greatest distance. Have a program at the same time increase, delete and alter an operation. Finally, run this program to observe whether machine tool job is regular. CNC Milling