One boat celebrates those who bring project of DNC of numerical control workshop to carry out

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One, limited company of one Hang Qingan group (one boat celebrates abbreviation how) , be subordinate to belongs to Chinese aviation industry company of the first group, it is our country " 15 " 156 keys of period build one of projects; It is the big Ⅰ of 512 when national emphasis supports state-owned advantages enterprise; It is the airborne equipment development with the biggest industry of our country aviation, manufacturer home. In last few years, the growth of amount of numerical control facility of one Hang Qingan company is very rapid, formed the numerical control workshop that 4 dimensions change stage by stage. These change make traditional engine add craft to be improved large-scaly to the numerical control craft of efficient, high accuracy, immediately of engineering technology branch created much CNC machining program. Meanwhile, the administrative issue of these machine program, problem with communication of numerical control equipment also was exposed come out, affect the play of advantage of numerical control equipment badly. For this, one Hang Qingan company ever formulate many industries standard has a standard, but from management technical angle looks, method of this kind of management is apparently moss-grown, cannot get used to modernization to produce pattern. Urgent need uses the enterprise to manage a technology newly to solve this one thorny problem, hope to rely on informatization technology especially, will achieve the result of get twice the result with half the effort, realize what the country advocates to drive industrialized strategy with informatization truly. And the practical technology that system of DNC of numerical control workshop solves this one problem just about. What accuse technology, computer technology, network technology as number is mutual and shirt-sleeve, the concept of DNC technology also is mixed in ceaseless development denotative, DNC already was a kind of name that transmits a method automatically not just, and the systematic platform that evolves to undertake to CNC Machining program into a kind complete lifecycle manages gradually, the operating mode that can have numerical control workshop even is collected, real time monitoring. Still can be like MES, PDM, MRPII or ERP to undertake with other informatization system compositive. 2, the type selecting of DNC system the stability that what my company pays close attention to above all when DNC type selecting is a system. The network terminal of DNC system moves in machining spot, the environment here normally relatively complex, difficult control of temperature and humidity is existing apparent ground vibration and stronger electromagnetism interference, the integral stability that needs DNC system so is good. Specific requirement is: Capability of the thermal stability of the hardware equipment such as cable of terminal, wire, interference rejection is strong; The fault tolerance mechanism of software perfect, moving stability is reliable. Often need " online treatment " the stability that the circumstance should consider a system mainly more. System of our requirement DNC can " 7 × 24 " uninterrupted move. Next, the numerical control equipment of my company is to come to what with Chantaiduo second means purchases for years, the equipment with same function not only tectonic each different, and numerical control system is mixed and disorderly, calculate on little version amounts to more than 20 kinds, make big the daily life of a family calls play of numerical control workshop " the Eight Power Allied Force " . The DNC system that this one state asks we choose has extensive compatibility, can have correct news report with diverse numerical control system. Had better have the function that has machine program the format is changed between system of different numerical control even. DNC system type selecting selects DNC firm namely actually, the firm ability that has actual strength makes good after service, this locality changes a service is best of course, can answer quickly after spot occurrence problem, do not send delay production. In the meantime, DNC system also should not be an informatization Gu island, it should accord with the integral layout of enterprise informatization, want finally to be like MES, PDM to wait with the other system in enterprise informatization undertake compositive, the manufacturer that masters source code of systematic ground floor has an advantage most here, can reduce effectively compositive the cost when. What point out incidentally is, DNC technology has been quite mature technology, do not have product of necessary superstition foreign country, otherwise, compositive when may have a few troubles. The course inspects the comparison with many sided in the round, considering the actual condition of my company, final we chose limited company of Beijing number experting science and technology (CAXA) as " project of one DNC of workshop of Hang Qingan numerical control " cooperative business. 3, the mutual confluence that the choice of project executive group involves numerical control technology, computer technology, network technology, craft government as a result of system of network of DNC of numerical control workshop, branch of the equipment management department with so medium enterprise, informatization, engineering technology branch as a result of the confine of oneself major cannot complete whole project independently carry out. So, of DNC project carrying out will be enterprise interior many branches are finished in coordination. The duty of departmental door is: Informatization branch: The leading unit of the project, be in charge of the program of platform of foundation of project soft hardware, network, wait for the job like array of erect database platform, server, disk, switching equipment, undertake the integral informatization blue print that DNC project brings into an enterprise total consideration; Engineering technology branch: Be in charge of raising functional requirement, those who manage flow is affirmatory, what be a system is daily run the operation standard that makes phasing answer; Equipment branch: Be in charge of equipment respect matters concerned, cooperate a project to carry out, if install DNC,facility is opened when terminal electric ark, certain equipment interior takes potential buy to wait. Because DNC system itself is an informatization system, and be involved among them technology of the computer, network is more, informatization branch is these technologies guard a pass branch, so it takes the lead relatively appropriate. But informatization branch often does not raise the requirement that issues put oneself in another's position, how does technological process go for instance, this needs the participation of engineering technology branch, raise oneself requirement. It is very important to still have a bit, it is the operation standard that engineering technology branch wants to make DNC system. This is us often say " 3 minutes of construction, use 7 minutes " . Again good thing, with bad to be equal to waste. This will be one of keys of DNC project success or failure. Limited company of Beijing number experting science and technology (CAXA) it is the supplier of DNC of numerical control workshop with domestic the strongest actual strength, the software of the complete set that they can provide, hardware and service. CAXA has nearly 800 stuff at present, be engaged in the time that net of machine tool couplet has had more than 10 years, experience is very rich. There still is a lot of to come from the engineer at the enterprise in CAXA, understand the circumstance of the enterprise very much. Celebrate each installed branch cases in the light of one boat, CAXA gives out directly accord with celebrate installed executive program. Additional, we make an on-the-spot investigation and affirmed CAXA to develop the integral technology standard of the respect in network, soft hardware. CAXA has a regulation, only " hold card " personnel just allows to undertake a project carry out to the enterprise, so the executive manager of CAXA and division of solid construction Cheng were to pass what strict interior grooms and assess. In the meantime, to avoid the problem that disputes over trifles each other in the future, we decide software chooses CAXA with executive team. 4, after type selecting of definite executive plan and project carry out a group to decide, we seek advice from adviser for many times to talk things over through be being mixed with the project manager of CAXA, defined the executive program of system of DNC of workshop of my company numerical control finally. The content of executive plan includes: Develop of environment of affirmatory soft hardware, network attacks structure, the overall arrangement that information orders; Manage flow certainly, the post of corresponding enterprise interior distributes a part, differentiate corresponding attributive; Draft " network DNC operation is normative " , seek relevant unit opinion. The overall demand of executive plan: It is science of configuration of stable and on the safe side, effective, soft hardware, certain to have before look up sex, but expansibility. The knot composition of a picture that next graphs are system of DNC of my company network (omited in the graph switching equipment) : In the graph, each machine adds the technologist that distinguish a works to manage a client to carry through CAXA network DNC all sorts of numerical control relevant data is consolidated upload to information center advocate the security that the server has disk array to be in charge of data; Communication of numerical control machine tool uses special communication server to pass DNC by each minutes of factory special VLAN is in numerical control program information center advocate undertake uploading between server and numerical control machine tool or download; Visit strategy still was used between each VLAN, with assuring a company each class number occupies safety. 5, of the executive project of the project carry out according to what decide before " DNC system implements plan " carry out step-by-steply can. In executive process, jia Yishuang just should act on the manner of collaboration, win-win to work. To the project medium node should have been controlled, executive main process has: Construction: Soft to the system hardware undertakes installing, equipment of join numerical control, the etc that makes in construction has " material consign and examine report " , " the project changes a report " , " the product installs a record " etc; This part job basically carries out manager and executive engineer operation by the project of CAXA, the equipment administrator of my company cooperates construction. Test: Good to join DNC system has a test, include only place to transmit check and transmit a test integratedly, administrative technological process also should test circuit whether unobstructed, logic is correct, generate finally " the test reports " ; This part carries out an engineer to be in charge of debugging by the project of CAXA, the technologist of my company and network manager cooperate. Groom: The project carries out later period, the member that to me by the technical manager of CAXA system of company all DNC uses a person undertakes grooming, cent grooms for equipment operation Training Within Industry, technologist, systematic manager grooms, fill in finally " groom report " ; Check and accept: Undertake checking and accept to whole project, outside be being checked except the spot, even right afore-mentioned data of each forms for reporting statistics undertake checking, collect the goods such as the certificate of approval of partial hardware product, CD, final both sides is signed " check and accept a report " reach " memorandum " . The staff that both sides shares has the project manager of CAXA, executive manager, one boat to celebrate manager of installed project chief, network to wait. 6, the last word is passed " DNC of one workshop of Hang Qingan numerical control " the project is carried out, the complete lifecycle that settled program of my company CNC Machining thoroughly manages problem and problem of communication of numerical control equipment, showing the manufacturing efficiency that improved workshop of each numerical control. Through a year of much use, we are easy to Beijing number limited company of science and technology (CAXA) the knowledge that with them the network DNC system of the company had a few profundity: Network DNC is the nerve ending of production enterprise informatization, and the company that fails nerve ending is diseased, CAXA network DNC can manage file of the treatment code of numerical control equipment, craft to wait a moment, the enterprise the most rock-bottom informatization management rises. The manufacturing statement of production enterprise is final the origin that the information that is the is a foundation with CAXA network DNC numerical control equipment that will put into effect by network DNC collects the real data that will make MES of system of information of industry upper levels, PDM, ERP, the informatization that is an enterprise is decision-making provide strong basis. CNC Milling