What kind of three-dimensional data ability is used at 3D Printing quite

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The STLSTL of standard data format of 3D Printing (Stereo Lithography Interface Specification) the format is the general interface form that at present 3D Printing/ adds material to make equipment use, it is an interface agreement that made 1988 by American 3Dsystems company, it is one kind is 3D Printing/&Add material to make the form of three-dimensional graph file that the technology serves, already became 3D Printing/ to add material to make at present in fact standard format. STL format is memory a kind of of three-dimensional model information simple method, its will complex number model with a series of three-dimensional triangle face piece will be conveyed approximately. STL model is a kind of space close, have a group, criterion the model that conveys an object exclusively, possess the geometrical information of dot, line, face, can input add material to make equipment, use at making objective sample quickly. As the progress that adds material to make a technology and application, STL file format also got the wide support of company of each CAD/CAM software. In medicine, science and engineering field, STL technology also received wide application. Use the three-dimensional digitlization tool such as three-dimensional scanner to have much position to physical prototype three-dimensional scanning, the pretreatment that passes the data that nod the cloud and optimize, get the three-dimensional data model with complete object, undertake to this data model exterior triangle facet changes processing, be similar to finite yuan reseau differentiates, use a lot of space triangles namely face piece will approach CAD model, when triangular face piece small to certain level, its are approximate inside the precision range that the gender can reach a project to allow, its data file calls STL file, 3D Printing/ of OK and direct input adds material to make equipment, use at 3D Printing/ to add material to make. When STL file format changes pair of 3D Printing/ to add material to make precision affect 3D Printing, because want the overlay that complex three-dimensional treatment translate into a series of simple 2 dimension machine, accordingly, shape precision basically depends on 2 dimension (X, y) the treatment precision on plane, and height (Z) the overlay precision on direction. From itself of 3D Printing machine character, can the control of athletic position precision three direction of X, Y, Z is in micron grade level, can get the work with quite expensive precision consequently. Accordingly, special in treatment complex free curved surface is reached inside model when antrum, 3D Printing/ adds material to make the treatment method that compares a tradition show clearer advantage. Affect work however the precision that the element of final precision has itself of 3D Printing machine not only, still have factor of a few other, compare the early days that important is CAD model to process the error that cause among them. Add material to make equipment to great majority and character, before beginning to shape, must undertake STL to the three-dimensional CAD model of workpiece the format is changed and the early days such as section is handled, so that get a series of sectional outline. STL format oneself make 3D Printing trade in fact general standard. In ability of computer data processing enough premise falls, when undertaking STL format is changed, should choose more smaller, trigonometry sides piece, make more the surface that approachs primitive and three-dimensional model, can reduce the error effect that changes place to bring by STL format so. CNC Milling