Electromechanical unifinication system increases the rotate speed of high-power main shaft

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The main shaft of high-power of treatment machine tool that is used at aviation industry is the cutting power when 30000r/min to be as high as 100kW in rotate speed. The machine tool main shaft with cutting driving torque is having important sense in treatment of titanium alloy spare parts. Carry out a proof, in the treatment of aluminium alloy and titanium metal, the Electromechanical unifinication system that makes by main shaft and transducer deserves a consideration. Aviation industry produced manufacturer to raise special requirement to the machine tool. In the research and development of new product of for military use and civil aviation, the component that light structure designs is having very large dominant position. In airbus A 350 and Boeing 787 in, the weight of carbon fiber material is very more than increasing (800% above) , the weight of metallic stuff compares titanium to also increase apparently (200% ) , and the weight of aluminium alloy material is made an appointment with than dropping however 20% . This answers the successful research and development of main shaft of machine tool of the high-power in empty industry of end Yu Hang. The requirement that 2007 cutting of high-power of aluminium alloy material raises to machine tool main shaft basically did not change the system of cutting main shaft that takes transducer. When rough machining (when puissant milling) , should be in ream is cut inside short time as far as possible as far as possible much aluminium alloy material. The cutting speed of current rough machining can achieve 4000m/min, rate of MRR metal excision is 8L/min, this has very high rotate speed and very great power with respect to main shaft of requirement machine tool. And when finish machining, ask the rotate speed of machine tool main shaft is higher, use very small cutting cutting tool to be able to have enough cutting rate inside narrow cutting power range. Current, the key of research and development of machine tool new product enhances the greatest usable power namely, be opposite namely of rough machining process optimize. But, the top rotate speed of machine tool main shaft of the regulation is 30000r/min, because as main shaft rotate speed rise may bring bad influence to machine tool system, also be to make sure when finish machining the main shaft of the machine tool has additionally enough high rotate speed. Of the optimize and concerns to it usable power of rough machining process rise can make machine a process more economy, because excision is led,taller productivity is meant after exceeding 90% , and its still reduced rough machining man-hour. Power of tall main shaft also asks the production in stability gets fulfilling in the process. The cutting system that the manufacturer home of such machine tool main shaft must want to use Electromechanical unifinication masters this skill. The main shaft that Fischer company research and development produces - system of transducer Electromechanical unifinication considered afore-mentioned attrib border conditions, improved the productivity of main shaft apparently. The main shaft of high speed of MFW-2320/30 VC HSK-A63 of new research and development contains to be the synchronous electromotor that this applies and research and development designs technically, and by the transducer drive of Fischer company research and development. The main shaft diameter of new research and development is 230mm, length is 634mm, power is as high as 100kW, weigh 107kg, can increase the power density of equipment greatly. Compare with photograph of main shaft of traditional machine tool, before its can shorten apparently, hind the span between bearing, increase main shaft journal. These kinetic to the structure of main shaft function are having positive effect, accordingly, milling cutter has taller stability when big deepness cutting. Synchronous electromotor optimizes dynamic function to use synchronous electric machinery to be able to optimize dynamic function in equipment, can reduce the demand of pair of cutting tool stability. In inferior this proved in treasure WZL mechanical institute and the milling test that PTW of the Si Tede that amount to Mu has. Graph 1 curve place shows even if have stability calculative result to cutting tool according to following parameter: Cylinder establishs milling cutter, carbonization tungsten can change bit, helix angle 20, cutting horn 11, hind horn 15 with overall cutting. Graph 1 stability curve: D=50mm of cutting tool diameter, length L=120mm, every tine feed is Fz=0.

2mm, cutting tool ages several Z=4 are on this foundation, can decide the optimal work limits of main shaft truly, rotate speed is inside 20000~30000r/min limits, inside the limits of formulary rotate speed of this kinds of cutting tool. Because be when imitate,consider systematic amortize not quite sufficient, the deepness of penetration of a cutting tool that because this experiment is medium,uses is not true. But test result criterion can with be identical of true condition photograph. Above in introductory experiment, the MRR value that can realize can amount to 12L/min, rose 50% , reached the top limit that can achieve at present (graph 2) . And shortened apparently the man-hour that cutting machines, and improved productivity considerably. Weigh in semifinished product material 1.

5t, cutting quantity is amounted to 70% when, rough machining man-hour can shorten 33% , it is the strong premise that raises rate of machine tool cutting. With the cutting of aluminium alloy material treatment is compared, the cutting treatment of metallic titanium raised special requirement to machine tool main shaft. Machine in traditional titanium metal cutting (rough machining) in cutting speed is 30~50m/min. In fact, in metallic titanium treatment, the usable torque specific speed that main shaft can offer is more significant. In metallic titanium treatment, cutting speed is apparently inferior, also raised different requirement to main shaft: The mixed film friction when dropping through increasing skill and rotate speed high will reduce scroll bearing flexibility hydromechanical lube film. When 2 material excision leads MMR to raise 12L/min from 8L/min, the graph is opposite the influence that machines cutting time studies the change of attrib border condition is opposite further when metallic titanium undertakes cutting is machined, it is very little to the requirement of main shaft. Use groovy main shaft, the torque of electromotor can come true easily. Will say this one driving unit commonly is offerred by machine tool manufacturer. The main problem that main shaft manufacturer faces now is to be an user to offer the solution with valence tall watch, one kind can undertake aluminium alloy is machined already, also can have the mixture of titanium alloy treatment product. Should develop this plan successfully to be about its the requirement of professional technical knowledge and experience and tall torque is united in wedlock together, if use multistage synchronism electric machinery. The compact sex that the advantage of axis of electric machinery of this kind of direct drive depends on its structure and ability of 5 axes numerical control and the drive that maintenance assures yuan parts of an apparatus. The output torque that Fischer company produces according to the special demand research and development of the user amounts to 2000Nm (S1) , the main shaft that external diameter is 420mm, long 1100mm, its have move and torque to be the function with 275mm of 600Nm, diameter and long 700mm same main shaft. To output powerful torque, need is used can be in the transducer that tall electric current works below high frequency rate, and these use multistage electric machinery to just may come true only. CNC Milling