What function and use does the common towline on the machine tool have?

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Because the wide application of towline reachs good character to be able to finish United States application in the machine tool, towline reachs certain drawing and protective action since the wire cable that basically goes up to machine tool equipment. So those a few kinds does the commonly used towline on the machine tool have? Can divide roughly be covered for plastic towline and steeliness towline and tracheal protection and rectangular tube these a few kinds. So the sort of common towline on these a few kinds of machine tools has those function and use? One, the main body that TL of composition of towline of steeliness of   of   of structure of   of   of steeliness towline introduction is steeliness towline is pull by catenary (plating of high grade armor plate is chromic) prop up pull (crowded pull aluminium alloy) the axis is sold (alloy steel) wait for a component to comprise, make opposite motion does not produce between cable or balata canal and towline, do not produce twist to be out of shape, catenary pulls classics plating chromium to handle appearance effect original structure is reasonable, address intensity is high, steel sex is very changeless form, installation is convenient, use reliable, tear open easily outfit, use data of high strenth wear-resisting especially, alloy copper is sold for the axis, increased the wear-resisting strength of the product, bend more agile, resistance is less, reduced noise, can assure to use changeless form for long thereby, no less than hanging down.   of characteristic     1, towline can get used to the oldest floating rate 40 meters / cent. 2, towline is when the oldest floating rate, noise sound pressure level is not more than 68 decibel. 3, towline safety service life is less than 1 million times () of move back and forth. Machine tool towline 2,   of   of   of structure of   of   of plastic towline introduction 1, catenary of tank of the be similar in shape outside towline, link composition by numerous unit, roll freelies between the link. 2, of the towline of same set inside tall, outside tall, pitch is same, r of wide, radius of bend can have different choice inside towline. 3, unit chain link by the left and right sides catenary board and fluctuation cover board are comprised, towline can be opened every, outfit tear open convenient, need not wear a line, open cover board hind to be able to wait for cable, vitta, tracheal, conduit put towline. 4, additional can offer minute of spacer, by need the space inside catenary space opens.   of characteristic     1, material: Enhance nylon, have higher pressure and tension negative charge, good tenacity, tall flexibility and wearability, flame retardant, the performance when on any account is lukewarm is steady, can use it is outdoor. 2, fight endurance: Oil resistant, be able to bear or endure salt, have capacity of certain acid-proof, alkali resistance. 3, traversal speed and acceleration (specific rate, acceleration inspects moving condition and decide) . 4, moving life is long.   of utility     1, agree with use the occasion in reciprocate, can internally the cable of buy, vitta, tracheal, conduit effect that has drawing and protection. 2, each of towline can be opened, facilitating installation and maintenance. The noise when motion low, wear-resisting, but high speed moves. 3, towline already was applied extensively at machinery of equipment of numerical control machine tool, electron, fire control the machinery of window of machinery of material of equipment, stone, glass machinery, door, machine that note model, manipulator, overweight storehouse of facility for transporting, automation. Towline chooses a principle: 1, according to gripper shoe Dma of the biggest aperture determines Hg of catenary board height and towline type. 2, + of D1=d of aperture of gripper shoe lumen is approximated 0.

1d (take integer) . Among them the external diameter of hose of D= electrical wiring, cable, fluid, air. 3, the radius of bend of the towline that asks to determine gripper shoe type according to towline function: (1) when be more than aperture of gripper shoe lumen when the pipe fittings measure that provides cable or often must tearing open outfit, maintenance to wait, can choose gripper shoe of apart type kind; (2) need to bear the weight of when towline relatively when bear of bassoon, cable, should choose high strenth gripper shoe model - whole type; (3) the norms variety that brings tubing cable relatively a long time, can choose frame type gripper shoe. 4, use circumstance of machine tool towline accepts restriction condition, or suffer an environment to affect, need to use metal strip to defend when gripper shoe. 5, the measure that provides cable according to installation will decide B1 of gripper shoe width, be informed towline width B thereby. Chuck     can divide from chuck claw number for: Two ungual chuck, 3 ungual chuck, 4 ungual chuck, 6 ungual chuck and special chuck. Can divide from use motivation for: The hand moves chuck, pneumatic chuck, hydraulic pressure chuck, report chuck, move chuck and mechanical chuck. Can divide from the structure for: Hollow chuck and in solid chuck. 3 claw, rotate with voltaic spanner bevel gear, bevel gear drives planar and rectangular whorl, drive 3 ungual afferent movement next, because smooth chuck face is rectangular the pitch of whorl is equal, 3 ungual motion are so equidistant, have the effect of automatic centering. 3 ungual chuck are by an auger gear, 3 small bevel gear, 3 block ungual composition. 3 small bevel gear and auger gear clench the teeth, the reverse side of auger gear has planar whorl structure, installation of 3 divide into equal parts blocking claw is on planar whorl. Should pull with spanner when using small bevel gear, auger gear turns, its rear planar whorl makes 3 get stuck to claw is stood by to the center at the same time or be exited. 4 claw, it is to use 4 guide screw to drive 4 claw respectively, because this common 4 ungual chuck do not have the action of automatic centering. But can pass adjust 4 ungual positions, install those who place all sorts of rectangle, irregular workpiece. Soft claw, it is when the work with turning greater batch, the fixed position precision when be being machined to improve work and the auxiliary time when managing workpiece is installed, can use soft ungual chuck. For the basis real need changes diameter of ungual face circular arc and form at any time, the card that quenchs 3 ungual chuck is ungual, change block claw for mild steel, copper or aluminium alloy. If chuck claw is of two body, can change ungual ministry into soft metal; If block claw is an organic whole, a soft metal can be secured on card claw piece. After the treatment blocking claw of soft ungual chuck, can raise the fixed position precision of workpiece, so new 3 ungual chuck, the fixed position precision after workpiece is installed is less than 0.

01mm. Like 3 claw the planar whorl of chuck wears away more serious, precision is poorer, after changing soft ungual light treatment, the fixed position precision after workpiece is installed still can maintain in 0.

05mm less than. Soft ungual chuck installs clip to already machined the surface or soft metal, not easy clip hurts the surface. To thin wall workpiece, usable sector is ungual, increase to accumulate and reduce workpiece to be out of shape with workpiece interface. Soft ungual chuck is applied to already machined the surface to regard fixed position as essence of life fiducial, the half fine vehicle of workpiece and car of essence of life have when large quantities of quantities are produced. The adjustment with soft ungual correct chuck and turning, it is the first requirement that assures precision of soft ungual chuck. The underside of soft claw and fixed position stage, answer to slip to match and locate correctly with base blocking claw. Soft claw compares hard ungual lengthen with the share that places workpiece at installing (10 ~ 15)mm, in order to have for many times turning, want check the number to assemble; The diameter of turning soft claw is best with be agreed by diameter of outfit clip workpiece, or big or small, unwarrantable outfit places precision. Diameter of general turning blocking claw is bigger than workpiece diameter 0.

2mm left and right sides, also be the workpiece diameter that is blocked namely, want control to be inside limits of certain public errand; When turning soft claw, to eliminate gap, must be inside card claw or the cylinder of one proper diameter or cirque are installed outside card claw, the position that they install in soft claw, answer to agree with the direction of workpiece clamp, otherwise precision of unwarrantable work location. When workpiece is clamp, columnar should clamp has car soft claw inside chuck claw ungual face, when workpiece is tightened to go up, cirque should be installed outside chuck claw, outside turning soft claw. Dynamoelectric, device of a kind of dynamoelectric chuck, involve a kind of clip that uses extensively at mechanical domain to support the general clamping apparatus of workpiece. By dynamoelectric chuck device clip runs functional unit, function of motive force of dynamoelectric chuck plant is unit, component of electromagnetism attrition clutch, chuck body crust reachs the composition such as electromagnetism brake component. When electrify of electromagnetism brake component, clip of dynamoelectric chuck device holds functional unit and headstock connection to be an organic whole and do not rotate; Electrify of component of electromagnetism attrition clutch, unit of function of motive force of dynamoelectric chuck plant delivers whirligig to clamp blocking claw or loose workpiece. In machining a process, only clip of dynamoelectric chuck device holds functional unit to rotate along with main shaft, and unit of function of motive force of dynamoelectric chuck plant does not rotate along with main shaft.   of   of knife library   1, the functional     of knife library is trading knife unit automatically in, knife library is one of the mainest parts. Knife library is the place that uses keep in storage to machine cutting tool and auxiliary tool. Its capacity, layout and particular structure, have very big effect to the design of numerical control machine tool. 2, the capacity of the library of knife of basis of formal     of knife library and the kind that take a knife, can design knife library multiform. Common form has a few kinds as follows. (1) cutting tool of   of   of linear knife library is to be arranged point-blank in knife library, if pursue,A place is shown. Its structure is simple, knife library size is small, can accommodate 8 ~ commonly 12 cutting tool, reason is used lesser. This form sees more at changing lathe of knife numerical control automatically, also had used this form on numerical control drilling machine. (2) this form of   of   of disc cutting tool puts cutting tool little a 6 ~ 8, many 50 ~ 60, have a variety of forms among them. 1) in the knife library that shows like graph B place, layout of cutting tool radial, have larger space, knife library position accepts restriction, general park is carried on machine tool pillar, its change knife time shorter, make the whole apparatus that change a knife simpler. 2) in the knife library that shows like graph C place, layout of cutting tool axial, flank of constant park main shaft. Line of knife warehouse axle center but perpendicular place, OK also the level is placed, this kind of form is used more. CNC Milling