Online beforehand the PLC system program of molded lines of punching Leng Wancheng and debug

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Summary: Main specification SIMATIC S7-300 can make up Cheng controller to be in online beforehand the specific application in punching Leng Wancheng product line, pass equipment of goods shelves cold turn to be opposite the control precision of goods shelves component and the contented rate that the product produces technology undertake test and verify is analysed, the compositive function of particular the soft hardware setting that elaborated cold curved equipment, main program, PID controls principle and system to debug a characteristic to wait. Keyword: But program controller; Online beforehand punching Leng Wancheng product line; Total number servo 1, foreword 1.

1 as the market constant growth to demand of cold curved profile, bend the demand of profile to having Kong Leng especially, online design and make a technology of punching Leng Wancheng product line also need ceaseless development and maturity beforehand, be like: Online beforehand punching aperture the high accuracy that distributing evolves, the diversification of product breed promotes with what small lot changes requirement, overall material utilization factor and the respect such as the easy operation of equipment all is opposite of equipment compound change and electric control technology raised taller requirement, the article plans to be in with respect to SIMATIC S7-300PLC online beforehand principle of control of the compositive function of the specific application in punching Leng Wancheng product line and soft hardware setting, main program, PID and system are debugged wait for a respect undertake discussing. 2, PLC system is configured 2.

1 basis is online beforehand the requirement of the respect such as the operation of configuration of function of the product treatment craft that punching cold turn shapes, stand-alone and athletic analysis, equipment and care and maintenance, electric control uses this unit partly Xi Menzi S7-300PLC, PLC and supervisory system and each use means of PROFIBUS-DP spot bus line from the communication between the station; The active force of Leng Wancheng aircrew sheds timing controller and dc machine implementation continuously by series of SIMENS company 6RA28, to reduce trouble removal time, electric control system has entire line the clew that start, breakdown calls the police, stop automatically machine, pass Chinese display terminal, the detailed content of indication part breakdown reachs clew. 2.

2PLC hardware configures: 1) , central processing unit chooses SIMATIC S7-300 CPU315C-2DP together, it has large program memory capacity, have PROFIBUS-DP advocate / from interface, can make up the automation structure of composition cloth, easily the system henceforth is patulous. 2) , SIEMENS 6ES7 354 of module of fixed position of servo electric machinery together, 3) , SIMATIC S7-300 OP27 together, 4) , relay outputs unit SIEMENS 6ES7 322 5, 5) , module of computation of high speed of SIMATIC S7-300 6ES7 FM350 together, 6) , module of power source of SIMATIC S7-300 PS3075A together, 7) , interface module IM153 2, 8) , several child quantity input outputs module SIEMENS 6ES7 321 10, 9) , man-machine interface TP170A together, convenient man-machine interface service is already compositive inside S7-300 operating system, implementation obtains data from inside S7-300, the refresh rate that S7-300 assigns by the user is deferent these data, what S7-300 operating system processes data automatically is deferent. 10) , PROPHBUS website wait one set. 2.

3 programming: The S7-300PLC program of SIMENS company basically uses design method of structuralization, each are main functional piece if: The communication interface of processing of PID control, breakdown, TP170A all use child functional piece FC comes true, call in main program OB1 when need, program structure sees a picture 1, basically undertake through Profibus-DP bus line communication and system of control of pilot communication servo will explain the software of S7-300PLC is designed below, its program basically has OB100, OB1, FB40 and FB41 composition. Graph 1 program structure 2.

4OB100 is warm the organization that start piece, the system is started call OB100, main effect is the setting data that initialization has opened piece, for servo controller the setting is inputted / address of output bus line; Following order part: Block 1: CALL "POS_INIT" // Initialization Of The User DBDB_NO:=1 // DB NumberCH_NO:=1 // Channel NumberLADDR:=256 // Module AddressRET_VAL:="DBEX" .

ERR_CODE_INIT // Error CodeL "DBEX" .

ERR_CODE_INIT // Error Code EvaluationL B#16#0==I R "DBEX" .

INIT_ERR // Reset Error For INIT FunctionJC NWES "DBEX" .

INIT_ERR // Flag Error For INIT FunctionNWE: NOP 0 block 2: OPN "DBEX"L B#16#0 // Clear DBEXT DBD 0 // Begin With DBEX.

Block of DBD0T DBD 4 // T DBD 8 // T DBD 12T DBW 16 3: L B#16#64T "DBEX" .

OVERRIDE // Set Override To 100%SET S "DBEX" .

SERVO_EN // Set Servo EnableS "DBEX" .

DRV_EN // Set Drive EnableS "DBEX" .


READ_EN // Set Read Enable (EX3)BE 2.

5OB1 is a main program piece, write according to the each exercise function of implementation piece show piece, parameter is installed piece, the job moves piece, automatic loop piece, dynamical group is adjusted piece etc. This program block is called by OB1, realize the harmonious carry of whole and program to go, include FC37 of FB40 of functional FC32, function piece, function and setting data piece DB40, among them the function of FC32 is the setting that periodic is read and comes from bus line newlier to go up the data of data piece; Functional piece FB40 is the main program block that controls servo controller, it will finish the initialization of servo controller and positional control, basically include functional FC40 and functional FC41; FC40 basically finishs axial initialization; FC41 is the core part of system of whole servo control, can achieve such as rate command, position command, pitching moment command, origin revert command and read the control such as the feedback cost that takes servo controller from bus line; FC37 is restoration module, the wrong message of can cleared bus line produces command of a restoration to make servo controller weighs new restoration; The setting data that DB40 is functional piece FB40 piece. 2.

6FC30 is FC40 child piece, finish deliver to the command of servo controller from PLC, whether is inspection order carried out correctly and undertake handling to the mistake; FC31 is FC41 child piece, undertake diagnostic to the in finished state of FC41 and deliver bus line; FC33 and FC34 are functional piece FB40 is accessary, former undertake checking to the condition of current servo controller, so that the next dictates send; The synchronous issue that latter handles many servo controller (in multitask of the existence in real cold curved product online servo controls mode) etc. 2.

7STEP7 offerred two kinds of commonly used PID algorithm: Successive model PID (FB41) with disperse PID (FB42) , this system chooses FB41, it is gains according to sampling cycle of the system output control, it decided the sensitivity of PID loop, adjust namely the speed of speed, earlier PID parameter is whole calm cannot sheet relies on theoretical calculation to decide PID parameter, the parameter set of actual PID must carry the real time curve of pair of parameter be accusinged and the implementation rate of distributinging rule, namely its precision and moving stability degree will adjust, in order to achieve optimal control result. 3, analysis of systematic PID parameter and whole calm 3.

1PID parameter: In view of goods shelves Leng Wansheng of cold curved profiled bar produces the discontinuity characteristic of the specific production process of the line, be helpful for using spot experience to rectify calm law to get effective PID parameter to be able to achieve a better control result, parameter of earlier PID scale presses experience data set, depend on first scale, hind integral, differential finally order undertakes PID parameter is adjusted, the measurement that in observation the spot controls value of process, process and motion to control precision is relative at the same time, slowly change PID parameter is worth and relapse collect tries, till till motion control precision and its stability accord with a requirement. PID is optimal after rectifying calm parameter to decide, can not explain it is first-rate forever, what the change that still can suffer the outside to disturb and produces essential sex asks new ground needs to undertake optimal parameter is whole calm, can discover what the relation of output and error shows as follows in actual process: Go up in type, u(n) is N the control output of sampling cycle; E(n) is N the position error of sampling cycle; N is normal sampling cycle; For differential sampling cycle; Kp is scale gain; Ki is integral scale gain; Kd is differential scale gain. PID controls systematic adjustment to output is to make sure deviation is worth E for 0, make the system achieves to anticipate steady state. 3.

Of parameter of 2 control system whole calm: Advocate parameter rectifies the PID in controlling PLC process to reach systematic motion analysis surely, look given the requirement that whether parameter accords with control system, this process needs to rectify calm implementation with parameter. Parameter does decided main job is cycle of N of cycle of affirmatory Kp, Ki, Kd, sampling and differential sampling; Scale gain Kp offerred an output that becomes direct ratio with position error, kp of coefficient of proportionality increases, make the movement of servo drive system acute, answer accelerate, and cross congress to cause oscillation, adjust time lengthen; Ki of integral scale gain offerred the output that increases along with time, because this made sure static position error is 0, integral coefficient Ki increases, can eliminate error of systematic stable state, but stability drops; Kd of differential scale gain offerred the output that leads direct ratio with positional change, had lead pilot effect, reduced a system exceed tone, the dynamic character that assured a system is good, differential control Kd can improve dynamic character, make quantity exceeding tone decreases, settling time shortens. Sampling is chosen periodicly should far be less than an object disturb the periodic, time constant that should compare an object is small Lv of much, take an examination the answers place of speed, object to ask adjustment of actuator character, choose small value of a quantity as far as possible actually; Specific adjust set actually what get used to parameter and spot what rectify calm process to need to make the scene according to PID parameter, as a result of the system advocate the PID parameter in controlling PLC process cannot realize real time online adjust, the product with need different basis or laden circumstance are rectified respectively calm, the input parts to rectify calm value to realize effective control through touching screen in producing tool course, otherwise easy form what the position controls a process to exceed the phenomenon such as tone or oscillation. 4 debug point and note 4.

The dynamic function of servo of 1 communication position is cold curved equipment online the important level in debugging a process, the aperture of the character of service that decided cold curved equipment directly and product precision distributinging rule and control precision. If goods shelves is cold the control demand of the servo in bending unit is very high, not due any oscillation and exceed tone, the that can create goods shelves package otherwise establishs face the error is big, aperture distributing inhomogenous, affect goods shelves badly assemble precision and performance characteristics, reduce n, increase production to run cost. The servo fixed length in cold curved aircrew sends goods shelves makings for intermittent send makings mode, the handling time that its send the length of makings and equipment of form a complete set decides the tact of motion at communication position servo, precision of control fixed position and the dynamic function that communicate positional servo, its trends performance can is in by the system commonly the time that unit rank jumps input signal action to fall answers a curve to describe. If the graph shows the form that can change through a variety of adjustment 2 times to arrive at fixed position to nod gradually, we hope the designation in winning a figure is the drab change mode of 1, do not hope occurrence designation is 2 or the oscillation of 3 is undee, designation is the adjustment of 4 mode can not form a breakdown or servo to follow use an error big, adjust time is lengthened wait for a phenomenon, the rate with overall effect matchs and control precision to wait. The commonly used dynamic function target that graphic representation gives has: Rise time Tr, adjust time Ts and σ of quantity exceeding tone % . Among them the dynamic sensitivity that rise time Tr reflected a system and system cross the fast sex that crosses a process; Adjust time Ts has said to cross process time again, it is to measure a system the main index of fast sex; σ of quantity exceeding tone % it is to be mirrorred in the index that excessive process has the system whether smoothly. Graph the dynamic function graphic representation of servo of 2 communication position 4.

2 when the system is debugged, these index that can carry dynamic to the system property completely undertake online software test, relevant data analyses the value that gets systematic parameter should be debugged, be like: Software of SIMATIC STEP 7 is aimed at the parameter in the DB1200 of module of SIMATIC S7-300 FM 354 SERVO and data to undertake modulatory, realize those who control precision, traversal speed to wait to optimize configuration and online servo monitor, of parameter of systems analysis key go situation, if motion exceeds the change of the change that moves an amount, speed and voltaic value, adjust thereby make servo obtains good position. If affirm servo motion carries out component,to going up the instruction of a machine carries out deviation circumstance, can use instruction deviation automatic or type of hand movable mould undertakes adjustment, optimize the set parameter of servo controller and servo electric machinery appropriately, go up to SIMATIC S7-300 a machine and the set that servo of module of SIMATIC S7-300 FM 354 SERVO controls parameter and adjust etc, also can choose debug software specificly to assist set and adjust control parameter. Be like: Speed instruction adjusts the adjustment of the gain parameter such as gain of gain, speed annulus road, will obtain optimize parameter and control effect, because servo takes system of the existence when negative ships goes and laden trends,change when parameter of the question that match, existence, load disturbs and electric machinery oneself mixes servo to be accused the inaccuracy such as the sex of serious nonlinear, strong coupling of the object decides an element, must online edit model of ambiguous pilot maths and control are sensitive parameter, corresponding PID controls parameter, exceed harmonic oscillation phenomenon with realizing a system to not have. Be like: Lv of the unified exam when cold curved aircrew is designing goods shelves is used much board thick the series product that is the same as norms, or through different cold turn craft is on a product line the goods shelves product that produces different specifications size, the laden size of servo of reason communication position and property can produce versatility, what load also can cause after coiled strip of identical even norms is changing is not stable with change, this kind of change will make systematic function especially dynamic function becomes complex, make motion locates occurrence oscillation, exceed tone to cannot be stabilized even move, must debugging the spot to determine the dynamic function index with systematic place laden area and servo are online the dynamic function index when the belt is laden, dynamic property has to the system in debugging a process analysis and determine, and by experience by have the spot artificially online amend with debug, the collection that debugs the spot to also need to cooperate the manpower that comparative to have relevant data is arranged, data analysis processing. 4.

3 basically complete the following work: 1) , real time collects data, namely the dynamic performance data that calibration tape carries a system, wait like parameter of effective rate, real position, basically be to pass software of unit of parameter of a few appropriative, computation and monitoring, the set that has concerned parameter through using these tools and method, monitoring, weaveform shows, I/O examination monitoring, online adjust, of athletic parameter get wait with processing. 2) , auxiliary and constructive, express these parameter with curvilinear form, picturesque answer curve, position to answer a curve to wait into speed; 3) , the dynamic function target that seeks a system, be like: Rise time Tr, adjust time Ts and σ of quantity exceeding tone % etc. 4) , according to index of systematic trends performance go situation, the dynamic function of servo of position of new formulate communication is online debug program, 5) , can realize servo to locate control is stabilized in fact in coder pulse of a horn fluctuates on limits, stabilize implementation sport control. Be like: The coder that my company chooses is 2000p/r, measure roller circumference to be 300mm, the precision of aperture position control of goods shelves component is theoretic can realize ± 0.

075mm, wait for the influence of other element considering the exterior flatness of cold curved coiled strip, actually precision of border aperture position control wants some lower; According to the data analysis that from production the spot collects, σ of precision of effective opening position control achieves ± 0.

10mm less than, and the error accords with normal school rule basically, accumulate an error from what went up to also assure total length to go up at all the smallest, basic stability is in 6 σ less than. Top traversal speed can amount to communication servo 60M/min above, overall match traversal speed to be able to achieve 20M/min above to wait, the production that increased product of cold curved profiled bar greatly makes efficiency of character, production and applied range. 4.

The rigid control precision of 4 systems exists to be affected certainly to the control precision of electrical system, can pass electric the respect such as the flatness that the electrify that go up maintains and real torsion balance, proper mechanical fixed position holds brake and treatment raw material in the arms undertakes be controllinged integratedly in order to shorten of the system online debug time and cycle, to assure the quality of cold curved component and manufacturing cost, still must be opposite regularly rotate coder measures roller wear away undertake calibration is amended, change of parameter of relevant peripheral equipment or the care and maintenance that debug the aircrew readjust in the process, equipment, achieve in a lot of circumstances as far as possible thereby relatively requirement of pilot of high accuracy position. Undertake according to particular product parameter is optimized analyse with function, in order to raise extensive adaptability of the system. 5, conclusion applies SIMATIC S7-300 to be able to make up Cheng controller to be in online beforehand the specific application in punching Leng Wancheng product line and process designing design, debug. The aperture that can realize goods shelves pillar basically the error controls precision to ask, this system course is actual and online debug and move make clear, whole system design is reasonable, control precision is tall, move reliable, reduced the labor intensity that operates personnel, improved manufacturing efficiency. Will online beforehand the manufacturing efficiency of punching Leng Wancheng product line and product quality promoted a new arrangement, should saying its whole plans to design train of thought and specific application to debug a process is successful. CNC Milling