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Batteries manufacturing industry makes the biggest new challenge in 21 centuries manufacturing industry increasingly. Although global batteries year output already amounted to 100 million hundreds, but traditional batteries makes a technology be in batteries effect and cost budget respect, the batteries that already cannot satisfy flying growth uses range. We are most the person is already special and clear, batteries application mixes dynamical car and completely electric car in the mixture motivation car, type that plug phone in. Although batteries is in,the application of automobile industry commends differ, but still cannot hold back people enthusiastic to the investment of this industry. " the United States anabiosises with reinvest act " (ARRA or AR2) in mention, the capital of dollar of the ten million on the company infuse that produces cell should invest in the United States to those. Use language of Zhu Di of American energy minister (Steven Chu) if say, "These are very significant investment, future can bring us make multiple redound, basically reflect in: Create obtain employment opportunity, decrease to be depended on to foreign petrolic, make the air that we breathe more clean, and the influence that antagonism climate change brings. " besides the application in automobile industry, cost economy, have high-powered batteries to be mixed in electric power replace the sources of energy job application field is very magnetic also. The residential batteries memory that installs extensively can provide the power demand of laden level, and urgent and mothball power source. Solution of memory of this kind of distributed the sources of energy still can raise electric power to manufacture the manufacturing efficiency of base, quits share requirement, use investment, improvement infrastructure of a few large electrified wire netting. And, electric energy stores the advantage that is helpful for developing what do not stabilize adequately to replace the sources of energy, for instance solar energy and wind-force generate electricity. In addition, economy and high-powered batteries technology also will conduce to the cost that reduces dilate of electrified wire netting. Graph 1, plating nickel steeliness builds solder chiply nowadays, "High-powered with economy " should be used to be described clearly and approbate batteries the heroic part that in helping us solve the sources of energy to challenge, acts. Although undertook the development of a large number of concentration works so far, the batteries technology that new development comes out and mature before old technique (if be used at the batteries of flashlight, camera and computer) photograph comparing, still show a bit puerile. Because show,store to the energy of batteries application in the market and the demand of battery life is higher, lower to the weight of batteries and cost demand, the challenge in production process still is being solved in. A lot of batteries solutions that have perspective very much in the CAD graph design with theoretic consist in, and means of this kind of design has been mixed the ability that place of existing production technology is faced with and limitative photograph are out of line. Change and of character, need undertakes more communication between production staff of design personnel and production! We will help them. In the numerous batteries technology of afore-mentioned industry application, had not appeared accepted or apparent winner. Air of hydride of metal of lithium ion, nickel, zinc, natrium, sulfur and material of a lot of other batteries chemistry are mutual eagerly, in order to satisfy a variety of requirement of all sorts of application domains. And to given batteries breed, the product appearance that also can a lot of differ varies, bring about different production method possibly thereby. New-style batteries is cylinder or planar design more. Batteries is unit by pile, pack rise, or array rises, make independent unit is incorporated to be series connection and shunt-wound circuit. The join between unit and unit may involve likeness or different metallic stuff, have two or what two above differ is statified. Although design existence diversity, but be in all in these battery design concepts, have common feature appears ceaselessly. This collective challenge needs all sorts of will weaker and weaker metal data to rise with faster speed join namely, and the applied domain that this is laser. Batteries includes a lot of planting normally material, for instance zinc, steel, aluminous, copper, titanium, nickel. These metals may be made electrode, lead, or it is crust merely. They are possible by or not by another kind of metal or batteries material is enclothed. But, no matter they are comprised by what, be based on weight and cost the smallest the consideration that turn, they should as far as possible thin. Limits of a lot of burgeoning ply of battery design material are in 25 arrive between 250 micron. Solder two of these metals main demands include to create an electric current to conduct method and / or can store electrolyte, but for the design to every batteries and application, the whole performance standards that batteries solders is unique. Fatigue of conductivity, intensity, air-tightness, metal and corrosion resistance can be typical solder quality evaluates a standard. Next, be in all after these standards are decided and coming true, crucial payoff is its cost whether economy. Graph 2, mixture metal solders: Cu-Al, ni-Al, ni-Ti-Ni batteries solders the design is having crucial effect to making the success of the process. Horny solder and often be opposite to solder for stylist very charming, but building solder is current till succeed the most likely. The photograph that build solder is compared at other two kinds solder method, can provide more flexibility, this is main its need not realize profit from what the accurate node that other solder takes over paragraph of place to ask carries to bridge is right neat. Built solder to also be offerred for ultimate integrated mission at the same time solder multilayer the possibility of batteries component (see a picture 1) , this one process involves a kind likely or a variety of stuff kinds. For example, metal of some kind of same kind may need to be soldered accurately to go up to the conductor of another type. The solder that can use receive a method to had had a lot of planting at present, and return developing quickly. Series connection is electric join and Ba Si (BUSS) the metal that join asks join blame is congener normally. Be in just about this domain, laser beam welding receives a peculiar high speed (100 to 1000 millimeter / second) it is other solder technical place is unmatchable. Gao Liang spent fiber-optic laser to drive high speed to solder further, low hot input and high caky rate can achieve in welding line place. This kind of high cooling rate can control the caky blemish in happening in mixture metal to solder effectively. The combination of welding line metal that produces crackle the most easily is copper and aluminium, this also is one of the most commonly used in lithium ion batteries metal combination by chance. Fiber-optic laser beam welding receives high speed to solder in this one important metal in craft, showed flawless soldering character. A few need use other or not common metal combination also can use laser beam welding to receive likewise finish, become especially when caky rate is very high (refer to a graph 2) . Finally, wanting these welding line metals to combine only can come true, its are crucial is to evaluate them to behave ability in what anticipate batteries application is medium (especially fatigue of intensity, tenacity, metal and anti-corrosive respect) . Perhaps somebody can feel, the union of this kind of workmanship dominant position that fills appeal and opportunity is accompanying negative factor certainly. The first adverse element is reinforce of these unique laser beam welding use pair of batteries stylist people for it is more unfamiliar. Consequently, "Laser is friendly " solder to design and often do not serve as first selection. Additional, if consider to apply laser beam welding to receive a technology, those often appear, does the problem that has not solve come out now with respect to meeting float -- the function of welding line after all how? Batteries industry is willing to be thrown to the production that is worth reliance to produce quickly more it seems that can go up, will simply look, mass organizations respect also does not have time, resource or be evaluated patiently, research and development and carry out replace a solution burgeoningly. One is plant accepted, the laser beam welding that is applied often receives a solution is to be based on the laser beam welding that Zhenjing scans to receive. This kind " solder remotely " the technology solders in capacious laser be not in the world particularly novel, but the improvement on scanning head and laser function, letting it more and more be paid close attention to extensively. Fiber-optic laser projects the high power that power increases increasingly an almost perfect beam of light, can soldering now be made full use of completely inside the ultimate rate of treatment, and restricted other solder the acceleration of athletic system the problem did not produce an effect to its. Quality of this beam of light still assured bigger visual range, longer run time and more an angle of incidence, can solder in a lot of batteries what finish many solder point at the same time is use in configuration solder (refer to a graph 3) . Graph 3, laser beam welding of Zhen Jingsao draw receives those who apply to a lot of batteries fittings to make. The progress that laser of Zhen Jingsao draw solders still includes other concerned high speed burgeoning " flight smooth path " solder technology. In this case, need achieves enclothe capaciously solder area, high the speed and very tall acceleration synchronous scanning axis that can allow through essence of life (A, b) with mutual and perpendicular mechanical movement direction (X, y) will come true. The Scanlab that EWI company used a level (Www.


De) scanning head and Aerotech company (Www.


Com) software of Beta edition CNC and hardware, develop and proved the feasibility of this technology. This kind of high-powered laser beam welding receives a solution (see a picture 4) using at batteries to solder at present and fuel cell solders in the challenge that technology development brings. Graph 4, flight smooth path, scanning of synchronous X-Y-A-B Zhenjing solders batteries of the last laser solders the stability that difficult problem is treatment and quality assure a respect. Be based on the high rate that laser beam welding receives and flexibility, the success of production process relies on the function of fittings of machinery of the other in whole system even, will realize good welding line quickly. This is a very formidable task, consider soldering small size and high rate especially, and the welding line amount that needs to finish in cell production is huge. In the meantime, considering in final batteries of the requirement in enclosing solder amount, 6 Xigema of grade solder quality is insufficient still, need reachs higher quality level. Main to these challenge (craft course and solder quality assures) solve, it is through high speed image is collected and the analysis is obtained mostly. Among them a few methods had received the trial in application in the laser beam welding of a few lower rate, but need raises speed and accuracy further, this also is to be in what sufficient play laser beam welding receives latent capacity in batteries manufacturing industry to assure. Solder the function of speed, mixture metal and quality pilot opportunity had been had, owe only develop further and use extensively. Laser solders to also can catch this round of new-style batteries to develop a small in upsurge only likely, but the dominant option that can turn prospective great majority into probably application of batteries material join. Article author Stan Ream (sream@ewi.

Org) is the laser technology chief of company of EWI of American Ohio Columbus city. He also is English edition " Industrial Laser Solutions " the member of advisory committee of magazine international editor. CNC Milling