SolidWorks proposes the application in the model in abnormity spare parts

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Build a model to be with the three-dimensional substance of abnormity spare parts exemple, introduced to apply SolidWorks software to build abnormity part the main process of three-dimensional and hypostatic model and method, trends of examination of the machining that is abnormity spare parts, blemish and analysis, orgnaization is emulated provided support. Gain ground mediumly in product research and development as CAD, the artificial design that replaces a tradition with CAD method undertakes a product development, craft studies and analyse computation theoretically, not only can improve design efficiency, shorten the design is periodic, and the reliability that still can promote products plan greatly, accuracy and economy. Current, CAD already developed plane by first data calculation design, three-dimensional build model, trends imitate and finite the high level of yuan of analysis. In products plan process, applicable is three-dimensional software builds a model to undertake the computer emulates design, analysis through entity, and design imitate is assembled. Assemble in imitate after finishing, still can assemble a case according to three-dimensional substance, undertake assorted clearance to analyse mixing athletic an interference analysis, the appears possibly assembly in planning to close actual production process catenary of interference, dimension accumulates problem and motion motion is critical problem. Three-dimensional the main component that builds a model to serve as CAD, because its provide materiality to resemble direct expressive effect, can have qualitative and quantitative analysis and powerful hypostatic modelling capacity, already got applied extensively in design and be made of contemporary product, solidWorks uses one of more three-dimensional software that build a model namely. In production process, can use three-dimensional model to undertake product structure and function are analysed more intuitionisticly, undertake control of product objective quality and reject are tried thereby. In the product auxiliary data is designed in, also can use three-dimensional model to undertake introduce and demonstrating, be helpful for achieving better result, if make tutorial of seesaw pattern multimedia. 1 SolidWorks software introduces the commonly used three-dimensional software that build a model to basically have SohdWorks, PRO / E, UG and CATIA. Choose SolidWorks to undertake component of some automatic machine three-dimensional build a model, because SolidWorks has proceed with to master quickly, easily,basically be, build a model quick and convenient, efficient wait for a characteristic. Powerful, Yi Xueyi uses the function and technical innovation is the 3 big characteristics of SolidWorks, make its are become banner, one of three-dimensional CAD solutions of the mainstream. SolidWorks can offer the different design program, mistake in reducing design process, and improve product quality. The main function module of SolidWorks has: 1) substance builds a model. Use at the three-dimensional model scale of hypostatic spare parts, main function has drawing, rotate, pour horn and round wine cup (round role technology is regular) , scanning feature (scanning technology regulation) , lofting (commonly used option and technical regulation) , add thick remove feature of aperture of makings, abnormity with use curved surface, unplug model, take case. Module of 2) Ban gold. Those who be used at plank bending spare parts is three-dimensional build a model, main function has base material flange, foul line flange, inclined receive scale of flange, draft to fold a turn, close horn, turn, disconnect gold of Ban of edge horn, lofting, spread out, fold, exhibit gentle cut. 3) solders module. With Yu Ling the component solders the expression building a model of form and welding line. 4) mould tool. Build with Yu Zhu design, cast function analysis and mould design, main function has a model to circulate an analysis, unplug modular analysis, undercut is checked, shrink put, the mould data clip, line that distribute a model, shut the curved surface, curved surface that distribute a model, mould to break up, chain curved surface and side slide block. 5) assembles system. The assembly that carries a part is combined, undertake the integral design effect of the product is emulated, undertake the product assembles condition to emulate, undertake blemish is checked designing further. The accretion that main function has all sorts of assembly to concern definition, intelligence is buckled, line of interference examination, method, combination duplicate derive, combine a feature, mirror 0 component, combination emulate, the intelligence that make 0 component and into rank cooperate a relation to wait. 6) project pursues. Basically use at 2 dimension plane is being produced after three-dimensional design to use a figure. Main function has project attempt to define, designation of project of project attempt view, model, annotate, form and insert to resembling waiting. Function of 7) curved surface. The design that is used at curved surface of complex three dimensional space builds a model. Main function has stretchy curved surface, rotate curved surface, scanning curved surface, lofting curved surface, flat curved surface, fill curved surface, equidistant curved surface, intermediate curved surface, straight grain curved surface, delete a face, delete broken aperture, replace face, radiative curved surface, seam knit curved surface, cent modular curved surface, outspread. Use SolidWorks plug-in unit to still can have component stress analysis of analysis, meet an emergency, be out of shape analysis, heating power analysis, design is optimized, linear and nonlinear the analysis. Use COSMOSWorks plug-in unit, but utmost ground shortens the design is periodic, reduce test cost, improve product quality. Three-dimensional software is opposite the 2 example that build a model component space structure the expressional effect of intuitionistic, figure is one of its biggest advantages. Structure of space of some abnormity spare parts is complex, use traditional method to undertake to its the model is analysed building, not only take time is arduous, and effect of built model space expression is poor. Use SolidWorks to build a model to its not only overcame afore-mentioned weakness, also undertake to use this model product structure and function analysis and objective quality control and reject cognizance offerred advantage. With this abnormity spare parts build a model to be exemple, introduce the course building a model of SolidWorks. Before building every substance and model. Must choose datum plane first, press blue print dimension strict scale draft, appropriate setting draft position of each line segment affects in order to secure draft line segment, tag dimension to secure the others draft again, choose proper hypostatic feature function to build hypostatic model, achieve the goal that build a model. 1) chooses datum plane, scale draft. Use rotate drawing function is preliminary build entity; Choose datum plane, use gear to design plug-in unit, setting gear designs parameter, form abnormity part advocate gear; See graph 1-2. 2) chooses the gear that on one pace makes, use array function, set parameter of array center, amount, make integral gear; Choose datum plane, scale draft, use rotate drawing function creates entity of rear of abnormity spare parts; See graph 3-4. 3) chooses datum plane, scale draft, use rotate excision function, generate caudal substance appearance and chamfer of steel ball raceway; See a picture 5 ~ 6. 4) chooses datum plane, scale draft, use rotate excision function, make modelling of front of abnormity spare parts and central hole; Choose datum plane, scale draft, use rotate excision and array function make working hole; See a picture 7. 8. 5) chooses datum plane, scale draft, use drawing excision and array function to make hole of water of pass in and out; Choose datum plane, scale draft, use drawing excision and array function to generate cistern of pass in and out; See graph 9-lO. 6) chooses datum plane, scale draft, use drawing excision, rotate excision, pour the function such as horn and array to create position of tine of closedown of rear of abnormity spare parts, ll 7) seeing a picture chooses datum plane, scale draft, use drawing excision and mirror function to build key seat, after building a model to finish to the main body of abnormity spare parts, by blue print the requirement pours wine cup finally to undertaking everywhere, form the three-dimensional model that accords with blue print finally. See graph 15-16. In the process that has three-dimensional and hypostatic scale with SolidWorks, choosing appropriate scale draft datum plane is one of difficult point that build a model. Although software offerred front view datum plane, top view datum plane and right view datum plane, but between actual application, these 3 datum plane are far insufficient, need actual condition, use existing datum plane, line segment and plane to build appropriate datum plane, the datum plane of set of many proper motion was used among the exemple here. After the model is built, software can reveal each angle substance of the model to pursue freely, before making the product gives finished product in actual production, can understand its intuitionisticly actual condition external form. After the entire part model that builds a product, still can use assemble and interfere examination function, will undertake the design dimension examination of the product and blemish are checked. These planar designs that are a tradition can not accomplish above. 3 last words are designed at traditional plane relatively and character, three-dimensional build a model the expressional effect with intuitionistic, figure, reach shorten design cycle, drop the test cost, good point that increases product quality, already got applied extensively. SolidWorks regards three-dimensional design as software in important, above masters swift-handedly, easily, build a model quick and convenient, efficient wait for a characteristic, get the favour of numerous design engineer. Although be in,curved surface design and respect of dynamic imitate function have certain limit, but in the SolidWorks2007 in latest edition, this function had had great improve, groom through certain technical skill, solidWorks can develop his more the advantage in the design. CNC Milling