Clamping apparatus of car pipe inclined end panel

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In the course that produces boiler of production loop fluid-bed, a large number of is like pursue a tube of shown stainless steel join, its one aspect of the matter is the vertical plane with pipe center line is shown (the cant of < dip, before oblique plane is to use dig to cut treatment. Because the treatment distance of shaping machine is shorter, reciprocate is frequent, and be interrupted cutting, in machining a process, cutting tool suffers concussion and damage easily, and manufacturing efficiency is low. According to actual condition, we improved technology, made a kind of special fixture, if the graph is shown 2 times, this work is processed on lathe, obtained very good result. When treatment, make the flange on clamping apparatus body relies on to tighten the 3 ungual chuck on lathe, workpiece relies on to tighten spacing link stopper, after clamp, adjust cutting tool position, feed can complete treatment, when machining another later, do not need place of readjust cutting tool, need only fore-and-aft into, retreat a knife can. Graph 11.

Clamping apparatus body 2.

Link stopper 3.

Workpiece pursues after 2 clamping apparatus are used at production, the product of treatment all can achieve blueprint requirement, apparent ground shortened handling time, raised economic benefits. CNC Milling